Get Your Groove On and Move Past The Grind

get your groove on


Get Your Groove On!

Doesn't that sound like fun? 

Imagine getting up each morning and to make a living… a SWEET living, you get to get your groove on, be totally yourself and have fun doing it! 

That's what I'm talking about!

Do you want to know how to be successful in your home based business? 

Find your grove, be who you are and stick with it long enough until it works.  That's it! 

You know, most people quit… or leave.. the company, program, network marketing opportunity, online marketing opportunity right before their miracle happens.  Right or right?

When you have made a decision that doggone it, you are going to do whatever it takes to succeed in accomplishing your goals, then make a commitment to STAY with it.  Failure, quitting, jumping from company to company, is NOT an option.

Stay until the next day…

…. Stay until the next week….

…. Stay until the next month….

…. Stay until the next year.

STAY.  Stay focused on your goals and don't look back.  See the bigger picture of your life. 

I mean think about this…. in the grand scope of your life, what's the extra time it may take for you to figure some stuff out to have what you dream about?  Think about that.  Really think about that.  It's a small window of time in your life.

My Friend Lawrence almost gave up but check this out!

(Picture of Lawrence and myself in January 2013)

en_austin_jan_2013 138


My friend Lawrence Tam, is a good example of getting your groove on and moving past the grind. 

For years, he got woke up early, went to his engineering job, came home tired, yet worked until late at night and oftentimes well past midnight on his home based business making …. well… peanuts.  He was waiting for this break.  Waiting for something to work.  He tried different things.  Year after year after year he did this until he was at his wits end.  He was just about done with that grind.

Have you ever gotten to the end of your rope with the grind?

But when David Wood invited him to come to Costa Rica in 2011 to lead some training on outsourcing….he showed up.  He told David that he was totally burned out, he didn't believe he could ever make more than $10K a month at best, in fact it believed it to be impossible.  

One thing he did believe in, however, was his mentor, David Wood.  And when Wood and Sharpe started Empower Network, he joined.  He stepped up to the plate, got his groove on and today is earning 6 figures a month.  He just received his millionaires club ring in Denver enlayed with rows of diamonds.

(Empower Network is an internet marketing and leadership training company.  Learn more here.)

How did Lawrence do it? 

He showed up but this time and through Empower Network learned a few things, then he put his groove on and said to the world,

"hey, I'm just an engineer who figured it out and I want to help others market online"

He started sharing his story and it attracted people.  Why did it attract people?  Because people are looking for hope that they too can do it!  Who wants to be stuck being an engineer all their life when they can have the lifestyle dreams are made of if they just knew how to take the internet and turn it into a cash flow machine!



Then there's Chuck who was a concrete worker and like most others in that same profession, he wanted to get out of it. 

His wife was a pharmacy tech at the time and watched Chuck go through the grind in his home business just like Lawrence did. 

Chuck said in other businesses, he made calls on his way to work, made calls during his lunch hour, made calls on his way home from work.  If he had nobody to call during his commute, he'd pop in Dani Johnson audio trainings.  He knew he had to do all that calling stuff but he HATED it. 

After a few months he learned about automation where he could use funnels to send people through to get all the information about what he was up to. 

Then along came Empower Network, he got all in and committed to implementing what the courses teach as well as utilizing the magazine marketing he had already figured out.

Not too long ago as they were waking up in the morning, his wife asked if she could quit her job.  He said yes.  She did.  Not long after that, he quit his concrete job. 

He went from $40K a year in his concrete job to now over $60K+ a month and growing in Empower.

Chuck's dad signed up and made his first $500 sale.  He blogs about being a boomer and how his 401K went to a 201K.  He blogs how it's hard to get a job for people in the boomer age group.  What's awesome is he's making money and see's first hand that he can do it… and believes in himself and EN for his future income.  That's really cool!

How to Use Your Groove

Create One Result and Use It To Create Another Result

Here's something you want to implement in your business. 

Take your good results, and if you don't any one YET… (yet being the key word), use someone else's result and you'll begin to get results.  People want to see results.  They want to know it's possible for them.

Tell Your Story To Give People Hope



You can't download your skillsets or mindset or life experiences into another person.  All you can do is share what you know and give them hope.

People get discouraged and they want HOPE!

Through your story, the stories of others and proof that your product or service is working, it gives people HOPE that they can do it too!

Talk about your story and the grind will stop.

If you're new to the business, well guess what?  You've got to work your butt off and figure some things out to get results.  Once you get results, start talking about them.  This will lead you to more results.  Again, leverage the results of others until you get the results for yourself.  It will still work.

Stay in the Game

Right before breakthrough almost happens, people go onto the next deal. Stop being a jumper.  It's not the deal.. .it's YOU.

  • Stop beating yourself up.
  • You have what it takes.
  • You've got the resources.
  • Now apply what you learn and if you do, that miracle is almost right around the corner.


More About Your Groove

get your groove on

Your groove is YOU!  Who you are!

It's not uncommon for people in the home business industry to change their messages about every 3 weeks.  Why is this?

You may not believe it if I tell you, but here goes. 

It's because they think they have to be someone else in order to generate sales.  Well, after they try to be someone else for 3 weeks or so and their results don't change, they try to be someone else.  And the circle keeps spinning until they are too dizzy and quit.

Case in point….

My friend Rob and  Dave were both in MLSP.  

Dave had small 1-2% conversions. 

Rob had 12% conversions. 

What's the different between the1% and 12% conversions that Rob gets. 

1)  Rob just told his true story.  (here's who I am, what I've been through and how I overcame using this solution)
2)  Rob stuck with his true story and constantly reiterated his solution.

Easy tips to remember and follow:

  • Don't copy anyone's personality.. it won't work.  
  • Be yourself and attract others like you.

The world doesn't need two of anyone… they need you and your uniqueness that others can relate to.

Have you read my story? 

I was a real estate agent who went belly up after years of a successful career due to economy.  I knew nothing about computers, internet marketing, online relationships, and to this day… I still don't know about computers or techy internet marketing stuff.  But I did tell my story.  I was who I am. 

And guess what?  I have a thriving online business today. 

You don't have to be techy…

You have to be willing to be yourself and know a few things about how to get that story out there.

Read my story here:


Income Disclaimer:  Just because others have made a significant income with Empower Network, that doesn’t mean you WILL!  It takes learning, effort and work to make money in ANY business, as I’m sure you know that. Please visit EN's Income Disclosure as documentation of what people are making here at Empower Network.

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