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Futuristic Marketing Overview

Hey Everyone… Many of you have been asking me what the Futuristic Marketing platform looks like behind the scenes.  It’s always nice to know what to expect, what kind of training and support there is and how it’s set up.

My friend Michelle Pescosolido created a ‘behind the scenes tour” to show you exactly what you get when you purchase this product.

Be sure to watch to the end because I’ve aligned myself with the top MLSP leaders to bring YOU some relevant bonus that compliment Futuristic Marketing, including a live day of training.


How to Build the Audience You Need to Create a 6 and 7 Figure Internet Business

Futuristic Traffic is our world’s LEADING traffic generation & audience building coaching program of today.   If you’ve been looking for more people, a bigger audience, & more eyeballs seeing your sites… you’re in luck.

We have hand selected many of the most successful marketers on the Internet to teach EXACTLY how they’re getting traffic in their business right now.  One mentor has a secret little source where he gets leads for only .20, another has developed a Facebook strategy that’s got people CHASING her down to do business with her, and another has “Cracked the Code” on solo ads for some of the cheapest returns I’ve ever seen.

This is just a handful of examples of traffic we’ll show you how to put in front of your “Income Machines” once you’re inside the program.

The Futuristic Traffic coaching program has 8 core modules.  Within those modules the curriculum is broken down into the beginners sections, and advanced.  No matter what type of marketer you are… we’ve custom designed this program for YOU… so you can begin implementing the strategies immediately & see powerful results at your level.

  • Module 1: The Future of Facebook 101 with Michelle Pescosolido
  • Module 2: The Future of Facebook 202 with Michelle Pescosolido
  • Module 3: The 8,000,000 Views Formula Unveiled with Eric Worre
  • Module 4: Media Buy Profit Mayhem! With Sophia Rashkin
  • Module 5: “The Multi-Million Dollar Joint Venturer” with Jonathan Budd
  • Module 6: The Solo Ad Scientist with Daegan Smith
  • Module 7: The Instant List Code with Justin Glover
  • Module 8: The Content Highway with Ray Higdon

The Science of Influence & Technology to

Produce 7-Figure Incomes & Beyond

With the Futuristic Traffic Coaching Program, we’ve shown you 8 of the most powerful ways to go GET traffic & build an audience for your business existing today… Now, we’re going to show you how to turn that traffic & audience into the most money you’ve made in your LIFE inside of “Futuristic Influence”.

We’ll be delivering 8 core modules, walking you through detailed webinar strategies for how to convert more leads to buyers. We’ll hand you precise scripts to use when creating webinars that have all made us MILLIONS of dollars.  We’ll show you simple little tricks you can implement into your closing strategy that will cause WONDERS for your sales volume. And this is just the start.

  • Module 1: the Futuristic 8-Figure Copy Writing Formula with Mark Hoverson
  • Module 2: the Futuristic 8-Figure Copy Writing Formula (Part 2) with Mark Hoverson
  • Module 3: the “Unstoppable” webinar profit formula with Matt Lloyd
  • Module 4: Big Ticket Influence Secrets, How to Make A LOT More Money with Matt Lloyd
  • Module 5: the Money is in the Futuristic Follow Up with Aaron Rashkin
  • Module 6: 6 & 7-Figure Webinars UNVEILED with Jonathan Budd
  • Module 7: The Secrets of Silicon Valley! The Future unveiled With Jonathan Budd
  • Module 8: Track that Profit! The Science of Conversion with Matt Lloyd

After you graduate from “Futuristic Influence”… you will seriously know how to command influence like few people in our world currently do.  This isn’t “Theory”… this is tried, true, & PROVEN real world results we’ve spent our LIFE to figure out & now give to you.

This information was taken from their website so I could give you a quick rundown.  Check it out if you think you can benefit from this course.


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