First Ever Renegade Professional Meet Up in Portland Oregon


Renegade Professional Meet Up.

Saturday and Sunday, January 16th & 17th in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Mike Klingler and Ann Sieg will both be presenting. Mike will share his ‘next step’ training coming out early next year — the final piece of the ‘whole’ equation… including how to create masterpiece ‘grand opus’ content and building a marketing funnel that pulls in BIG results without it ever needing to be perfect. He’ll also discuss the vision of Marketing Merge Professional and share opportunities for further partnership and collaboration to give you more exposure and a credibility boost.

Ann Sieg will add to the vision for collaboration and will also be highlighting key points of The Renegade Breakthrough Mentoring Program cirriculum, as a refresher for the graduating class attending the event, and for those who haven’t yet attended that course to come away with its most empowering elements so they can start applying them right away in their business.About The Event…

Ever since the Renegade Community began a little over two years ago with The Renegade Network Marketer, people have been clamoring to come together and network with other Renegades.

There’s Just Nothing Like Getting To Know People On A Personal Level Who Are On The Same Path As You Are… Learning The Same Things–This Is Where You REALLY Learn Quickly.

“People are flying in from all over the world!”

Airplane We already have confirmations from people coming in from the UK, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia (and many more)—to connect up and be a part of this historic event. So grab your ticket and come join us all, ready to learn, have fun, and to return home fully inspired—with new-found clarity and a more profitable plan-of-action!

Barbara Silva will be presenting on the power of coaching—not just on how it can be a means to monetize through the Coaching Cognition platform—but how it can transform the results in your business and personal life dramatically by learning how to connect and assist people at an entirely new level of operation.

Barbara Silva will be presenting on the power of coaching—not just on how it can be a means to monetize through the Coaching Cognition platform—but how it can transform the results in your business and personal life dramatically by learning how to connect and assist people at an entirely new level of operation.

Eric Walker will be presenting the new RU Tools program—where you’ll be able to build your very own marketing funnels (lead capture pages, sales pages, etc) to promote your products or to offer to your networking team or company. This tool will be a game changer for the entire industry. This is a presentation you won’t want to miss!

Come get a dose of inspiration with Didi Alcheva, and learn how she has built a huge audience and gained influence out there in the social media circle. She’ll also share tips that have inspired her beyond the norm to overcome obstacles to succeed. Didi was here developing Renegade University & Professional from the beginning and can bring a keen insight to how one develops significant value and branding.

Arne Bush founded and served as CEO in several hi-tech business ventures, including two commercial ISPs – among the first in history. His love for the Internet and his entrepreneurial spirit have kept him actively involved, and working to perfect several online marketing strategies and systems. Most recently, Arne founded the Renegade Breakthrough Member’s Forum in support of Ann Sieg and Mike Klinger’s Breakthrough program, and subsequently formed Small Biz Incubator, LLC in cooperation with Deb Donnell and other Renegade Breakthrough Interns.

Deb Donnell is an author, editor, publisher, writing coach and international speaker with a mission to empower people so that they don’t die before they have lived a Substantial Life.

With a background in a variety of industries and business models, Deb has not only built her own internet ventures based on her written works, but also mentored individuals to start up and market their own intellectual property products both online and offline. Her most recent business venture is forming Small Biz Incubator, LLC with Arne Bush and other Renegade Breakthrough Interns.

Deb and Arne will be talking about the value of networking through the student blog, and the Forum and the formation of a focus group that lead to group projects and the ultimate formation of an LLC. The challenges and rewards will be presented.

Patrice Walker heads up PBN–our in-development area for Professionals, Businesses and Non-Profits. She’ll be presenting on the numerous opportunities available to you as this program develops out–for far-reaching lead generation and additional monetization and product development for you.

Mark Hoverson started his online business with a $250 used computer. At first, he did not know how to attach a document to an email, but within 14 months, he was able to generate over $3.2 million dollars. Mark is known for his ability to create a “high tech, high touch” community that focuses on personal branding & leadership. Mark is married to his dream girl, Shannon, and they have 4 children (Isaac, Grace, Rush, and Micah).

He will be speaking about Automation without Alienation: how to create a personality-rich system of earning that is highly automated, yet also builds a thriving community. Mark is well-known for his strict 4-hour workdays from Monday to Thursday only, keeping Friday, Saturday, and Sunday completely free for family and other creative pursuits. In this presentation, you will discover Mark’s time-saving secrets for virtually eliminating email and other low-paying activities, so you can focus only on the two highest-paid activities: building your personal brand & teaching your team to thrive. This presentation alone is worth the trip!

Ty Tribble is an Internet entrepreneur and Work At Home Dad who lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife, Richelle and two children, Emma and Tyler. Ty has been featured in Entrepreneur, Success From Home and Your Business At Home magazine and is considered by many as the # 1 blogger in the world on the subject of Network Marketing. An early adopter of Web 2.0 and Social Media marketing, Ty has been called one of the 52 brightest minds in Network Marketing along with Robert Kiyosaki and Paul Zane-Pilzer. At the first Renegade Annual Live Event, Ty will be talking about the power of Multiple Streams of Leads and How to go from networking nobody to six-figure guru status in just 12 months.

Alicia Bausley , author of Secrets to Selling and The Lead Conversion Kit, started her first home-based business 15 years ago. She and her husband had just enough money in their savings account to survive for 3 to 4 months, so failure was not an option. Alicia applied her skills and mastery of selling to a targeted audience and turned her company into a multi-million dollar business. Alicia enjoys teaching and training other entrepreneurs how to attain the same debt-free lifestyle she lives today. Join Alicia as she shares her “10 Secret Strategies For Fast Lead Conversions”, “5 Magical Ways to Increase Profits”, and “3 Top Secret Reasons People Buy from You”. If you’re an Internet marketer or small business owner, you do not want to miss out on learning Alicia’s simple steps to systematically converting leads to build your own business empire.

This Is NOT An Ordinary Event…

We didn’t want this to be a large crowded place…

Instead, this is where we can meet you, talk with you, and be accessible to everyone who attends…

  • A lot of time will be devoted to answering your questions in an intimate setting, allowing you to find clarity and to get unstuck wherever its needed!
  • You’ll learn more about the opportunities available by aligning with the community’s vision.
  • You’ll meet many who have transformed their lives and businesses using what they’ve learned here… Giving you living examples of how the process unfolds with “fresh new ideas” on where you can take YOUR business next.


Don’t miss your chance to meet and collaborate with the leaders and rising stars.

The return on your investment could easily be 100-fold, with so much learned in such a short period of time (a weekend)…

Because nothing compares to being able to get to KNOW these people who have done it, who ARE doing it… to talk with them personally, to ask questions directly, to dialogue, to get to spend hours upon hours with them to specifically narrow down your own vision and plans.

It WILL BE priceless!
Mike Klingler Signature Ann Sieg Signature
Mike Klingler              Ann Sieg

“DEBBIE, ARE YOU GOING?”   Yes.  I’ll be there!

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