Family First. Isn’t That Why You Wanted To Start Your Own Home Business?

father_son_holding_hands_walking_XSmallPutting Family First …  Isn’t that Why You Work From Home? 

So what happened?

If you're like most new entrepreneurs, as you begin your online home based business endeavor, it’s likely you will find yourself totally self absorbed and wrapped around your computer so tight your eyes are going to pop out of your head and you don't hear a thing going on around you.

How do I know this?  I’ve been there! 

And, I’ve been there many times, not just once!  Guilty as charged.

Developing good and balanced work habits are important to establish from the beginning. 

In fact, in most cases, it's harder to stop working than it is to spend time with the family. 

In a regular job, it's easy to spend time with family and let the job stuff go once 5 o'clock hits.

I will say this.  There are times when it’s necessary to go all out for a limited time to accomplish something of great importance.  Then you can ease back into balance.

Back when I was working in the law firm, there would be cases that would be coming up for trial and the closer we got to our docket date the more we picked up the pace.  It seemed that there was always some last minute pieces of evidence, documents, depositions to take, pleadings to file, something.  Then, when it was over, before the next big storm we had a breather…. Sometimes.

I know when I’m preparing for a launch of a new business opportunity or product, there’s extra content that needs to be prepared.  Press releases, videos, blogs, articles, they all need to be done and ready to go if I want to have the ‘edge’ over the next guy who’s preparing the same stuff.

And, it’s no different in the brick and mortar world as my Mom owns a scrapbook store and she has big events a couple of times a year.  You would be surprised to know the behind the scenes work that goes on feverishly before an event.   Things get crazy the week or two prior to the event.

So, there will be times when you need to lock yourself away and get some massive, focused work done.

But on a regular basis, the day to day life of Mr. and Mrs. Home Business, remember why you wanted to work from home to begin with. Sure, there was the freedom to sit in your P.J.’s all day and get up when you’re done sleeping, but it’s the pitter-patter sound of childrens feet that should pull at your heartstrings.  Having the freedom to watch your children grow and not have to miss a beat.

I remember often my first year of home business entrepreneurship, my daughter would come home from school excited to tell me about her day.  I would hold a hand up indicating I was on the phone and then one thing led to the other and I realized I never got back to her or, when I did, it was half-hearted.  Before I knew it, the day was gone.  We’d grab a quick bite for dinner and I’d be back working again. 

Well, what about my daughter?  Doesn’t she deserve the best of me?   Yes!  Shame on me!

Have you ever been there?

I have to admit it was a hard balancing act to work out especially because at the time we were so strapped for cash flow that I thought more hours would equal more money.  That's actually not the case.  It's learning how to work smarter, not harder.

 It took very deliberate actions with me turning off the computer, closing the office door, turning off the phone and putting on my Mom hat. I share this so it doesn’t happen to you. 

Pay attention to the time you’re spending with your family. 

To this day, I have to make a deliberate decision to close up shop.  It’s much easier these days as we grow and become better entrepreneurs as time goes on.

If you’re brave enough, do you have a story of unbalance in your home business life?  Share your story to help others see the light sooner rather than later. And, if you're struggling that hard in business where you can't come up for air, it's time you re-evaluated what business you're trying to run. 

Your business should be cash flowing and you should be full of energy and excitement and it certainly shouldn't be taking you way from your family. 


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    Some very key points in this article. It’s always good to step back and really evaluate where your mind is when you’re with someone – on them or elsewhere? Brings up the point of being in the moment wherever you are.
    .-= Val Wilcox´s last blog ..Who Is In Your Target Circle? =-.

  2. says

    Hey Debbie! I really appreciate you writing this post! I definitely still need to figure out what the right balance is for me with my business. I can really relate with how you felt when you first started working you home based business.

    Your examples of traditional businesses and how there are sometimes times that you have to push extra hard, but then there are times that you get a little time to breath really help to put things in to perspective.

    I would love to talk to you some more sometime about what you do to make sure that you are staying balanced!
    .-= Melissa Wright´s last blog ..Just something fun =-.

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    Debbie, once again…thank you for reminding me that when the kids are in the kitchen sticking bologna to the ceiling and making a mud pit in the backyard they are screaming for my attention as my face is plastered to the computer screen or I am on the phone. I’ve found myself feeling so guilty for not spending focused time on them and with them hoping that one day I will shock my bank teller and actually have the time to do what I want with whom I want. Sometimes corporate america seems attractive again until I realize that if I want to sneak out of my office and have a water balloon fight with the boys I can and don’t have to worry about what the boss says when I come back drenched. SO…I need to get the 4-Hour Work Week book out again and live joyfully, with purpose and like you!
    .-= Lisa Saline´s last blog ..reBlog from Write Your Headline Before, Or After Writing Your Article? =-.

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