Facebook – Why You Should Get Started with Facebook

facebooklogojpegEven if you don’t have an account on this social media site, you are sure to have heard the name. 

Facebook is currently ranked number 2 on Alexa’s list of top 500 most visited websites.  The site is most often used for personal interactions, but if you want an easy and casual way to promote your business, look no further.  The connections you make on this site are called your friends and you have the opportunity to search for new friends in a variety of ways.  You can allow the site access to your address book and it will look for matches.  You can search for friends by name. You can also search for friends based on the information in your profile, such as past employers or your high school class.

If you are using Facebook mostly for your professional contacts, you may want to set up a profile that is separate from your personal account.  You can do this by using different e-mail addresses and slightly different names.  For example, you could use your middle name as part of your personal account, but not in your professional account.   Of course, you will likely have some friends you want to add to both accounts, but you may not want all of your private exploits known to your professional associates, even if they are relatively benign events.

As an entrepreneur, you definately want to be where the people are , where the masses hang out, and Facebook is that venue.

You add new friends through invites, much the same way you do on other social sites like LinkedIn, but on Facebook, the friend requests seem to get accepted at a higher frequency.  Should you find you have too many friends on your account and you are having a hard time keeping up with what is going on, be more selective in what is displayed.  Facebook gives you the option to hide comments posted by a friend, without taking the person completely off your friend list.

When you have a large number of friends, you may also see your e-mail inbox get flooded with messages.  If you keep Facebook’s default settings, you will receive e-mails about every little detail that happens within your network of friends.  You can easily change this by adjusting the notifications listed in the account section.  While Facebook is a great way to keep in close contact with your colleagues, this site can be highly addicting.  Set some time limits for your interactions on this site or you will find yourself losing hours without even realizing it.

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Let me know how you utilize Facebook… Personal use?  Professional use?  Share your experience… I’d love hearing from you!

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