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group_of_people XSmallIf you don’t know what Alexa is, it’s a website that keeps rankings for all websites in the world.  It’s a web information company.  It’s a place to go when you’re looking for not only ranking of a website but also for information on any website.

The reason I mention Alexa is because I did a search for the top 500 websites searched globally and the number 2 site – most visited, world wide, is Facebook.

The number one spot belongs to Google.  But Facebook is number two.  If you were to do a searchalexa_facebook to see the ranking of Facebook just here in the U.S. it ranks number three.  These rankings were at the time of this writing and nothing ever stays the same, of course, so check www.Alexa.com anytime to see current stats.

Why is this important?

Well, it’s not unless you’re a business owner and looking to connect with people.  If you own a business, you need customers and business partners.  You want to be where the people are, would you agree?

Facebook is a platform where you can set up a profile about yourself.  You have an option to also create a Facebook Fan Page.  The regular Facebook profile should be used more for family and friends’ connections but you can have business information and ads on a Fan Page.

You can set up lists of people on our Facebook profile.  For example, I’ve compiled a list of high school friends, friends from my hobby industry, business associates and familly.  You can chat live, or leave comments on each other’s wall, or profile page.  It’s interactive, anyone you’ve added to your “friends” list, meaning anyone you’ve approved to be contacted by, can see what people post to you and what you post to others.

If you want to send a private message to someone, you can do that too.  You can belong to a group.  Let’s say you love collecting baseball cards.  You can search for baseball card groups to join.  If there isn’t one, start one and invite other baseball card collectors to join.

So, in terms of business, if you’re in network marketing, you will want to invite other network marketers to join your list so you can meet each other and network, build relationships and support each other.  You may find yourself a new business partner.

Facebook is free to join.  Head on over and set up a profile and get connected.  Here’s mine by the way… www.Facebook.com/debbieturner


  1. Darlene says


    Yesterday my daughter and I were discussing the ranking of Facebook. It has come up in the ranking since I last checked it. Is it true that 80,000 people a day sign up for it?

    Fun facts! Thanks for sharing :)

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