Experience God’s Faithfulness In Receiving Your Dreams


God Is Faithful To Our Dreams

Lifestyle and faith go hand in hand.

How can we get to the lifestyle we truly want, develop our entrepreneurial venture and share our passions in a meaningful way IF we don’t have faith to see it through?

We all have goals and dreams in our hearts.  And yet sometimes they just don’t seem to work out as quickly as they should or in the way we expect them to.

Deep down you know God has spoken these dreams inside of you and you may question whether you deserve them or not because you haven’t seen evidence of them.

God does not plant seeds of such goals and dreams inside of you and then not give you everything you need to see it come to pass.  The reason many people don’t see their dreams come to pass is because they become discouraged and give up too soon.  It’s really important for you to keep the faith because unless you believe, you can’t receive it.  You will only be given what you can believe for.

So know this…. just because you don’t see anything, doesn’t mean God is not working on your behalf.   He is faithful to His word.


So EVEN if things look impossible and you don’t see any sign of what you’re looking to coming to pass, you keep doing your part.  You don’t let up on the vision and dreams and ideas that God has inspired you with.

  • You keep the faith.
  • You keep showing up.
  • You keep doing what you need to do.
  • You keep doing your best.
  • You keep declaring your promise.
  • You remain in expectation
  • You keep the vision of your future in the forefront of your mind

When your family and friends and co-workers and want to discourage you and tell you you’re crazy for the dreams you have and the goals you’ve set and the work your putting in towards those, you stay in expectation.  Don’t let those firey darts come and steal the promise God’s placed in your heart.  Not even for a nano second!

You know your promise will come to pass because God is not liar.  He is faithful and what He said He will do, He will do.  And if He’s given you a dream and some goals to reach, then guess what?  No weapon formed against you shall prosper!

You will have your dreams if YOU keep believing for them and taking actions toward that end.  It’s not enough to just want our dreams, you have to stay in the game and do your part.

You will achieve the goals you set.  Even if they are big goals, God is bigger than the biggest goal or dream you have.  He can do anything.



You CAN overcome any challenges you encounter.  Some of the challenges you run into, God will not prevent or intervene with.  Why?  Because He knew they were coming and will use these to grow you, stretch you and increase your faith.

Sometimes He will allow you to go through some things because He knows you will need the experience to be able to help others in the future.  It’s all part of a bigger picture that you can’t see right now.  But He knows.  And even if the enemy gets a hold of something good that you were working on, He promises to take what the devil meant to cause you harm and turn it into something amazing in your life!

Man that’s good news!  You can’t lose my friend!

His destiny for your life is big!  And challenges help you to become the person you are becoming so He can position you for living your purpose.  Rejoice in your challenges and remain faithful in your belief for your dreams and for reaching your goals.


Did you know that God wants to give you even the secret desires of your heart?

What God has destined you to do, He will do!  His Word promises that He will not only bring your dreams to pass, but He will give you the secret desires of your heart!

How cool is that!

This means that…

— Not only will He give you the dreams that you publicly share with family and friends and work toward…

… Not only will He help you accomplish your goals…

… but THEN… He will give you the things you secretly hold in your heart.  Things you haven’t shared before to anyone, but it’s the wonderful things you’ve kept secret.


I DECLARE I will experience God’s faithfulness.  I will not worry.  I will not doubt.  I will keep my trust in Him, knowing that He will not fail me.  I will give birth to every promise God put in my heart and I will become everything God created me to be.  This is my declaration. ~ Joel Osteen

Your best is yet to come!  Walk in blessed expectation today!

I hope you enjoyed this word of encouragement today.

I’m cheering you on my friend!

Have a “expectant” day!

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