Exactly How I Made $4,291.46 Yesterday… Blogging

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 The Vision of What's Possible For You 

Making money from home is not hard my friend.
It's just understanding HOW to do it…. 
what it looks like and ….
To give you a 'real time' live example…

Just before going to bed last night I received a series of emails as follows:

These will be deposits into my bank account electronically.

1)  Commission notice for $100 from MLSP (MyLeadSystemPro)
2)  Commission notice for $1000 from GRN (Global Resorts Network)
3)  Commission notice for $3000 from EN (Empower Network)

And in the mailbox today were a few checks.  Small checks, 
but I'll share them just the same, because they still represent the
inflow of abundance and add up.

These were checks in the mailbox

1)  Aweber $89.30
2) Tribe Pro $11.99
3) Fullfillment Center $90.17

Income in the last 24 hours was totaled at $4,291.46

I want to include those small checks because for people,
an extra couple hundred dollars would make all the difference.

Every month, I receive checks and direct deposits for products
that I recommend through blogging.

How did I make that money exactly?

I 'got the word out' about products I love.

I'm passionate about lots of things but I blog about
specific things that can generate income for me.

I'm passionate about making money online.
I'm passionate about helping families travel.

So I blog about those things.

I share my experiences and recommend products
and services that relate to those interests.  These
products solve people's problems.

I email my list of subscribers about them.  These
subscribers have asked to be on my newsletter
because they have a problem in the area that I
have a solution for.

My subscribers want to make money online and
are looking for help and tools and resources.

My travel subscribers are looking for ways to travel
and stay in resorts without having to buy a timeshare.

So, I provide solutions for the subscribers on both
of these newsletters. (They are seperate, of course)

I'm confident that you can do the same thing.  I'm 
sure that you can write about things you're passionate
about and then syndicate your blog.


  • post your blog article to Facebook
  • post it again inside of groups on Facebook where people are taking about that subject.
  • post it to Pinterest
  • post it to Instagram
  • how about making a 2 minute video to share what you just wrote about and post on YouTube?

And all these links that you put out there on the
internet all lead back to your blog post.

Can you do that?

Because if you can and if don't know how you're
willing to learn so that you can start the journey to
living life more on your own terms, your future can
take such a sweet turn for the better.

Recommending good products and services is 
something you already do.  

You just aren't getting paid to do it.

  • Do you recommend a good restaurant?
  • A good movie? 
  • A good pair of shoes?

For example…. true story by the way…

I just bought a pair of shoes a couple weeks
ago and my feet are in heaven.  They are
by Sketchers™ and called Sketch – Air™.  You
step into memory foam and you feel like you're
walking on clouds all day!

It would not surprise me when you're done 
reading this email that you go and Google
Sketch-Airs™ and buy a pair.

Now, I wouldn't make any money because
I'm not giving you a link to buy these shoes
from ME.

However, if I become an affiliate for Amazon,
for example, and wrote a blog (article) about
my Sketch-Airs™ and told you how fabulous they
feel and what a difference they've made in
removing the aches from my feet…

and then said "CLICK HERE" to see the
shoes that saved my life….

and that link took you to my Amazon affiliate
link that would look like this… (which it's not)


and you bought, I'd make a commission from

Plus, anything else you bought on Amazon while 
you were over there buying the shoes, well guess 

I'd make a commission on that too!

THAT'S how you make money blogging my friends

Don't tell me you can't do that! 

You can blog about anything!  

I recommend you find products and programs that
offer low, medium and high ticket products.

As nice as it would be to get that commission from
someone buying your shoes is, it's only going to be
a couple bucks.

You want to have products and services that will get
your bills paid and MORE so that you can start changing
your life.

What do I blog about?

Lots of things! 

I've selected products in the home based business,
network marketing, direct sales business that offer
great commissions.

These are products I own and use and love.

Here's my main ones.

Empower Network:  I generate commissions 
both from monthly recurring subscriptions
as well as one time purchases that range
from $20/mo per person subscribed to $120/mo
per person subscribed up to $3K one time pops.

From my blog writings and sharing, I make
commissions of $25, $100, $500, $1000
and $3,000 like I did last night.

Learn more here.


I blog about my travel club membership that allows
me to stay in beautiful timeshare resorts without
having to by the darn timeshares!  

I use it all the time… I stay at these BEAUTIFUL
'homes away from home"… with 2-3 bedrooms,
full kitchens, balcony's living and dining rooms,
2-3 baths, all for as little as $398 for an entire 
7 nights.  I can use my membership 52 weeks a year!  

Learn more about this program here.

I blog about an attraction marketing systems called
MLSP that gives people the ability to give away free
training and generate leads for their network marketing
business.  Millions of home based business owners
enjoy this system.
Learn more about it here

What do YOU want to blog about and make money?

This isn't rocket science.  

  • It's commitment to a long term blogging journey.
  • It's commitment to be consistent.
  • It's commitment to market your blog, people have to see it.
  • Invest in yourself through personal development and mindset
  • Invest in training, just like you would if you went to any trade school
  • See the vision you want for yourself.
  • You can attain that through blogging and marketing online.
  • Be patient and allow yourself to develop.

And someday…

you'll be able to sleep in every day like I do.
And receive commission emails like I do
And money in your mailbox.

Look friends, I'm nobody special to be able to do this.
I'm a baby boomer who committed to blogging and
marketing and wanted it bad enough so it was a 
joy to learn how.

If I can do it, so can you.

Get your blog today and let's get you started.

Income Disclaimer …. you may make no money in your home based business.  You may make way more than me.  Your income will be determined by your commitment.  We're all adults, but wanted to mention it because I love being compliant!  Go make magic happen in your life.  You deserve it!  (see income disclaimer for Empower Network here)


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