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Empower Network is #1 in Hot Topics on Alexa

Crazy.  But true.  Empower Network is topping the charts as number 1 in hot topics on Alexa.  Quite frankly I’m not sure any other affiliate product has ever done that.

Empower Network continues to grow, expanding internationally and is even getting ready to release it’s trainings in 5 different languages.

While there’s been growing pains in the first couple of years like any new business, it continues to be a great solution that so many people have sought in the ‘make money online’ industry.  .

When I say works… I’m taking about

1)  Info products

2)  Kalatu Branding Station – exclusive blog for Empower Network

3)  Community and support

4)  Teams for more more available help

5)  70% compensation paid

6)  Leveraged pass up component

7)  Emphasis on being real.. authentic.


What is Alexa and why is it such a big deal?

Alexa is the main “go to” site for information on any company and website for their online rankings and stats, demographics, etc.  It’s a good gauge to show people what’s popular, what people are interested in and following, etc.  Visit www.alexa.com and learn more.

Look at the topics Empower Network beat out (this was on November 5, 2011)

2.  Bed Bath and Beyond
3.  Daylight Savings Time
4.  Jennifer Aniston
5.  Earthquake
6.  Movies
7.  Britney Spears
8.  Hilary Swank
9. Kate Middleton
10.  Wyatt knight

You’ve probably heard of those, yes?  Yet, Empower Network was just birthed on October 31. 2011 and it was the #1 Hot Topic.

Fast Forward to August 18, 2013

This is a screen shot from August 18, 2013 and it’s trending again.



 Why is there such interest?

There are several very powerful reasons.

1)  Because people who have never made any money online, are making money online. Does that mean everyone will or that there’s guarantees?  Absolutely not.  I don’t take my readers for fools.  Your income is based on your efforts.  You can see our Empower Network Income Disclosure here.

2)  Because Empower Network is a community made up of people in over 150 countries, from all walks of life, all faiths, all colors, all ages, many languages and we have ONE heart beat.  And that’s for our personal financial freedoms.  We love and accept each other like nothing you’ve ever witnessed before.  Everyone matters.  Everyone is important.  Everyone is accepted.  Everyone is respected and valued.

3)  We believe in being authentic.  Drop the fronts and the masks and come as you are.  Come who you are.  Come where you are.  It’s a breeding ground for leadership and personal development unlike any other.

4)  We believe in others, even those who don’t believe in themselves.  We’re there for them and we’ll believe in them until they can believe in themselves and then we keep believing in them.

The world could learn a lot from Empower Network.

 Empower Network’s Objective – Help People Make Money And Life Their Dreams

The co-founders, David Wood and David Sharpe where sick and tired of their teams in their respective network marketing businesses NOT being able to make money and duplicate what they had done.

So they decided to create Empower Network, where they would do everything in their power to help others have breakthroughs and begin their road to success.  They have taken that very seriously.

Read my Empower Network Review here for more details

These are all words I’ve heard from people getting involved.  For myself, it’s changed my business.  I’ve done real well.

  • Hopes
  • Dreams
  • Fun
  • Refreshing
  • Team Work
  • Exhilerating
  • Cash flow
  • Confidence
  • Making Money
  • Rejuvenation
  • Fresh Starts

No hype, just good ole fashioned step-by-step blueprint to make money online.

If you’re looking for a legitimate way to make money online and you’re open to be a lifestyle blogger entrepreneur, I invite you get to started.

If you haven’t seen the Empower Network Presentation, CLICK HERE

If you have seen it and are ready to get started, JOIN HERE.

So many great reasons to be a part of Empower Network.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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