Empower Network Review

empower network review

Empower Network Review

You’re busy and maybe asking yourself…..

Should you take 15 minutes and read this Empower Network Review to discover what it’s all about?

Well, you’ve come to the right place at the right time for the right answers.

Empower Network Review Covers Ground For Many Entrepreneurs

If you’re an affiliate or info product marketer, you want to discover how Empower Network can help give you exposure to the products your offering.

If you own a brick an mortar or are a home base business entrepreneur with your own product or service, you want to look at Empower Network and discover how it can help your business exposure and growth.

If you have a network marketing or MLM business, you know the only way to build that is through personal branding and attraction marketing. Therefore, you want to look fully at the Empower Network Kalatu Branding Station.

If you don’t have any business but want to discover how you can make money blogging talking about things you love, you can.  Empower Network will show you how.

empower network review

An Insider’s Empower Network Review


Now, let me toss an FTC income disclaimer right here because I love compliance.

Empower Network makes no guarantees of income.  You may join Empower Network and make no money.  You understand that your income will be determined by the work you do, the skills you learn and how you show up in your business.  Please see our income disclosure here.  

Why am I showing you this picture?  To show you I know what I’m talking about in this Empower Network Review.

I’m a strong believer in only doing product or company reviews of those I’m directly involved in.  It never ceases to amaze me how people claim to the expert on a product or company yet have not purchased and experienced it first hand.

The problem with non-member, non-user reviews is that you have unsuspecting individuals who are trying to do their due diligence and they read these so called “expert reviews” only to be mislead… or get only half the information… or get wrong information altogether.

What I see in non-members reviews are their “ignorant personal feelings and assumptions” in the name of a review and then bait and switch you to something they’re selling.

Before I jump into a product, opportunity or decide to recommend something to my customer/client base, I have learned through the school of hard knocks, to be diligent and make sure it’s something I wholeheartedly believe in and would use (or do use) myself.

My showing some of my results, I wanted you to see that you can trust this Empower Network Review.  I’m in the company, I use the products, I work my business.

Having said that, if you’re considering whether Empower Network is for you or not, just be careful about the information you’re taking in and consider the source.

  • Are they members?
  • Have they used the blog and have an understanding of WHY the Kalatu Branding Station/Empower Network blog?
  • Have they been on the webinars and conference calls and devoured the trainings in their back office?
  • Have they purchased all the products and gone through them?
  • Have they implemented what they learned?
  • Have they been to all the events?
  • Are they actively involved in the Empower Network Community?
  • Are they following the 8 core commitments for success?

Empower Network Review

This Empower Network review is based on my own personal experiences and  first hand knowledge.

  • I joined Empower Network on November 4, 2011, one week after they launched.
  • I have purchased and used and continue to use, all the products.
  • I have been to all but 2 of the events.
  • I’ve been a speaker at one of their events.


empower network review

 In This Empower Network Review You’ll Discover…

  • What Empower Network is
  • Who Founded Empower Network
  • Who Empower Network is for
  • Common Problems Empower Network solve.
  • The Empower Network Product Lineup
  • The Empower Network Affiliate Program
  • Whether Empower Network is right for you
  • How to get started with Empower Network



empower network review

Empower Network Review:

What Is Empower Network?

Empower Network Review

Empower Network is an internet marketing training and educational company.

  • It’s a leadership factory.
  • It’s a personal development program.
  • It’s a worldwide community of like-minded lifestyle blogger entrepreneurs
  • It’s a platform for those who seek how to make money online, to learn how

Empower Network offers educational materials, tools, and resources, including the exclusive Kalatu Branding Station (Blog) that assist entrepreneurs in creating and building their respective businesses, no matter what that business looks like.

The training is generic in nature, meaning what they teach you can apply to any business, whether it’s an online marketing business, affiliate business or brick and mortar business wanting to advertise online.

It’s a safe place to bring your teams if you’re in Network Marketing, MLM or Direct Sales.  Nobody’s going to pitch or switch your team members.


empower network review

Empower Network Review:

Empower Network Founders

Empower Network launched October 31, 2011 in a small hotel room and 56 days later, had recruited over 13,000 affiliates and paid over $2,000,000 in commissions directly to those affiliates.

The founders are David Wood and David Sharpe.  They have interesting stories and like so many other successful entrepreneurs, they come from a hardship background.

EN_Fri_pictures_9_21 011


David Wood 

From living a blue 1996 Dodge Caravan on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii …to having a $25,000 week his third month in business, David Wood has never looked back from the minute he made a decision to impact the world. His transparent, ‘straight forward’ personality has resonated with people all around the world looking for a message of clarity, honesty and hope. He has become the #1 producer in almost every business he’s built, and has gone on to impact and influence lives all over the world. Everyday, he strives towards seeing his vision manifest in the form of Empower Network’s members experiencing breakthrough business success.

David Sharpe – Retired now from Empower Network

David comes from a background of struggle and hardship. From homelessness, addiction and personal defeat …he rose from the ashes to change his life, change the way he viewed the world …and change the way the world viewed him. Before marketing, David was a broke construction worker swinging a hammer in the hot Florida sun.

Within 18 months he went from living paycheck to paycheck to earning more money than ever, traveling the world and living the life of his dreams. Today, his sole business focus is how he can help Empower Network members experience the same personal and financial breakthrough he had a short time ago.

They met a live event…and started working together.  And together, they have founded The Empower Network.


Empower Network Review

Empower Network Review:

Adamant About Authenticity

If you’re not authentic, you won’t fit in.  Tired of all BS and hype out there, Dave and Dave said

“Leave your egos, excuses, drama and BS at the doorstep if you want to be a part of Empower Network”.

It’s a venue where you can come and be yourself and be accepted.

Dave and Dave’s personalities and styles are reflected in the company videos and training.  There are some that watch and listen to them, and think “how can they be serious?

Oh… they’re serious!

As an example of what I’m talking about….

1)  The tagline is “Don’t be a Wussy”

Meaning… stop complaining about everything you can’t do, roll up your sleeves, get in the trenches, stop making excuses, get past your fears and insecurities and go after the time and financial freedom you want and deserve.  Some may be offended by this statement.  What I’ve discovered is that tagline is relevant to the 98% who just want to quit rather than stay in the game and figure stuff out to have what most people never have.

2)  They share their stories authentically… both were homeless and share other problems that most would be ashamed and embarrassed to admit.  They don’t care what others think.  They went through what they went through, they rose up and have created an 8 figure a year business in a short period of time and they want the world to know and serve as an inspiration to all who say “I can’t”.

This is important because people want to do business with real people.  Members of Empower Network are real people.  Everyone has challenges and ‘life happens’ events and when we can be open and honest about that, we can move forward.

No judgement here, full acceptance.

This creates an atmosphere of confidence to be who you are so you can focus on growing your business and not worry about what other’s think.

3)  They don’t wear fancy clothes or dress up for anyone.  They are who they are and you get what you get.

Their message is stop worrying about what others think about you, just get ALL IN (buy everything) so you can get the education you need to implement and position yourself to live the life you want..

 I personally know the Daves.

empower network review

I have known David Wood since 2010 but knew of him long before that.  I watched his leadership and business growth explode.  I’ve met David a couple of times at events.  This picture was taken at a No Excuses event for MyLeadSystemPro in early 2011.

I met David Sharpe for the first time after Magnetic Sponsoring and  Mark Hoverson’s “Info Marketing Blueprint” product launch where I placed as a top affiliate and won a trip to Austin, Texas for the weekend.  Sharpe was there and I had an opportunity to talk about marketing and business during the winners Houseboat Party on Lake Travis.

I found Sharpe to be a very genuine and caring person.

Both David and David are on a mission to help the masses and for anyone who spends any time at all on their webinars, looking past the “wussy” language, the funny curly hair, the 70’s shirts and the blatant “just get in and buy everything” will see that.

empower network review

Empower Network Review

Empower Network Review:

Who Is Empower Network For?

Empower Network is for two different groups of individuals:  Business owners and Non-Business Owners  (well, that sounds like it’s for just about anyone.  Let me explain)

The Small Business owner is any entrepreneur with a small business of any type.

For example…

  • Brick and Mortar businesses (any type… salons, pet grooming, lawn care, bakery, doesn’t matter)
  • Network marketing businesses
  • MLM businesses
  • Affiliate marketing businesses
  • Ebay and Etsy business owners
  • Coaching services business
  • Professional Business Services such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.
  • Teaching and Tutoring businesses
  • Information Product Businesses
  • Rising actors and models who want to showcase themselves
  • The list goes on and on and on

A business is any product or service you have to offer someone in exchange for money.  You will use the Empower Network blog, the Kalatu Branding Station, to promote your business.

The Non-Business Owner is the individual who has an interest in making money through blogging about whatever they want.

  • passions and interests
  • causes
  • hobbies
  • travels
  • whatever you can image

This group who has no specific product to sell, however, they can refer the Empower Network suite of products as an affiliate which is built into the money making Kalatu blog.  Read more about it here.

empower network review

Empower Network Review

Empower Network Review:

The Inspiration Behind Empower Network


Before he even thought of Empower Network, long before it’s inception, David Wood was a very frustrated network marketer.  He was making lots and lots of money…that was not the frustration.

The individuals who he brought into his network marketing business were not able to duplicate his results because there’s too many complications of getting people off the ground.  This was his frustration.

He was recruiting people like….

* 86 year old seniors who didn’t grow up with an iphone, computers or any of today’s common use technology.
* People who got involved and had no credibility.  It can be tough starting a business with no credibility.
* People who got involved and hadn’t gone through the pain of success in their life.

Another problem:  What he found time and time again, was that people could not achieve the same success because what he did simply took too much time in the day and too many challenges during the learning curve.

Another problem: He saw a bunch of successful full time people who worked at it all day and all night.  They had no time freedom.

Another problem:He saw a bunch of part time people frustrated and falling on their faces (the majority), because most of them still had a job and the most time they can afford was 10 hours a week or so.

So he stood back and asked himself,

“How can I help the masses succeed?”

And this is what gave birth to the Empower Network.


empower network review

Empower Network Review: Problems Empower Network Solve

Empower Network Review:

Empower Network Solves Problems

As I did my research into the “what is it and why did they do it” behind the Empowered Network products,  I had to shake my head “yes” and agree with what I was hearing.

Here’s some problems to which Empowered Network is the solution.

Problem:  Getting started with online marketing technically is difficult for most people and takes them months to get up and running and generally quits in less than 90 days.

Solution:  Empower Network has everything set up.  It removes that aspect of making money online.  Your Kalatu Branding Station is drag and drop and click here and click there and select this and it’s done.  You have your own business blog up and ready for you to start adding your value based content.  Your blog has built in banners which you can turn on or off which cause people to be curious and click.  There’s your money should they buy.


Problem:  People are not paid enough in commissions on products and serves they recommend and therefore run out of cash to market their business, do any kind of outsourcing, hire coaches for help, get to events, pay for their tools and so they quit.

Solution:  Empower Network gives you 70% commissions so you have cash flow to move ahead faster and stronger in your business.  Additionally there is a passup feature that gives you streams of income as well.


Problem:  People are not good salesmen/women.  They choke up when talking about products and making sales and pricing and asking for the sale. They just are.

Solution:  Empower Network does that all for you.  You simply send people to a movie and let it do it’s thing.  Here… try it.

Can I really make money with the Empower Network blog



empower network review


Empower Network Review Mission Statement

Empower Network Review:

Empower Network Mission Statement

This Empower Network review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t post their mission statement.  This is the heart of why they do what they do.

As taken from the Empower Network website, here’s their mission statement:

The word “empower” means to give ability to; enable or permit. This is a key element to Empower Network’s mission, dedicated to empowering as many people as possible through the network, training, products, support, opportunities and the honest and authentic message of hope and freedom that Empower Network offers.

Founded on the idea that individuals can build businesses and have personal lives at the same time, Empower Network believes that individuals can use the struggles, hardships and experiences they’ve had in life and turn them into their most empowering assets.

Since Empower Network’s founding in 2011, the company has enabled more than 150,000 people to launch their dreams. People who have struggled for years in business are having success with the help of the opportunities Empower Network provides. Customers searching for simple and honest marketing systems and training programs are having breakthroughs and getting results with Empower Network’s products. Most importantly, Empower Network’s members are finding purpose in business and life through attending our events and interacting with the Empower Network community and leadership.

empower network review


Empower Network Review:

Empower Network Products

Empower Network Review of Product #1

Empower Network Kalatu Branding Station Blog

empower network blog

This viral blogging system is the flagship product for Empower Network.  When you purchase your Kalatu blog, you simply access it through your Empower Network secure login and start blogging.

What’s special about the Empower Network Kalatu Blog?

1)  It’s an authority blog.  The Empower Network domain ranks and is fast becoming one of the top blogs in the world.  This helps you to rank your content.  We call this an authority blog.

For others to find your content, your business offer, your products and services, the interests and topics you blog about,  you must get your content to rank on the search engines and the fastest, easiest, most fool-proof way of making that happen is to start posting and promoting your content on an authority site.

Having an authority blog at your disposal puts the odds of success greatly in your favor and gives you a solid 3-6 month head start over those who are setting up their own blogs from scratch because a new blog simply does NOT have any age or authority and simply won’t rank well on the search engines for a good 90-120 days or longer.

2)  Customizable.  You can change the themes, colors, images, sidebar, header, whatever.

3)  Plugins are already installed.  In fact there are a couple that are exclusive to the Kalatu Blog like the 21 day blogging challenge which teaches you how to blog fast and develop a good habit of blogging daily.

Another plugin gives you ideas to blog about.

Another plugin is a fill in the blank as it asks you questions about a topic you choose and then creates the blog post for you.  Pretty snazzy!

4) Your blog is automatically created and set up the moment you sign up.

  • No set up – you just customize how you want it by selecting features.
  • No technical stuff – plus full video tutorials
  • Nothing to install

5)  It’s got money making banners giving you built in leverage.  You are paid commissions on sales you refer based on the Empower Network compensation plan.

Learn More Here






Empower Network Review of Product #2

Empower Network Inner Circle Audios

empower network inner circle audios

The Inner Circle is a collection of audios put together by successful entrepreneurs, to help you put positivity into your brain in your down time.

They are meant to be listened to while you are in your car, or jogging, cleaning the house, exercising, or any other activity where you have them playing in the background.

Don’t get me wrong, you can sit down and take notes and on occasion you may find one you want to do that with.  But the focus is get good stuff going into your head every day.


The Inner Circle audio trainings are interviews from the top leaders inside of Empower Network sharing what they are doing to achieve success. New interviews are added all the time and each come from a different perspective.  It’s great knowledge and always insightful as to what others are doing to achieve success in their businesses.

You will find these to be both inspirational and educational and will give you strategies for marketing and what’s working now.

You must be putting good positive information into your brain everyday to get good positive results.  Learn More Here.




Empower Network Review Product #3 

Top Producer Formula


This program as you can tell by it’s name, shows you how to become a top producer in your network marketing / MLM / direct sales business.  The instructors have all created massive success and results of their own and are high qualified to share this information with you.

If you would like a step-by-step plan to signing up 3 new customers a day, this program will be of interest to you.





Empower Network Review on Product #4

Team Building Formula


Team Building Formula gives you the actual laws of team building.  The principles you learn are not theory or ideas, but rather tried and true fundamentals of team building.  Through this course, you will discover how when these laws are applied to your business, you can double and triple your growth.  Learn how to go from building a struggling team to witnessing team duplication in record time.





Empower Network Review for Product #5

Mass Influence Formula


I was in the audience for the weekend that it took to create this product.  Pretty amazing if you’re looking how to have influence in your business, in life. Mass Influence Formula shows you how to win the respect of others, and influence them to take the action that you want them to.

Backed by scientific influence and persuasion principles, you’ll know exactly how to get people to do what you want.



empower network review

Empower Network Review

Empower Network Review:

Empower Network Affiliate Fee

There is an affiliate fee of $19.95/mo.  This is the lease of your sales materials, capture pages, live trainings and running the business.  Empower Network pays out 70% commissions and this small fee allows you as the affiliate to keep the bigger commissions and keep the company growing and developing at the same time.

CUSTOMERS:  If you want to be a customer only and NOT be an affiliate, you are not required to pay the $19.95/mo affiliate fee.

AFFILIATES:  If you DO want to refer these products, you will be required to hold an affiliate status and pay $19.95/mo affiliate fee.

empower network review


Empower Network Review Commissions

Empower Network Review:

Empower Network 70% Commissions


The Empower Network Commissions you earn when you make a sale is 70%.  When you add in the unique passup feature within the commission structure, it’s more than 100%.  Empower Network is a  highly leveraged affiliate program which is why the Kalatu Branding Station with built in banners for products is included.

You can find a zillion programs to be an affiliate for and you will find that the typical commissions paid are between 3% and 50%.  The average is about 30%.  With Empower Network, when you refer a product or service, you are paid 70% affiliate commissions which is very generous.

How does Empower Network make money if they are paying out 70% commissions?  Affiliates pay an affiliate fee of $19.95/mo which I explained above.

When you market any product or service, the effort, time, energy and money is the same.  Do you realize that?  When someone says ‘yes’ to your product or service, you want it to mean something to your bottom line.  These commissions do that.

empower network review



Empower Network Review:

Being “ALL IN” With Empower Network

You will hear the term “Get All In” many times as you get on trainings, conference calls and hangouts, attend events, on videos and throughout content pieces.

What does that mean?

It means own all the products and be all in with your commitment to your success.

You want to own any and all  of the products that you can for the following reasons.

1)  You need the education and training.  It’s not reasonable to expect to step into a home based business or any entrepreneurship endeavor without knowing how to be successful.  That’s common sense.

2) It shows you’re serious about your business.  It’s not ethical to ask someone else to buy your products when you don’t own them yourself.  People do, but I’m just saying when you tell someone to get all in and they ask you if you are… and you say.. “well, ah, no.”…. what does that say about you?

3)  You lead by example for those you will be bringing in and they will do what you do.  If you don’t own them, how can you experience the value of them and write and talk about them to others?  How can you suggest others buy the products when you don’t own them yourself?

4)  Don’t lose passup sales.  When you refer others and don’t have a particular product they buy, those commissions are passed up to your sponsor as a qualifying sale.  You don’t want that to happen if you can help it.

5)  Be committed to your dreams.  Work on your personal development daily.  Do the 8 core commitments for a successful business

  • Get All In
  • Blog Daily
  • Market Daily
  • New Member Coaching
  • Daily Inner Circle Audio for Personal Development
  • Read Daily for Personal Development
  • Attend Empower Hour Phone Conference @ Monday PM
  • Attend The Next Event



empower network review

 blogger entrepreneur.

Empower Network Review

Positions You For Lifestyle Income

It’s no secret that entrepreneurship is about exchanging products and services for money.

A sale must occur.

This is how business works.

The problem in the past however, has been that the home based business entrepreneur has to pay all their costs of education and marketing yet only receive a small commission in exchange for the sale.  Often, these commissions are too small to really impact the lifestyle you’re seeking.

In my brick and mortar business, I can determine my price (or profit margin).  I will determine the difference between my cost of doing business and the profits I make.  In an affiliate based home business, you can’t set your commissions, the company tells you what you’ll make and your hands are tied.

Wood and Sharpe wanted people to “stick around and build their businesses” so they came up with a way for you to have great products you can refer and keep 70% commissions plus a lucrative passup feature so you have enough profits to reinvest as well as upscale your business model.

With utilizing the Empower Network into your business model, you will have the *cash you need to:

  • pay for technical assistance in setting up your primary business stuff.
  • pay for outsourcing many aspects of your primary business.
  • pay for tools and resources you’ve been wanting to get.
  • pay for marketing and getting through that learning curve.
  • pay for one on one coaching.
  • pay for events and seminars, travel expenses.
  • join that high ticket affiliate program you’ve been wanting to
  • Just live your life.  Maybe Empower is all you need and want (which in and of itself can be your biggest stream of income)

And still have money to pay off your bills, take that vacation, put away for kids’ college, whatever.  Empower Network gives you the 100% commissions you need to give you the cash you need to move full speed ahead in your business.

*See income income disclaimer here


empower network review


Empower Network Review:

What Empower Network IS and IS NOT

Again, listen to the members involved with Empower Network when getting to the truth about it IS and IS NOT.  Those outside of the Empower Network don’t have a clue.  I’m inside and am qualified to answer this for you.

Empower Network is NOT….

  • Just a blog.   The blog is simply one of the products they offer.

Empower Network IS….

  • Empower Network is an internet marketing training, leadership and education company.



empower network review

 empower network review how you get paid

Empower Network Review:

How You Are Paid

Affiliates are paid every Friday through their international payment processor.  When you sign up to become an affiliate for Empower Network, you will set up your ewallet which is free and just takes a minute.  All commissions are held for 3 weeks and then paid out.  Once you have commissions in your pipeline, you’ll be having Friday paydays.

You can direct the payment processor to send your commissions to your bank account or to a debit card.

The ewallet is international serving every country Empower Network is in.

empower network review

Empower Network Review Pros-And-Cons

Empower Network Review:

Empower Network Pros and Cons

And with any business, there are potential pros and cons for certain individuals which I think is important to mention if you’re looking for a fair and balanced Empower Network Review.

I’ve seen reviews by individuals that only tell you all the upside stuff so they get you to buy.

I want to give you ALL the information so you can decide for yourself after having all the facts.  This will also set realistic expectations and set you up for long term success.

CONS:  Possible Drawbacks For Some People In Joining Empower Network

empower network reviewMaking the assumption that just because you joined, means you will have instant success.  Like any business venture and program, there’s never any 100% guarantees you’ll be successful or even make any money.  The amount of success you achieve will be totally based on your efforts to implement what you learn and stick with it for the long term.  Neither Empower Network nor myself give you any guarantees of how much money you’ll make.  It’s fully dependent upon your efforts.

empower network reviewYou can certainly join Empower Network as a customer and receive all the benefits of the products.  However, if you want to refer the products and generate commissions, you will be required to pay the $19.95/mo affiliate fee which gives you the resale rights.

empower network reviewI recommend you get an autoresponder ($19/mo) so that you can build your own list.  When you own your own list of leads, you can build a relationship with them and market to them for additional streams of income over time.  Getting your own autoresponder is totally optional. If you choose to not get an autoresponder, just know you’re not building a list.  It’s unreasonable to expect good results without one.  The purpose of being able to follow up with your leads who visited your site so you can connect with them, answer their questions and share valuable information that helps them solve their problems.

empower network reviewIf you’re a person who needs to hold a tangible product in your hands, this may not be for you.  The Empower Network blog platform as well as all trainings are hosted online with you having a secure username and password login.

empower network reviewIf you’re not coming into Empower Network with the right mindset.  You must be ready for a change in your life and be up to getting started and ready to take it on.  Even as simple as it is, it still takes time to learn how to blog and get in a habit of doing it. We have company training and team training, but bottom line…you have to do the work.

empower network reviewIf you don’t like the “Don’t be a wussy” and sometimes adult language inside the Empower Network community, this will only irritate you and you’ll not be happy or succeed.  Don’t join.

empower network reviewIf you’re not tolerant of all people.  Empower Network is tolerant of all all people and demands respect and friendship and understanding of each other.  It welcomes all people from all nations of all faiths and backgrounds, all color and all educational status and sexual preference.  Empower Network is one company with one heartbeat… and that’s for financial and time freedom to live the lives each member dreams about.  Empower Network welcomes everyone, who they are, how they dress, how they talk, how they look, and we celebrate their life, their success and their purpose.

PROS:  Clear Advantages of Joining Empower Network


empower network reviewExtremely low start up cost.  This removes the objection “I don’t have the money”.  If someone does not have $25 to start a business, then they have no true interest in creating a change in their life.  Let’s call it like it is.

empower network reviewReceiving 70% of the commissions of any product you sell.  In affiliate marketing, it’s common to be paid 20% – 50%, but not 70%.  The benefit of keeping 70% is now you’ve got cash flow to scale up your marketing and creating the life you want.

empower network reviewReceive both up front and long term residual income.  There are some products inside Empower Network that are one-time sales.   These give you up front immediate cash.  The other products, the $25/mo blogging platform and the $100/mo Inner Circle Training are monthly residuals you will be receiving 70% on.

empower network reviewHigh retention rate of customers and affiliates because the ability to stay in the game and utilize the tools and resources until you make money are so low and easily offset.  One sale and you are at a break even point.  If someone quits, it’s because they shouldn’t have bought it to begin with.  They never had an entrepreneurial vision for themselves.  They don’t have the commitment for success and wouldn’t do anything with the products or services any.

empower network reviewAccess to a completely “done for you” blogging platform where all you do is customize it how you want it to look by selecting features.  It has built in money making banners and plugins that are exclusive to the Kalatu Branding Station.

empower network reviewProducts, Sales Funnels and Upsells are already done for you.  All you do is use the products for your own business growth and send traffic to the capture page.  The system itself does all the selling upselling and closing for you. Empower Network has been created using highly tested, highly converting capture pages, sales pages, and systems that are pre-made for you.

empower network reviewAccess to industry leaders who are actively marketing and training and making sales.  They openly share what’s working for them and how they’re doing it.

empower network reviewPositioning yourself inside this new found way of doing business is tremendous.  Empower Network has pioneered the way people business owners make money online, using leverage, teams, and unique products and services.  Nobody in the history of online business, network marketing, MLM or small business has done what Empower Network has done…. and they are just getting started.  In this economy with so many people needing a new Plan A and with Empower Network removing the challenges of start up costs and technology, the members of Empower Network have an advantage for the greatest and strongest growth.

empower network reviewThe leaders of this company and those in leadership positions doing the training, have proven themselves over and over again in the online business industry.  They know what they’re doing and actually follow the marketing trends and lead by example.  As members, we have access to this type of training, mentoring and leadership.

empower network reviewYou can position yourself as a leader within Empower Network.  They are looking for leaders to rise up.  They want to promote you and help you in your business.

empower network review

Being a part of a culture and community where you can thrive, be supported, accepted unconditionally and where we’ll give you a kick in the pants when you whine and complain.

empower network review

Should You Join Empower Network?

You’re the only one that can answer whether Empower Network is for you or not.

Do you have the right mindset coming into this?

Are you ready for a change?

Just because it’s only $25 to get started doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about your commitment to your success and whether you want to kick the tires to “see if it will work”.

It works!

The question is … “Will YOU work?”

Empower Network is a viable home based business and offers you what you need to be successful.

But like anything else, you have to get started and stay in the game.

It’s a business.

You must treat it like a business and when you do, it will reward you like a business.

Empower is not a get rich quick deal although you can make a significant amount of income fairly quickly, however, it all depends on your action steps to make it happen and you staying in the game to win.  Quitting is not an option.

Blogging itself is a long term strategy so unless you are marketing the system and sharing it, you won’t see results for awhile.  Are you up for that?

A good determined mindset to start and stay going for the long term is absolutely necessary or don’t waste your time.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to finally start a program that allows you to receive 70% commissions by referring top the line products and services and are willing to stay the course, your life can be drastically different in hardly no time at all.

And the funny thing about time is that it’s going to pass anyway. So why not do something for yourself that you can embrace and create a future with.

And when you join, I’m going to recommend you fully upgrade and buy everything because you deserve it.

Empower Network is NOT for you IF….

  • you think $25/mo is risk money
  • you won’t commit to long term success
  • you have to have a tangible product in your hand (Empower Network  products are all internet based)
  • you don’t like leveraged commissions

Empower Network MAY be for you IF….

  • you’re tired of measly affiliate commissions
  • you don’t want to get into your ‘job’ money to pay business expenses
  • you want to build your business faster and stronger
  • you want to remove the level of difficulty in getting started with making money online for yourself and your downline
  • you understand the value of leveraged commissions and are excited about that

If this describes you, Empower Network definitely is for you and you can get started right here.

I put a lot of time into this Empower Network Review to give you the best overview.

Things I didn’t talk about are …

  • The awesome LIVE quarterly events held around the US.
  • And other live hangouts that help you keep you motivated and inspired to pursue your dreams.
  • And the team you have when you join me.

So many great reasons to be a part of Empower Network.

Let me know if you have any questions.

internet marketing home based business


Debbie Turner
Lifestyle Entrepreneur

PS:  Update.  I’m no longer representing Empower Network due to internal changes in compensation plan and structure that no longer fit my business portfolio.  I wish the company all good success.


  1. Debbie Turner says

    I’ve never seen anything like it… Truly I’m seeing hope and excitement and people making money. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. says

    Thank you for sharing your insight.  It is a great post for anyone who received and confused by Empower Network related messages in the social media.   I would come and revisit this blog more often.     Again, thank you and keep up the very good work.

  3. Gabriel says

    If I'm not a USA citizen can I be part of this business and earn commissions?  Is First Data Linkpoint merchant
    available internationally? 

  4. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Gabriel, No you will not be using First Data, but rather you will set up a SWREG account. Our international members are setting those up. If you would like to join our Facebook Group so you can get comfortable and see what others are doing their accounts and any issues they are having getting set up, connect with me on facebook, add me as friend and I’ll pop you into the group. Remind me when you send me a friend invite that we had this conversation. http://facebook.com/DebbieTurner. We’d be glad to have you and assist you. :) Debbie

  5. Larry Sallee says

    I’m sorry but during the years I’ve been involved in this type of business, I've found that unless you have a very large e-mail list or an equal large bank account to purchase advertising it will be a long hard road to make any money in this business {Empower Network] or in any other business as well. I do not have a e-mail list or any extra money for advertising. I view this as a long shot to make any money at all. 

  6. Norah says

    Hi Debbie, I just signed up for Empower Network yesterday and I know the basic thing to do is blogging at least once a day. However, I have no idea what to blog about and I'm not really good at writing. Can you add me to your group and help me? Thank you!

  7. Debbie Turner says

    are we friends on FB? friend me on there and send me a private PM to remind me. Good news, you don’t have to be good at writing. you’re gonna love this. Yes, I’ll add you to the group

  8. Debbie Turner says

    Larry, sounds like you haven’t been taught properly with the right mentors and coaches which is ashame. Your mentors should have showed you how to build a list, how to participate in coops, using social media, video and in the Empower Network arena, we are teaching people how to use blogging with SEO to rank.

    People are making money with even very small lists. You would probably be surprised to discover just how small my list is.

    It’s definitely not a long shot Larry… it’s actually the first sure shot if you blog like we show you and members couldn’t be happier. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  9. Lilia says

    Hi Debbie, I also joined a few days back EN and have the same problems like Norah, I have no Idea what to blog about and not really good at writing. Can you please help me. I tried a few other online network  and of course I am in the group of people who are not getting the ball rolling. Thank you!

  10. Debbie Turner says

    Hey Lilia,

    Sure, happy to help you get the ball rolling. Send me a friend request with a note about our conversation. http://facebook.com/debbbieturner. I will add you into my Facebook group and my training site specifically for Empower Network.

    You can blog about anything. I’m blogging about all my streams of income, all the affiliate products and primary businesses I have plus my hobby of scrapbooking. I hire out my my article/blog writing to SEOArticleWriters. They have fast turn around and do great work. You also want to stay in touch with the training webinars that are coming out. Did you upgrade so you can take advantage of the 6 webinars coming up?


  11. says

    Something I need clarified: I can join the EN for $25 and still make money without getting a merchant account?
    You have good stuff here Debbie.

  12. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Sunganani… you have to pay the affiliate fee of $19.95/mo which includes your merchant account if you want to earn income. Does that answer your question? Debbie

  13. Lamont says

    Hello Debbie,
    I just signed up for the MLSP program you recommended. Also i would like to talk to you about joining your empower network team. I have been about of the EN for about a month now. My sponsor is terrible. NEVER PICKS UP his phone, nor does he return phone calls. I sent you a PM on facebook about a couple days ago but never got a response. I want to join your team but i just have a few questions before i join you. If you can please e-mail me back that would be great. Or let me know what would be the best way to contact you..


  14. Debbie Turner says

    Hey Lamont. I check my Fb messages going back to April 4 and didn’t get a PM. I did see a friend request and just approved you. Hit me on FB through PM or give me a ring 843-270-5611 on Monday.

  15. Cheryl says

    Hi Debbie I don't really have a list at all but I wanted to know if EN would help in building one. I would really like to join but I don't want this issue to hinder me from making money. I really need some help because internet marketing is all new to me.

  16. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for reaching out. No worries, you’re not alone with not having a list. As you begin to blog daily, start learning various marketing methods, start sharing the Empower Network, you will begin to build a list. As with anything new, there’s a learning curve so be okay with that and give yourself permission to be patient. Empower Network was designed with the newbie in mind. You will get exposed to marketing strategies and be inside the products.

    You can start sharing with others both offline and online and start building a team even before you have a list. If you have any other questions, let me know.

  17. Jeniseburke says

    HI Debbie,
    I am in EN and I need help on getting leads. Where do I get them from?Do I have to buy leads?

  18. Debbie Turner says

    Hello Jenise,

    That’s a great question. Personally I would not buy leads because those leads have been bought and sold many times and most are opportunity seekers or people who had to fill out a survey to get a free gift card such as a Walmart gift card, or Applebee’s gift card.

    The best way to generate leads is to do it yourself or join a coop.

    Inside the EN training, if you go through the $15K month formula, you’ll learn about many strategies. Facebook PPC, solo ads, blogging, etc. I would go through those and then actually implement. Pick something and then do it. Also, I hope you’re blogging everyday using the SEO strategies and syndication. There’s so many ways to market, video, forums, groups are good too. Finding one or two that you enjoy and stick with it will be important. Be patient.

    You can also search for co-ops. This is where you contribute funds along with others and you share the advertising dollars and the leads. There will be someone who heads up the coop and they are in charge of running the advertising.

    Also, make sure you have your autoresponder integrated so as you begin to build your list, you will OWN that list. In this way, you can market other products and services to them, not just EN.

    Does this help?

  19. Don says

    There are a lot of people in this business who only want to hit you up for as much money as they can, then they disappear.  After they have your money, they won't contact you and treat you like you have the plague.  I guess you could say they then have a bubonic relationship with those whose cashy they absconded with.  Why should anyone believe you after getting burned for so much money?

  20. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Don,

    A couple of thoughts in response to your comment which I appreciate you taking the time to make.

    Sure, there’s some that do that. But for the most part, the hundreds of people I know in the industry are not like that. Generally, network marketers, internet marketers are great people and are happy to field questions and help when they can. I don’t know any one person in Empower Network who has either not set up a group or belongs to a group on Facebook for help. Even the company has a Facebook group for community, support and help.

    On the flip side of the coin, there are newbies who can be very demanding and want someone to do everything for them. They don’t want to take the courses and implement and are terrified to risk any advertising money. These people probably should not consider entrepreneurship.

    I haven’t known people to get ‘burned for so much money”. I see people buying courses and joining businesses and then not taking responsibility to go through the courses and implement. I see people not willing to advertise and prospect once they join their business.

    So I’m not sure where you’re comment is coming from, but if it’s from the standpoint you think I’m going to disappear or everyone in EN is going to disappear, that’s not true. And even if the individual with whom you join EN with decides to leave, everything you need to succeed is in the trainings and within your desire and commitment to learn and implement and the communities are extraordinary and helpful. Only reason one would fail is if they quit.

    Thanks again for stopping by and leaving your footprint. Appreciate it.


  21. sudeep says

    Is empower network valid for INDIAN citizens, as over the booking form the cities of India were not listed?

  22. Debbie Turner says

    What is the booking form? We have people all over the world. We are internet based and use an international payment gateway. Please let me know more specifically what you’re referring to as a booking form. Debbie

  23. george says

    Ok, So all you do in EN is blog once a day about anything….and this makes you money? I don't mind spending the $25 for the "entrance fee." But I do not understand how you make the money. You buy these webinars and from there someone makes money because they referred you and then so on and so forth for you if you refer someone? Is this the gist of how EN works? Or other links you have on your page? http://debbieturner.com/meet-debbie/business-background/ Please advise and let me know. Thank you.

  24. Debbie Turner says

    Hi George… great question.

    Blogging is a long term strategy so unless people are finding your content and landing on your EN blog, they won’t opt in. The idea is to start blogging and over a period of time, blogging correctly (which we teach you how and various strategies) you will start having people opt in to your EN list to get more information about EN and join. EN has 8 core commitments to do everyday, blogging is one, another is “market daily”. This will be the fastest way you grow your EN business. You want to market the EN platform.

    To answer your other question, absolutely you want to link to other content and offers, you bet. Give value and then link to your program, or another affiliate program, or a clickbank product, an amazon product, another blog you have… wherever you want to take them and it’s related… or relevant to what your reader is looking for.

    You will make money with EN as an affiliate (meaning you have paid the $19.95/mo affiliate fee) and as you market, and as people find your content on your EN blog and they optin and buy, you wil generate a commission on the product they buy providing you have bought it. So, if you own the $25/mo blogging platform and someone buys the $25/mo blogging platform from YOU under your affiliate ID, the YOU receive the $25/mo from that customer. Having said that, every 2, 4, 6 and every 5th thereafter of each product, will roll up to your sponsor. Likewise, as you start to bring people in under you, they will pass up their 2, 4, 6 and every 5th thereafter for each product up to you. This is how you can be on the golf course and make money… from passups.

    Have I explained this clearly? If not, please feel free to call me or leave me a reply and I’ll do my best to better explain it. Have a great weekend George and thanks for the great questions.


  25. David says

    Hi Debbie
    I have been following EN for about 2 months now trying to decide if i want to join or not. I am very excited to have found something like this. but the problem i am facing is simple. I am From INDIA so i wanted to know how do i get paid ??if i join EN because we have different laws so if i know the payment process i can try to join as soon as possible. Please help me with this i will be eternally grateful

  26. Debbie Turner says

    Hello David. All funds moving in and out of Empower Network can be done through an international ewallet. We’ve been using it pay out in over 200 countries without any problems at all. When you sign up, you will set up your ewallet. There is an affiliate fee of $19.95/mo by the way. Anyway, you will be paid through your ewallet. I have mine set to automatically put earned funds into my bank account. You can set up any way you want to be paid once the funds are transferred into your ewallet. Upon payment, I have the ewallet take funds from wherever I’ve assigned as well.

    I hope this answers your questions… Looking forward to seeing you on the team. I’ll get you into our Facebook group as soon as I see your order come through. :) ~ Debbie

  27. Liudas says

    I was wondering how compensation plan works. I read many articles but I still have some doubts.
    I want to become an affiliate and get commissions, later that my referals get commisssions, their referals get commissions and so on. What is the process to get this to work? As I understand, I have to purchase blogging system for $25/month plus affiliate membership for 19.95/month (total 49.95/month) – is that right? If yes, my referals should also purchase those memberships?
    Thank you for your answers.

    P.S. May I ask you to notify me via email if I dont get notification to my email automatically?

  28. says

    You can't ask for a better sponsor to help you build your online venture than Debbie. Stand up character and a passion to help those that are willing to pull up their sleeves and help themselves. Your the best Debbie. Thank you so much for your support and help.


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