Empower Network Controversy With Other Network Marketers?


Empower Network Controversy

With Other Network Marketers?

Why are some network marketers controversial about Empower Network?

Well, fast forward today, they are not anymore.

But let me tell you for awhile, there was what I call jealousy running around about Empower Network’s success and 13,000 affiliates they had just within the first couple months of launching.

Let me first say… I know this picture above is goofy.

I posted it on purpose.

You know why?

Because the fuss was goofy!

There’s been a lot of excitement as people have set up their merchant accounts, started blogging, joining blog challenges, learning about SEO, personal branding and mindset, and at the time, Empower Network offered 100% commissions.

People were making money and still are today, but it was exhilerating when the company first launched October 31, 2011.


Empower Network even took the #1 trending hot tips on Alexa above Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears.

You can see the chart her and I wrote an article on this very topic if you want to see it.

But, as the story goes, along with the positive energy, there’s negative energy with a few in the industry who saw many of their team members join Empower Network.

Could be they be intimidated by the tremendous success that Empower Network has seen and what that may do to their current client base?  Who knows.

I had team members join and when I looked at it, I understood why!  I joined too!

But I also explained to my network marketing team how they could use Empower Network to blog about their business.  It was a win-win.  It offered a blog and ‘how to’ info products to market any business.

I felt I had to write this blog to say as a home business and network marketing entrepreneur,  I’m really disappointed in the way a few of our well respected leaders in the industry and some of their followers have spoken rudely about Empower Network.

There’s just a few who did/are, but a few can make a big impact to those on the outside and are clueless and thinking about starting a home based business.  Not a good image and not good leader modeling.

Rather than making unprofessional remarks about Empower Network, it would be more upstanding to simply say,

“hey guys, good for you, I’m just choosing not to add that to what I’m doing.”

This way, the spirit of entrepreneurship can still run freely.

But instead, they were downright hateful and said things you can’t put back in your mouth.  I would expect more from industry leaders than that!

NOTE:  I noticed the same people who were dissing Empower Network ended up joining later on.  Smh!

rude network marketer

And by the flip of the coin, other industry leaders were joining and bringing their teams which is what I did.

What I do know is that anytime someone pioneers a new way of doing things, they generally get slack.  Especially when it’s an overnight smash.

David Wood and David Sharpe have pioneered a new way to help people make money online through offering an affiliate product…. BUT with a twist.  And it’s that twist that’s paving the way here.  It’s attracting lots of people.

Empower Network is a tool, a straight up affiliate product that offers a blogging platform and info products on the subject of team building, being a top producer and having mass influence, all of which are great courses.  It also offers a personal development program which we all need.

Empower Network is a solution for making money online that’s not complicated and that everyday people can plug into, start blogging and sharing receive a good steady stream of income while learning how to market their primary business.

I Joined Empower Network

I’m joining the mission of Empower Network to change lives with this system.  Thousands of us are locking arms and moving forward fast.

You see, at the end of the day, the reason people join network marketing businesses in the first place is because why?

They want to make money online.  They want a solution to their problem.


This is what they want to see in their inbox.  This was mine:

empower network

 Now, let me toss an FTC income disclaimer right here because I love compliance.

Empower Network makes no guarantees of income.  You may join Empower Network and make no money.  You understand that your income will be determined by the work you do, the skills you learn and how you show up in your business.  Please see our income disclosure here.  

Why am I showing you this picture?  To show you what’s possible, and to keep things honest, I had relationships with people I knew would be interested so the sales were easy.

Empower Network scam

Note To My Fellow Network Marketing

Friends And Colleagues Who Chose To Be Nasty And Rude

1)  First, I love ya.

2)  Just because for whatever reason you choose to not market Empower Network, doesn’t mean it’s not a good program.  It just doesn’t fit in your business model.   We all pick and choose the products, tools and resources for our own home business solutions provider menu.

3)  Don’t bash or make smartass remarks.    It detracts from your professionalism.  You really are hurting yourself and our industry.

4)  Encourage entrepreneurship at its finest.  Be a cheerleader for all people.

I pick and choose the launches, products and services I feel is a good fit for me and at the same time, can encourage others who choose differently.  Let’s represent our industry in a positive light.

Let’s all keep our light shining bright and help a lot of hurting families out there the best we can.  Let’s not stir the pot and make things more ugly than they need to be.

I wish all entrepreneurs success and prosperity and the world is big enough for all of us.   Let’s not compare, flex our muscles and toot our horns that “one way” is the “right way”.

There are many paths to success.

If you want to read more about Empower Network, I wrote an Empower Network Review

So many great reasons to be a part of Empower Network.

Let me know if you have any questions.

internet marketing home based business

Lifestyle Blogger Entrepreneur  (What’s that?  Read about it)  It’s a cool way to live and create the life I love.





  1. says

    Debbie. I could not have said it better myself. I pick and choose what I promote based on the value I receive and the value I believe it will bring to my downline teams and list. I do not promote things that I have not personally used or am not personally involved with. That is just how I choose to roll.

    I have chosen EN as a tool in the toolbox to help the new marketers I coach and as well as my friends who continue to struggle with their business cashflow.
    I do promote other products as well. That is the joy of being able to affiliate market. And yes, I am a network marketer as well. Two separate things to me.
    I love my teams and I love helping people. Let's continue to help others live better lives for as long as we can. It makes the world a better place.

  2. Debbie Turner says


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about promoting various affiliate products based on your individual business model and the value each bring your clients and those you serve. I like that you’ve chosen it for your “toolbox” for cashflow. Exactly. Again, appreciate your thoughts.


  3. says

    OMGosh! SO glad someone had the nerve to say all this. I'm tired of seeing people bash something they don't even understand! I'm loving what Empower Network is doing to MY bank account and the hope it's giving my team. Thanks for posting this, Debbie. I hope it brings clarity to murky waters of unprofessional behavior!

  4. Debbie Turner says

    I’m just not afraid to speak the truth and I’m seeing massive results from this program. Just got a text from a new member that SHE got her first member. We are posting in our blogs and I found a blog posted Nov 8, already showing in results for Google. Page 3, but I’m there. I expect over the next couple of weeks/months, to dominate for that keyword phrase. So.. we have people making money online for the first time ever, and we have a fantastic blogging platform. I don’t see the hole in the boat. I’m seeing hope and excitement. I love it. Rant over. – thanks for stopping by. Debbie

  5. says

    From what I have read, the Empower Network has helped more people than any other business I have read about so far. It's a pitty that there are others who label it in the bad light. I find your article refreshing as I have been reading up before joining.

    Thanks for the great info

  6. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Sunganani, Thanks for your comments. Let me know if you have any questions… I’d love to have you a part of my team. :) Debbie

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