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Empower Network Bootcamp Day 3: Ninja Style Free Traffic

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Empower Network Bootcamp Day 3


How would you like to get more traffic and do less work?

Crazy question, right?  Who wouldn't!

In this Empower Network Bootcamp training, you will discover EXACTLY how to do this.  David Wood, co founder of Empower Network shares his ninja style traffic secrets.

And it's all FREE.  And…it's probably not what you think!

David Wood calls this his "mystical magical key" to get others to do this for free.

Wood says if you do this, you'll work less and make more leads and money.   He shares a concept called Viral Sustainability.

There are reasons why people share stuff naturally. 

Ask yourself this:  When you're around your family and friends, you rarely talk about business.  You talk about what's interesting and fun. Right?  You don't sit around and talk about business. 

And you don't want to be JUST all serious and business either.  Lighten up and have a some.  This will generate leads and traffic.

It's funny because what's important in your business?  Well, you want people to buy stuff.  That's how you make money.  And, in order to do that, you need lots of people to see your stuff… this is called 'Traffic'.  But the VERY thing we need does not necessarily come from just talking about our business.

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Here's the scenario:

You have a presentation (a sales letter).  You want this presentation to be seen by thousands and thousands of people, right?  But the problem is that nobody wants to see a presentation.  Do you like watching presentations about biz ops?  NO.  And you don't want to go to a hotel meeting to see someone draw out the comp plan either. 

In fact, people don't want to see commercials when they watch TV!  (Unless it's the Super Bowl – okay, so that's the exception)

So why do you watch the commercials anyway, doing the very thing you DON"T want to do?  Because if you don't watch the commercials, you can't see the movie.   

To relate this to our home business industry, most marketers never show the movie… it's just all commercials.  "Buy this.  Buy that."  Right?  Do you see it?  Have you done that?

But the interesting thing is everybody wants to feel empowered, and feel good.  So here's the way to do this.  Build your traffic around interesting, fun and informative stuff.  Your content should be 85% entertaining and 15% information.

People will talk way more about things that are fun and interesting and they want to be entertained.  Don't be all business.  Dave says, "lighten up!"

If your stuff is not boring.. people will want to be around you and buy from you.  For example, you can take something hilarious from YouTube and embed it on your Empower Network blog and then send it out.  It's entertaining, it can go viral.  This way people can have a good laugh and they'll see your advertising on the header banner and sidebar.  Rather than you passing around a YouTube url, post it to your blog and send your blog post URL out.  Your family and friends can still watch the video but now they are also seeing your advertising and a portion of people will opt in. 

Blog about Alexa hot topics, celebrities, sports, politics, etc.. and you'll see leads opt in.  These are ideas and suggestions.

Viral Sustainability

1)  Blog daily on the Empower Network Blog.
2)  Share it with people you know.
3)  You'll start to get leads and begin to make sales.
4)  As you start to generate leads, email them daily and send them back to the EN blog.
5)  These people leave comments on your funny and interesting stuff and they "like" it on Facebook and it goes viral

Merge the 2 styles out there:

Hit hard direct response
Goofy funny stuff

When you do this, you'll keep your open rates good and people interested.  This will also keep your spam complaints and unsubscribes down.


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