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Empower Network Bootcamp Day 2: Understanding Website Traffic

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Empower Network Bootcamp Day 2


In Day 2 of the Empower Network Bootcamp, you will discover the following:

  • How to blog everyday
  • Where traffic comes from
  • How to dramatically understand how to get traffic through SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Many people beginning a business get started with the "how to" but never understand the "why to".

You see, once you understand the "Why" traffic works on the internet, you can always learn the "How to" generate it.  There's a huge different between understanding how to get traffic and why you want to do specific types of marketing to ensure you always have traffic.

Understanding the "Why To" will give you knowledge you can use forever and it's evergreen.
Understanding various "How To" strategies to get traffic changes all the time.  Just look at the Google Slap and the YouTube slap. Traffic generation strategies change all the time, but there's a few that stay forever.

Traffic is simply visitors to your blog, to your capture page.

There are principles about why the internet works.  When you understand it, you can relax and know exactly what to do to bring that traffic in.

Watch Empower Network Bootcamp Day 2 and you'll get a perfect understanding about what traffic is and how to get it.

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NOTES from Empower Network Bootcamp Day 2: 

When you establish your blog online, it's like an island in the middle of the ocean.  Nobody sees it.  And nobody can access it because it's in the middle of the ocean.  So what you need to do is open gateways to your island and let people know you're there.  What kinds of gateways can you integrate into your island so people have access?

  • Well, how about bridges to your island.
  • What about ships and smaller crafts that can dock at your island.
  • And planes that can fly in.
  • Although funny… heck… let people swim to your island
  • Maybe provide an underground railway and bus line

Your bridges and ships, planes and swimmers are LINKS.  Links that lead to your website.  Depending on how many links you get to your website will determine how many people visit, right?  These people are traffic.  More links… more traffic.  Less links, less traffic.

What kinds of links (bridges) do you have?

  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • Articles

These are links that build into your website.

empower network bootcamp

If you want traffic to your website, then you have to put new links in as many places as possible to your site everyday.

There's a formula to this method.  It's like this….

You need strong bridges which has authority.

These authority bridges are other sites that have a gazillion links coming into them and therefore they have a high page rank.  When you can get a link from a high page rank site linked back to your website, that's a strong bridge.  Google will reward you for that by displaying your website content.

What is the highest traffic website in the world?

  • #1 Google (information only site. People search for information)
  • #2 Facebook (Social.  People go there to hang out.)
  • #3 YouTube (Entertainment.  People like to be entertained.)
  • #4 Yahoo (social community)

These are all sites that people go to.

Tip:  If you're interesting and not boring all the time, you'll get more traffic!

When someone is looking for information, they are really looking to be entertained.  Results show if you just give the know how and being too serious (borning), sure, people will get the information, but then leave.  When you give the information and are also a bit funny or interesting, they get the information but stick around for more.  People love to be entertained.

Tip:  You gotta work on yourself before you work on your business. 

Study every day.  Even if you learn something new after 15-20 min a day, you'll be smarter than most everyone else.  Look how much you learned from the Empower Network Bootcamp just today. 

With Empower Network, you just have to focus on the front end stuff… the traffic generation.  These are the bridges you need to build to your website.  Empower Network does the rest for you.

Tip:  Here's something that DOES NOT take a lot of time when you assignment is to Blog Everyday. 

Go find some videos you like or pictures on the internet and just post them to your blog.  This will generate fast traffic.

Blogging is like permanent flyers.  You put your content out there and it stays.  

Wrap up:  When you blog… you want to incorporate all these:

  • Entertaining
  • Informative
  • Social
  • Community

There are articles, pictures and videos to do this with.

Here's the call to action with this Empower Network Bootcamp Day 2:

  1. Blog everyday
  2. Post something with 500-700 words
  3. Get the Inner Circle – learn what leaders do and start doing it yourself
  4. Get the $15K per month (9 hours of training.  Blog about what you learn but don't give away the farm.  Tell just enough and then give people the action step to buy it from you)
  5. Get the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – this is your core commitment to learn daily

A Benefit of Empower Network is this: 

The problem in getting started with an online business, you have to do everything and your focus is spread thin.  Things like

  • Ad copy
  • Funnels
  • Follow Up
  • Graphics
  • SEO
  • Sell Stuff
  • Capture Leads
  • Upsell
  • pay for technology
  • Lawyers for disclaimers

It can be overwhelming! 

At Empower Network, they do it all for you. 

You simply buy the $25/mo blog platform and blog and you keep 100% of the commissions on your referrals.  This allows you to focus on ONE thing.. Blogging and using SEO and getting backlinks.  That's it.  We teach you all of that.


Stay Tuned because in the Next Empower Network Bootcamp, you will Discover Ninja Style Free Traffic


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