Empower Network Blog: “Can I Really Make Money Blogging?”

Empower Network Can I Make Money Blogging

Empower Network Blog:

“Can I Really Make Money Blogging?”

So here’s the question; “With the Empower Network Blog, can I really make money blogging?”

And here’s the answer:  “YES!”

There are bloggers all over the world who make money blogging.   These individuals are called blogger entrepreneurs.  Some bloggers make a little, some make a lot and then there’s everyone in between.

Now, let me toss an FTC income disclaimer right here because I love compliance.

Empower Network makes no guarantees of income.  You may start blogging and make no money.  You understand that your blogging income will be determined by the work you do, the skills you learn and the long term consistency it requires.  Please see our income disclosure here.  

If you know my story, you know that I was a top producer real estate professional for 13 years before the market crashed in 2007.  When that happened, I decided to completely reinvent myself by becoming a blogger entrepreneur and trade my high heels, panty hose and dress suites for shorts, t-shirts and sandals.

Oh, and I ditched my calendar and alarm clock too.  Man, I hate those things!

While I struggled a little at first trying to find my way, I have created the life I dreamed about through blogging about my passions.  With Empower Network, I’ve done a couple 6 figures.

So yes, you can make money blogging but you must be leveraged with products people want.

And what do most people want?

Information on how to make money online!

So give people what they want.  It’s that simple.

What I really want to address in this post however, is the Empower Network Blog specifically.

It’s called the Kalatu Branding Station.

First you need to understand that blogging is a long term marketing strategy and when done properly over time, you will begin to see traffic, leads and sales come in as a result of your efforts.  One doesn’t start blogging and then expect success and sales from it overnight…or even in 30 days… maybe not even for 6 months.

Blogging is creating content and publishing it online for the world to find.

Can I really make money with the Empower Network blog


How Your Empower Network Blogging Works:

What happens is your content either goes viral because it’s awesome, people love it and you’ve posted it to your social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc…. OR

You have created content around specific keywords that people are typing into the search engines.

Both your viral content and your keyword content can start to rank in the search engines (meaning show up on page 1 of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and people will click to read what you have to say.  When they click on the link, they will be taken to your Empower network blog where a couple of things may happen.

Possibility A:  Your reader buys what it is they were looking for when they searched because it solved their problem.  In this case, you just made money on your product.

So let’s say you wrote a blog post an ipad and your reader liked what you had to say so they clicked on the linked in your blog which took them over to your Amazon affiliate site and they bought.  You made money.

Does it have to be an Amazon product?  No. It was just an example.  Think of all the products and services you offer to individual to build their businesses.

Your blog content may even be just an interesting article and you have nothing to sell.  These are called traffic blog posts and are created for the purpose of generating traffic by the masses to your blog.  Your advertising catches their eye while they’re there reading your content and perhaps wants to make money blogging also so they join Empower Network.

Possibility B:  Your reader doesn’t buy what you’re selling but the banners on your Empower Network blog (like the one in the middle of this page) caught their attention and heck yeah, they want to make money working from home.

So your reader/visitor clicks to find out how, they watch the entire movie and then waste no time pulling out their wallet to get their leveraged Kalatu Branding Station.  When they do, you make money as an affiliate.

Possibility C: 
Both of those happen.  It’s possible that your reader will buy what you’re offering in your content and also buy an Empower Network Blog.

Possibility D:  Neither of those happen.  It’s possible that your reader will finish the content article and leave and that’s the end of that.

Think of your own searching and reading and buying experiences.  It’s no different.

Well, that’s it!  You know, I’ve created a life of freedom to chose how I spend my time and my days as a lifestyle Blogger Entrepreneur.  You may want to consider that as well.

I hope you find what you’re looking for because you deserve your best life!

Peace Out!

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