Empower Network – A Year In Review 2012


Today, October 31, 2012, marks the one year anniversary of Empower Network.  

A lot has happened over this year and I thought it would be nice to do a little show and tell for 2012.

What I first thought was going to “just be another little product launch” turned out to be a VERY part time effort and an extra $66,000 on the side.

(Please see Empower Network income disclosure here, results will vary.)

I’m so grateful for the opportunity and no doubt 2013 will be bigger and stronger and so life changing for those to catch the vision for themselves and and embrace the change sweeping across the network marketing industry.

 If you are reading this and you don’t know what Empower Network is, it’s a training company for home business entrepreneurs with a focus on personal development, leadership development and offering courses and an exclusive Kalatu Branding Station Blog.

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What Is Empower Network

Empower Network Review

Here’s How Empower Network Came About

empower-network-david-woodEmpower Network started as a dream for Co-Founder David Wood.

He was creating his own products and selling them and of course when you do that, you keep all the money because… well… it’s your products.

Who knows when you keep 100% of the commissions, you make a lot more money?

Of course.

David loves sales and helping people make a decision to “just buy”.

He  was the #1 recruiter for his primary network marketing business and had great success and a huge downline.

As much as he tried to teach his downline to do what he was doing, they could not duplicate which is a very common thing.  His hundreds of downline members were not doing anything because they just couldn’t.  It was too hard for them.  And they didn’t have the time to learn what took him 5 years to learn.

He thought about what he could do to help “the people”.


GIVE to people, everything he was doing and let them keep all the money.

What does that mean?

  • Empower Network created 6 products.
  • Empower Network offers a blog already installed and configured
  • Sharpe wrote the sales copy.
  • They both created the sales videos.
  • They show up every Monday night  to train, inspire and lead.
  • They let the affiliates keep 100% of the commissions

Sounds crazy, I know.  But it’s true.

David and David did all the work and the affiliates got to keep 100% of the commissions.

How does the company make money?  The same way we as affiliates do.  Admin has an affiliate position.

They did have to charge an affiliate fee of $19.95/mo which supports the infrastructure and day to day running of the company.

To make a longer story short, he and his friend David Sharpe locked arms and said, “Let’s Do This.”  And Empower Network was born.

The first meeting to announce the opening of Empower Network took place in a cramped hotel room in Florida.

That was just 12 short months ago.


61,000 Affiliates – $18 Million in Commissions

Today, one year later, Empower Network has over 61,000 affiliates and has paid out over $18 million in affiliate commissions.

This is remarkable.  There has never been anything done like this before.  It’s a new way of home business entrepreneurship and the culture and community is a breeding ground for empowerment and success.

Empower Network proved itself this year but we’ll see if it can sustain.

In terms of the business model otherwise, outside of the financial workings, it works.  All the elements that traditionally goes along with building a network marketing business were removed through this model.  Things like:

  • 3 way calls
  • home parties
  • hand holding training
  • having to know it all
  • having to look polished
  • calling people all day
  • having to do presentations

Nobody likes doing these things and nobody did do them.  Yet, the amount of commissions paid out was astounding.



Empower Network’s Motto

Have a Business and a Life

Everyone has a dream of time freedom.   Empower Network members want to spend more time with their family and friends and get back to hobbies they’ve had to put away years ago.

Nobody wants to be tied down to a home based business so much that they feel they traded a 40 hour a week job for another 40+ hour a week job taking phone calls from team members, talking to prospects, training, inspiring and motivating people.

That is NOT why people join network marketing companies and start a home business.

Empower Network uses automation and group training and community so members can have a life without being tied to their phone and teammates all day.

Empower does all the work, gives members everything they need and their job is to just get people to the capture pages.

That’s called marketing.

Here’s the list of “done for you” items

empower network review      Your Products are already done for you.
empower network review      The Selling is already done for you.
empower network review      The blog is already installed and configured for you.
empower network review      The team training is already done for you.
empower network review      The payment gateway is already done for you.
empower network review      Community where your new sign ups go to ask questions
and feel welcomed, like family.
empower network review      The leadership platform you want is already there for you.
empower network review     Live events to meet each other in real life & give high fives,     handshakes & hugs.
empower network review      No 3 ways, home party plans or doing presentations.
empower network review      You get a “what to do each day” process of a few things


  Empower Network Focused On Individuality and Authenticity

Empower Network Review

There were phrases that were drilled home to members on the calls and at live events.

The founders laid a foundation for a  community where people were accepted for who they were and where they were at on their journey of life.

There was heavy personal development and mindset training.

Here’s what members heard every call and at every live event…

  • Be yourself
  • Come as you are
  • Come from wherever you are
  • You’re awesome
  • You’re accepted
  • You’re enough
  • Your story and life matters
  • You deserve your best life
  • You deserve your dreams.
  • You can do it
  • It’s your time!

Egos and excuses had to be left at the door.  Dave Sharpe said,

“You can put away the excuses that you don’t look right, you’re too old, too young, too skinny, too heavy, not this or that.”

Empower Network is made up of individuals from…

  • every walk of life
  • every age
  • every faith
  • every educational background
  • every ethic background from all over the world.

You’ll find…..

  • long hair hippies and a billion dollar CEO.
  • people who swear and those to vow they never will.
  • people who live in shorts, t-shirts and sandals and those who enjoy suit jacket and dresses.
  • tatooed musicians and conservative grandmas.
  • Christians and atheists sharing the stage

And nobody cares about any of that… but we care for each other.

We are ONE here at Empower Network.


empower network

 Here’s a picture of our group in Singapore by the way.  Dave made the trip this year because of the large organization growing there.

How I Got Started With Empower Network

I received a private Facebook message from my friend Lawrence Tam, (the guy in the orange.  You’ll see him in various Empower Network videos for the company.  Shaqir Hussein is the other guy).

A n y w a y….

Lawrence wrote:

“Debbie. where you in on the project I’m doing with David Wood in Costa Rica launching within 24 hrs?

If your not… I want to add you to my closed group of my internet marketing leaders.

NOT a biz opp…..

but from one marketer to another

1) David Wood sales funnel
2) 100% commission
3) paid tomorrow

and you own the list to market…”

I have to be honest, when I first saw his message, I thought “oh man, another product launch”

I really didn’t want to participate in another because I had JUST finished up one and had invitations to JV on 3 more.

So, I ignored it.

I didn’t look at it.

I didn’t click on a link.

I didn’t respond.

I didn’t have time.

And it really didn’t sink in what he was saying above.

I didn’t put 2+2 together.

I was tired.

I was busy.

(…ever feel like that?)

Anyway…a few days later, I get an email from one of my downline business partners in my primary business.

It read..

Hey Debbie, I joined Empower Network and would love for you to join under me.

I emailed back and said,

“I’m not doing anything else right now, but I wish you well.

I didn’t look at it because I really wasn’t wanting to get involved with anything else right then. Plus, I hadn’t heard of Empower Network.

Well, the next day I get another email from another of my downline saying the SAME thing.

I thought to myself, “humm… I wonder what this next shiny thing called Empower Network is that’s going around the internet?”.

I replied the same as I did the first downline business partner and went about my day and my business.

The NEXT day … you guessed it… ANOTHER downline called and said the SAME thing only mentioned David Wood’s name and bells went off inside my head.

I recalled LT’s private note to me saying something about David Wood….

I said to myself…

“That’s it… I gotta know what’s got my downline distracted and all excited.  I gotta check this out.”

So I logged into Facebook and read the email LT had sent.

I clicked on the links he gave me and began watching exactly how we make money with the products.

Well, after what I saw…

and I already trusted David…

I was ALL in!

I IMMEDIATELY recognized that this IS the solution I’ve been dreaming of.  It removed all the many things someone had to do to start making money online.

  • All we needed to do was send people to the capture page.
  • And the products were going to be good because David was behind them.
  • And we keep 100% commissions.

You know, the truth of the matter is, people want to make money online and they don’t want to chase family and friends to do it.

They want a simple plan to accomplish this.

Empower Network gives them that.

This is WHY my business partners had joined.

This is WHY Empower Network grew to 61,000+ affiliates in the first year.

It’s a simple plan.


Empower Network has Been Life Changing

I’ve been a seeing what members around the world are accomplishing.  I’ve spoken to them first hand or heard their testimony at a live event.

Some have been able to quit their jobs…
Some have been able to pay off their house…
Some have bought a car…
Some have bought a house…
Some have bought clothes for their kids…
Some have paid for Little League fees and uniforms…
Some have taken a vacation…
Some have put some away….
Some have made their very first $25 online

The stories are vast!

Empower Network has Saved Lives

I’ve seen Marisol be able to pay for cancer treatments.

I’ve seen a 15 year old boy with Crohn’s disease in Malaysia make $7K a month (This is a third world country and he makes more money than his parents and teachers)

I’ve seen Christina who can’t stand or sit more than 15 minutes lay in her bed and create financial secure income.

I’ve seen Scott ready to commit suicide, put in an Inner Circle audio and choosing life instead.

 Empower Network’s Growth

I can honestly say that in all my years marketing online,  I’ve not seen anything grow so fast with people getting results than I have with Empower.

Again, see income disclaimer here.  Results will vary and you do have to work.  This isn’t a get rick quick gig.

I just am witness to the spirit of mankind when people are wrapped around and believed in.  It’s amazing what can happen when you empower people with the right mindset and personal development and create situations and conversations where people can have breakthroughs.

Empower Network Early Bumps

Empower Network grew so fast, it broke.

  • Server issues.
  • Merchant Account Issues.
  • More Merchant Account Issues.
  • Customer Support lag.
  • No Infrastructure.
  • Some people lost faith.

But there were leaders and followers who stayed the course, continued to support the Dave’s and cheer and believe in the mission of Empower Network.  Over the course of a few months, we were back in business like nothing ever happened.

Atlanta GA Event

“Don’t Be A Wussy Event”

In June of 2012, Empower Network held it’s first live event in Atlanta, GA.

“Don’t be a Wussy” because Empower Network is a place of laying excuses aside and finally be about creating your lifestyle.

  • What is a wussy?
  • Complainer
  • Whiner
  • Wants someone to do everything for them
  • Wants something for nothing

Empower Network gives you everything you need to succeed, but you still have to work.  You still have to market.

The good news, and why Empower Network works for so many people is because that’s ALL you have to do.  The company has done the rest.

Below: David Wood and David Sharp handing me my big ole’ check for $35,925.

empower network

(Let’s keep it real… just because I made this much money doesn’t mean you will.  Of course it’s based on your effort.)  But we don’t hide what people are making with Empower because we’re proud of it.  Here’s the Empower Network income statement updated every 24 hours.

Empower Network doubled in size after this Atlanta Event.

San Diego Event

“Fight The Forces Of Evil Event”

In September of 2012, we came together again for a live event in San Diego

“Fight the Forces of Evil” because these are the things that keep people from succeeding.

  • Friends that tell them they’re stupid for doing this
  • Loved ones who do not support them
  • Inner chat with mindset negativity
  • Thinking they aren’t good enough
  • Thinking they don’t deserve success
  • Hangups, habits and hurts they bring to the table
  • Poverty mindset


At this event, the corporate staff was introduced to everyone.

Lots of people outside of Empower Network don’t realize this is a real company.

Empower Network has attorneys, the accountant was there, we met the COO, event planners and advisors.  They are a great team.

Empower Network has 15 full time employees and growing.

Here’s some pics.

empower network
empower network


Join Empower Network

If you’ve been sitting on the fence, I’d say this is a great time to get off the fence and get started.   It’s only $25/mo for your blog your affiliate fee is $19.95/mo.

Where can you start a business for less than $50 a month and be in a position to start generating income at 70% commissions? (In 2014, the company had to cut back the 100% commissions to 70%, still a huge amount that affiliates keep.  It’s a win win because we want the company to profit and grow and stay in development as well.


Dave Wood’s email October 30, 2012

A lot of you have been with us since the beginning,
and remember, and have participated in many of our
struggles, victories, and…innovations.

Here’s the thing that’s excited me the most:

It’s been the people’s lives who have changed for
the better by creating a true ‘lifestlye’ – a word that
doesn’t exist anymore in traditional business.

We have people from Lawrence who’s gone from
not believing that $12,000 a month was possible
to earning over $137,000 this month, just 12 months
after we launched.

Or Tony, who was burned out on phone calls, and
couldn’t stand another day of the ‘bull shit’ slavery
strategies, who’s now made over $114,000 this
month, 12 months later – without picking up the
phone, prospecting, or doing a single home party.

We have Mack, who’s shot a few emails out on the
side, and won every contest we’ve had since launch.

We have Tracey – who’s always been a badass, and
now is making an ‘extra’ $56,000 this month, just 12
months later – working part time – with no 3 way calls,
or prospecting of any kind.

What about Rob Fore, who’s made an extra $55,000+
this month, or the army of part timers who are paying
their bills – with none of the traditional ‘nonsense’ that
all of us hate in Network Marketing.

The list goes on and on – I want to share something with
you, this is 12 months after launch, the top 30 earners
this month, just 12 months after launch.

Obviously, this is just what our top 25 people have done,
and doesn’t guarantee income of any kind. Refer to the
‘income disclosure’ link in the footer on every page of
the empower network domain.

This represents not a company, but a revolution in income
creation – all of the good, none of the nonsense.

All of the ‘badass’ and none of the ‘wussy.’

All of the ‘freedom’ and none of the ‘slavery.’

I’ll tell you – it’s time.

This is the beginning.

If you think this is big – just wait till our event in January.

This year, people have earned around $18 million in
commissions with Empower Network.

It’s time to do more.

I believe with your help, we can make 2013 the best
year ever – the next 12 months will be epic.

The goal?

Create 100 people earning $250,000 a month by
the end of 2013.

With your help, we can do it.

Let’s lock arms – let’s fight the forces of evil… and,

Release your inner badass.

Who’s ALL IN for the next 12 months?


Well, that’s a wrap for 2012.  We’ll see what 2013 brings but I’m expecting good things.

To Your Success!

So many great reasons to be a part of Empower Network.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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    What an incredible report on EN's first year – very well done.
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