Email Marketing Ideas For Your Online Business (MLM Online Training)

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Now that you have someone who opted into your list, you want to provide  fresh, new, and VALUABLE emails for them to receive on an ongoing basis.    This is most definitely the most important part of follow up on with online marketing.

The BETTER your content is that you deliver to them, the MORE they are going to trust and want to work with you in the future.  Your follow up can make or break you.  Your content and follow up determines who stays on your list and who opts out.  And your list IS your business.  Without a customer/client list, you have nothing.

I recommend you send out at least TWO very valuable emails each week to your list.

My advice is this… plan out about 5 emails at a time. Brainstorm a list of 5 important, and crucial subjects that you know will add value to your subscribers life. Then, you might want to get your blog post radio, or make your video, or whatever piece of content you’re going to create to feed your email list.

Email content can be any of the following:

  • Just pure notes or lessons delivered in the email.
  • Email that links out to blog post.
  • Email that links out straight to a YouTube video, or some other video.
  • Email that links out to an article you wrote, or another piece of content you posted.
  • An email that links out to your website, or a website of your choice.

I try to switch up the content of my emails. Sometimes I will link directly to videos, sometimes I will write just in the emails… the choice is yours. But try to be different from time to time so your subscribers don’t know what to expect, or always want to see what your email is out of ‘Freshness’ and the chance it will be something totally new for them.

Staying consistent is the most important part of follow up with your email Content. It’s EXTREMELY important your relationship with your subscribers stays consistent. You should be emailing your list at least twice a week, with different important topics all the time.

I will also add, that when you follow this formula your subscribers are generally going to LOVE YOU. They are going to think you’re one of the greatest things since sliced bread since so many people just tend to pitch and pitch.

I would also recommend once or twice a month that YOU email your list very specifically with an offer or promotion that has the chance to make you money. Either an affiliate offer, or a special offer for your business opportunity or coaching… it’s important to make sure you INCLUDE your offer in your communications as well.  But give, give, give 90% of the time.  Ask 10%.  If you follow that rule, you’ll do much better.

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