Doomsday or Celebration: What’s your Outlook?

home business opportunityWe are living in a time in history where there's no question our economy is precarious and there seems to be, at least at the current time, no singular and definitive resolution of the mess we are in.   

Entrepreneurs and business owners must stay tuned to the world's financial news, spotting trends and discovering new niche opportunities, and in order to do that, they have to be exposed to the hideous amounts of doomsday messages and naysayers which are a breeding grounds for defeat.   Ugh.

My guess is a majority of those reading this agree with me when I express myself in saying, I'm tired of the incessant negativity that is spoon fed to the masses daily from public platforms, be it TV, radio, print or podium.   I'm also tired of hearing all the complaining from the average person who is capable of being a part of the solution but for whatever reason, takes great satisfaction being the ring leader in their circle of influence to spread a message of hopelessness, depression, fear and poverty.    I  hear it in the beauty shop, the grocery store line, the gas station, in and around the community just being out and about.

There are millions of people who are comforted by others who share their negativity and every opportunity they get, will sit around and share pitty-party and doomsday stories, how tough times are, who can't afford this or that, how everything is falling apart but yet take no responsibility to effect change in their own lives.  What good is it to complain about the problem and not be a part of the solution?

I wonder to myself after such conversations, "if you came to our phone call or sent me an email with an 'I can't' mindset,  what on earth did you expect me to do?  What did you expect me to say?  Why are we even talking?  Is this the best use of either of our time?"   I don't know about you, but I want to engage in conversation with solution minded individuals.  That's why I left the workplace.  That's why I don't punch a clock.  That's why I don't allow life's circumstances to toss me to the wolves. 

We are all responsible for ourselves.  End of story.  I guess people hear it on the media who tells us how to think and what to believe so we then pass that on to our friends, strangers and children? 

Not me!  Not my circle of influence.  Not the people I choose to hang out with.  We are going like gangbusters and having a blast in our journey.

I'm amazed at how many grown adults have such fears and inhibitions about who they are and what they can accomplish and how so many expect a handout instead of a hand up.  The majority are so darn blinded by their limiting beliefs that it's tragic.

I heard Dani Johnson, a national trainer and mentor for entrepreneurs state recently that there were 46 million Americans on food stamps.  She followed that up by saying, "This is the wildest thing to me.  The Nation that is 'home of the FREE and BRAVE?  It's time to stir our brothers and sisters of this nation to NOT settle for broke and mediocrity.  All things are possible!  Make the commitment to never return to broke again!".

I have to agree 100% with her.  I'm not against food programs and I think they serve a purpose.  However, I also know that many people who rely on government to care for them are not doing anything in forward motion to gain momentum to effect change.  Some are and I applaud them.  But most are not.  And it really gets my goat when I see people who have money to buy new ipads, smart phones, the latest and greatest computer game and new flat screens and turn around and use food stamps.  Just saying.  They complain about what they don't have yet they mooch off the government for food while they spend money on things that are seemingly important to them.  These are the same people who say they have not money to start an entrepreneurial endeavor that can really change their circumstances.  Go figure. 

Ok, I'll get off my soapbox but I'm not afraid to call it like I see it.  And here again, it's just my opinion and since this is my blog, I can say how I feel.

How refreshing would it be to witness conversations all over town where individuals are plotting and planning events, fundraisers, joint ventures that help others, the community and themselves.  Individuals can start home businesses on the cheap these days.  Meet up groups for support and inspiration are all over the place.  We can begin shift this doomsday, limiting perspective into one that actually celebrates the opportunities this "calamity" has presented.

The reality of the situation is that the structure of our larger global system is flawed and needs massive renovation. Would we have preferred it happened differently?  Of course we would. The painful byproducts of corporate irresponsibility, those who were guided by greed rather than the greater good of all mankind have touched us all in some manner.

 Celebrate the Opportunity and Time we Live in!

We exist in an age where the opportunity to communicate, connect and conduct business worldwide is not only possible, but exciting!  It has created a level playing field for everyone from every wealth class to have the same opportunity.  Of course there will always be classes of wealth, I do not argue against that.  But I would argue that they do not have to ignore the principles of mutual benefit. We all can prosper. It does not have to come at the expense of another human being.

The days of job security, promotion expectations, taking comfort and assurance for future provision in 401Ks or assumptions that because a company has been around for 75 years means it will be there another 75, are over.  Nothing like it used to be 50 years ago is like today.  Everything has changed.  Everything. 

And where does this leave us?  Exactly where we should be, reliant on ourselves.

Do you know what actually pulled us from the first depression, or the recession of 2001?  Entrepreneurs. Innovation. Risk takers. Half of our current Fortune 500 companies were started during a recession. What does this tell us? Well for one, sometimes its takes somebody skinning their knees a bit to get them stand up and do something different. Two, as the old adage goes; "every problem is an opportunity in disguise."

How we choose to approach this next chapter, will determine its shape. Fear and unrest, or excitement and positivity.  I hope you'll choose the latter.

How does one start that celebration process?   Find out in Part 2 of this discussion.

Be sure and leave me a comment.  I love to talk about this stuff and hear from you.


  1. says

    When I first met you nearly six years ago, I knew immediately that you were a BIG winner.
    Your message and discussion is very timely and needed by the majority of Americans, and in fact wrong headed "ringleader" type people worldwide.
    Thank you Debbie for being who you are, and for fighting the good fight of hope and prosperity, as you encourage many others to join in the celebration of the fantastic opportunities that life brings us in this amazing while sometimes difficult time to be alive.  
    Doomsday, I'm with you on that, and I simply say, no thanks to the invitation to be miserable.
    We ALL need to do our part, to be the best that God has given us the skill, talent and energy to be in this life, right here right now, as we inspire those around us by example, (as you do so wonderfully), and lead them to the higher planes that are absolutely achievable for them.
    Debbie, Thank you for being such a fantastic "doer" (not just a talker), and for leading the way to the better place that so many long for, yet need some help reaching.
    Bless you my amazing and lovely friend. 
    Take care,


  2. Debbie Turner says

    Rick, thanks so much for your words and friendship. Sometimes I worry about writing stuff like this because people may think I’m insensitive to their circumstances but really I want to push them to look deeper into problem solving and turning messes into opportunitites. We all have such great potential and the world is waiting for each of us to “show up” in their lives. I’ve had my share of disaster but keeping the eye and focus on what’s possible up ahead and not dwelling on things we can’t change has always proven to be a good move. The world is full of possibilities and oppportunities and there for the taking. You take care as well, :) Debbie

  3. Doug Macallister says

    I too agree with Rick's response and your 'rant'.  You have been the same steady, professional and directly honest person ever since I first met you online almost three years ago!
    You never hold back on telling it like it is.  I appreciate that and I know others do as well.
    How we responsibly handle both our personal disasters (everyone has their story) and our country/global problems is a sign of growth, character and willingness to change for the better.
    Have fun in Austin!!

  4. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Doug, you always bring a smile to my face. Glad you’re a pace setter of positive thinking and forward movement with me. And, Austin will be a hoot, I can’t imagine the fun we will have. Love to the family… Debbie

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