Dolphin Tale: A Message From Kids To Entrepreneurs

dolphin tale

Dolphin Tale:  A Message From Kids To Entrepreneurs

I admit it…..

I’m old fashioned in that I like good, clean family movies with happy endings. Bare body parts, cussing, violence, sex and horror just doesn’t cut it for me.  Never has, never will.  I’m a Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, kinda girl.

Having said that, I took my daughter, Ashley, to see Dolphin Tale and not only did we like it, but we came away with a few life lessons in business.

1)  Pursue something you’re passionate about and

2) Never give up on ideas and dreams.

Ashley is a sophomore in college studying psychology and her dream is to work with dolphins.  This made watching Dolphin Tale even more cool for her to see it.  The picture above is of Ashley at Discovery Cove for the Trainer for a Day program, a 16th birthday gift.  We’ve been encouraging her touch her dreams for years.

What I found ironic in the plot (which happens to be a true story by the way), were adults willing to call it quits in business rather than press through to find a solution to make it work.  (Sound familiar with entrepreneurs struggling in their home based business?)

In the movie unlike the adults, two 8 year olds put their heads together and came up with an idea to solve the business problem at hand and were ready to implement their plan immediately.

But like real life, they brought their ideas excitedly to the an adult only to have them shot down because “it just won’t work. It’s not possible.”

Are there people in your life that shoot down your dreams of entrepreneurship and tell you it’s not possible?

Do they tell you that because you’ve failed before, you can’t achieve in the future?

Worse yet, do you tell yourself that?

In the movie, there was truth to the “grown up” mindset in that the immediate response to the children’s ideas were “it’s not possible”, without even pondering the possibilities.  Grown up minds are so limited, so full of past experiences that convince them that no solutions are available.  It’s an automatic response.

I love a child’s excitement for solving problems because don’t see failure as a possibility and have no fears about playing all out.

Youth don’t understand risk of failure.  They just know they have a great idea and can easily see the vision of where they want to go, what they want to do and are ready to put their nose to grind and just make it happen.

Be like a child today and move toward your dreams!

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