Do You Dreamscape?


  Do You Dreamscape?

Dreamscaping… I love this stuff!

So… Today is Friday.  (Yeah for Fridays!)

People are happy because at 5:00 pm it’s time to go home to enjoy the weekend and relaxation will be officially underway.

This is a time where women kick off the high heals and men toss aside the suits and ties and chill out.

Break out the lounging clothes, the BBQ and the Friday night movie.

Everyone feels relaxed, there’s a slower motion about life and well… we just love the weekends.  It’s our time to renew, refresh and unwind.

(And dang… all too soon it’s Sunday night about 4 pm and we’re already feeling the stress creep back because in a few hours the alarm clock will go off screaming for you to GET UP AND GO TO WORK!)

Well, how about today we do a little dreamscaping and we don’t include that stinky old alarm clock.  This will be fun.

What the heck is dreamscaping?

Dreamscaping is imagining what your perfect day would be like if money and job were not in the equation.

Meaning you were financially secure enough that you could be anywhere and with anyone living your perfect day and there was no job or boss to get in the way because you worked for yourself.

Some call this daydreaming, and in a way it sort of is, but not as intentional as dreamscaping.

Dreamscaping is actually intentionally living your life in your mind as if you already live that life.  Additionally, you are living that life in extraordinary detail.  You hear sounds, experience smells, touch, emotions, see things in minute detail and noticing everything around you.

Here’s how you do this.

  • Get comfortable.
  • Turn off the phone and the TV.
  • Close down Facebook and any other distractions.
  • Find a place where you can close your eyes and fully relax.
  • Clear your mind.

Once you’re ready, imagine living your perfect day and having everything you want in life.

You are going to be visualizing the details.  As you go through your visual day, use all of your senses.

  • What do you see?
  • Who are you with?
  • What are you doing?
  • What do you smell?
  • What are you tasting?
  • What is your emotion?
  • How do you feel?


Start imagining from when you wake up.

Imagine the feeling of waking up when you’re fully done sleeping.  Feel how rested you are.

Feel the sheets against your body.

Who is next to you?

What sounds do you hear?

What time is it?

Do you smell coffee because you programmed your coffee maker to start brewing before you got up?

What do you do next?

You step out of bed.

What does your room look like?

Where are the windows, what’s on the walls and see the flooring.

What kind of closet do you have and what’s in there?



As your day goes on, who are you with?

What your doing for lunch?

How does it taste, and look?

Where are you and who are you with?

What are your activities?

What are your working on?

How long do you work?

Then go into your evening

Experience the entire day

Close it out your day by visualizing clear through falling asleep.

Why Dreamscaping?

These are the reasons, the underlying reasons, that people work hard to have success and things they want in life.  Too often one forgets their “why” and this brings what we want and how we want to live back on focus.

This exercise is how athletes win their races.  They visualize running the race.  They feel their body, they see the obstacles and overcome them.  They feel the sweat, their heartbeat, their push to the finish and coming across the line in first place.

Your business and what you want for your life requires you to go through the mental visualization of already having what you want.

If you try and build a business without a dream and a purpose, you’re going to be swimming up a creek.  Keep your dreams alive in your spirit and heart because it makes the work part easier and well worth it.

Try it.

Have a blessed day

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