Debbie Turner’s Affiliate Marketing Success Tips

keysandmoney-smallGet Real About Affiliate Marketing Success… It’s Not Get Rich Quick

Most people get started with Affiliate Marketing with unrealistic expectations that they will be making thousands of dollars a month within the first 3 or 4 months. Realize that affiliate marketing success is not going to happen overnight. It is going to take time and hard work to become successful and make money. You must be willing to learn, work hard, work smart, and stick with it. If you are commited to that journey, you can make the money you want from affiliate marketing.

Believe in What You Sell and It will Sell Itself

Be sure that you select your affiliate products you’re going to endorse and sell them carefully. This means that you have tried the products and that you have trust in them. If you try to sell affiliate products that you have never used, you may be trying to sell something that is not so great and won’t give you the conversions that you need.  Not only that, but you’ll loose trust and ground with your list that you’ve worked so hard to build.  You don’t want mud on your face. 

You may also have a hard time promoting a product if you aren’t interested in it and don’t exactly know how it works.  There’s nothing worse than getting a call from a loyal customers who saw that you recommended something and asked you questions about it and your only response is, “ah, I don’t know… I don’t own the product… I’ve never used it.”

Stay Current On Your Products

If a seller releases a new version of a product that you are selling or has sold in the past, then be sure that your readers are aware of it.   Staying current with all updates and upgrades to the product(s) you promote and on top of the latest trends can help you have affiliate marketing success and make more money long term. 

Your customers will love you for it and feel very well served.


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    I have tried Affiliate Marketing via Amazon affiliate program and i earn a good deal of profit from it. Just make sure you have lots of us, uk and canada traffic.

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    Hi Debbie, my first visit to your blog, looks very nice! Affiliate marketing is not easy as many people would like you to believe.I think the reason why many people fail with this is that they buy into these “make $100K by tomorrow – no work required – just push a button” scams. I think it would be easier to get a normal day job than doing affiliate marketing.
    .-= Tom Lindstrom´s last blog ..Aweber Review =-.

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    i am interested in earning money through Affiliate Marketing and i just joined amazon affiliate programs, clickbank and others. they say i need lots of US and UK traffic to earn decently on Affiliate marketing.

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