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Daegan Smith is teaching his Online Traffic Revolution

… and he's doing it LIVE on a webinar on Monday at 8 EST.
If you already know the quality of Daegan Smith's trainings and the crazy results he gets, you will want to go ahead and register right here, right now. 
Daegan did a training last week on email marketing and it was killer.   This one will be also and it's on the topic of traffic. 
Now if you don't know Daegan, (heck, even if you do because he's so entertaining!) you may want to read the email I just received this from him. I can vouch for him, he's one of the good guys.  He's got a Big heart to share everything he knows and pulls back the curtain of his own business to deliver the goods so you can succeed.
Check it out and come to the LIVE event Monday.  8 EST.


BELOW are Daegan Smith's Email Lessons LEADING
UP TO Feb 13th LIVE webinar


[OTR] Lesson #5:

"The Greatest Traffic Crisis Of All Times" (4 of 5)

The final chapter will be delivered live
tonight at 8pm EST. Register here:


This is the official final reminder.

On tonight's training I will reveal the
key to generating unstoppable traffic.

This event will NOT be replayed, and
recordings will only be made available
to registrants.



[OTR] Lesson #4:

"The Greatest Traffic Crisis Of All Times" (4 of 5)

"Online Traffic Revolution is LIVE!"
Yesterday's question stirred up a TON of

Remember it?

"What's the one unifying "tie" that
remains constant in both the micro world
of one to one selling and the macro
world our creating, owning, and
controlling industries?"

The answer to this question I just posed
to you IS the foundational principle of
marketing, and hence of wealth creation.

And we had several great guesses from
the group like:

Influence, conversion, the offer,
mindset, leverage, value transmission,
and many others.

And you know what, none of them are far
off, but they ain't it.

Before we're through here with this
lesson you'll have the answer to this,
the MOST important questions, you can
ask and intimately understand as a
marketer, but …

First lets continue our discussion
that's going to prepare you for
tonight's live training "The Online
Traffic Revolution"

Things are more different online today
than they've ever been, and change is
only happening faster and faster.

In our discussion we've been building up
to something big – today.

Something that will piss many of you
off, shock others, and certainly for me
…. it's not going to win me any
"fake guru" friends.

Recap …

Lesson #1: "Spend To Win"

Those who spend the most on lead
generation advertising have the most
successful businesses.

Lesson #2: "Diversify Or Die"

Those who diversify where they get
traffic from will create long term
stable and stress free profitable

Lesson #3: "Micro = Macro"

Those who win small first and then roll
out big dominate their marketplaces and
end up vacuuming in traffic and revenue
with the gravity of a "black whole"

In essence, lesson #3 IS the key to
unlocking the power of lesson #1, and
the stability of lesson #2.

Today's lesson is different.

It's different because it applies
specifically to the online marketing,
affiliate marketing, and home business

Ignoring it destroys businesses, or the
potential to create a business in this
industry (it almost destroyed me).

If you've had a feeling over the last
few years things have changed quickly,
that there is more confusion, more
information overload, more hype, less
reality, and just a general feeling that
someone's not tell you the whole story …

Then I want to confirm those suspicions.

You're right.

What I share here today will not be easy
to swallow, but you need to know what's
going on behind your back.

I first realized the depth of the issue
eating at the core of our industry when
I lived in Maui last year.

I had just come off one of THE best
promotional weeks I've ever had in my
business to that point, and "felt" as if
I was living the dream.

I mean, when you're just starting and
you see those guys "living the dream"
you never really think it's going to be
you, but there I was, living it.

I was on an emotional high.

I thought I had it all figured out.

I had just built a business from
scratch, as simple little idea called
"Maximum Leverage", and taken it from a
concept to a $128,000 per month business
is just under six months.

Off that success, I left for Maui from DC
and never looked back.

As I said …

Even when I got there, "things" just
kept getting better.

$80k weeks easier than I had ever had
them before, sun, beach, and all while
living less than a mile away from
marketing great Joe Sugarman (who I got
to meet).

An absolutely amazing upswing of events
in my life.

I can remember coming home from
Starbucks by the beach on South Kihei
Rd. after closing out that $80k week.

Heading back to the house to grab a
banna from the banna tree and take a nap
on the hammock, like I had done almost

This day though …

I decided to pull up my iPad while lying
in the hammock to check my email, and
that's where I saw it.

The email that changed everything.

6 months later, my $128k per month
business had dwindled down to less than
$16k, and the problem was I had more
than that in hard expenses monthly.

I was flirting with bankruptcy.

All because I had violated one of the
first three lessons I've shared with you
out of pure hubris.

How stupid I was.

It wasn't just my business that was
crumbling …

So was my personal life.

Never did I think I'd find myself in a
deep depression, but there I was.

If you've ever been there you know it's
the MOST helpless state of humanity.

I wouldn't wish that feeling on my worst

I couldn't look Kim in the face.

I felt too embarrassed and ashamed.

I was dying inside and I was killing
myself outside.

Never did I think I would fall victim to
substance abuse, but my depression had
brought with it, a pack a day smoking

I felt so isolated.

So scared.

So anxious.

So alone.

And what made it worse was when I looked
at that email that read:

"Your Google Adwords account had been
terminated …"

(And Adwords was where I was deriving
the vast majority of my profitable
traffic for that run – violation of
lesson #2)

And I tried to brainstorm what my next
move was.

I couldn't think of any.

I WAS supposed to be the traffic guy.

The guy that knew it all, yet here I was,
for the first time ever ….

Without a hint of a clue.

I called all my friends in the industry
and asked them how they were dealing
with the situation, and I generally got
one of 2 answers.

1. I'm exiting the online marketing
industry. It's getting to hard to
operate within.

2. I'm going to launch something to make
money now and worry about the core issue
later. I got payroll, and I have to pay
it somehow.

Neither of these answers are acceptable
"solutions" for the masses, both are self

They just don't even remotely address the
core issue.

Look, I understand you have to take care
of "home base", but what I saw as I
looked outwardly into the industry was
more than freighting.

Before I share what happens next, let me
just emphasize my position …

I have always been the guy everyone
comes to when things get tough, and here
for the first time when I didn't have
the answer and I asked for help, no one
had anything to share from behind the
curtain, but …

If you looked outward, and into the
industry, there was more activity than

Everyone "seemed" to be doing great.

More launches, more hype crap products
being put out through platforms like
clickbank, all selling "something," none
addressing a solution to what I now call
"The Great Traffic Crisis Of 2010".

On the other end of all this activity
was mass confusion, information
overload, and a growing distrust of
those in a position of influence in our
industry, and …

I can't blame anyone getting bombarded
with messages to "buy me" from people
selling faux solutions just to put money
in their pockets.

I wouldn't trust them either.

I grew more jaded and even withdrew
because what I saw outwardly in the
industry completely confirmed my greatest

No one, and I mean no one, had a
solution to the traffic problem.

Everyone was simply fighting for
whatever scraps where available to save
themselves, and that's when I realized it.

See, for years, maybe almost a decade
our market "lived" on the back of
industry greats like Google.

If Google gives us traffic then we can
make money.

Google was like THE traffic santa.

But what happens when the traffic santa
goes away?

We saw it.

Many businesses silently failed, and the
rest went looking for the next traffic

Some turned to search engine
optimization while others turned to
Facebook, and if right now, either of
these ARE the backbone of your business
I wouldn't be sleeping well at night if
I were you.

At any point the rug can be pulled from
under you.

The core issue that caused the traffic
crisis of 2010 was not one of access.

Anyone can access Facebook and set up a
PPC campaign.

Anyone can create an SEO site and get
some free traffic.

Access is NOT the issue, what is the
REAL issue is …


Meaning, ultimately you're not in control
of what's happening in your business.

At any time, Google or Facebook can deny
you traffic.

(BTW – Neither are your so called experts,
despite what they may have you believe.)

That does NOT create stability, it flies
complete violation of lesson #2.

The error our industry makes to this day
is we let big business control us.

Until we change, I fear the success
stories that I love to create, will only
grow fewer and farther in between.

Are we doomed to failure?

No, but we DO have to change, and I invite
you to join me tonight at 8pm, where I
will reveal in FULL, the details of the
coming "Online Traffic Revolution"

"The Online Traffic Revolution LIVE!"

Change is now.

I can't do what is necessary alone, but
together we can create an online world
where we can take control of our fate
back from business entities like
Facebook and Google.

Tonight's web meeting will be the marked
beginning of the next evolution of our
industry online.

Either join us HERE

Or … Get left behind.

I look forward to sharing how to create
endless and unlimited traffic for you in
your business today, and into the
unforeseeable future tonight.

I'll see you there live.

To the top,


P.S. What's the one tie that unites all
of marketing?

Two words: Human psychology.

It's the ONE constant in all of
marketing, no matter what level we
market at, we are always working with

Understand how "we think", and you
understand all of marketing.


[OTR] Lesson #3:

"The Traffic Black Whole"  [3 of 5]

Online Traffic Revolution is Live
Register Here

A couple weekends ago I was hanging out
in a bourbon bar in Austin Texas with a
few friends when outlaw Jessie Jameson
(and CEO of BetterNetworker.com) pulls
up to the bar and orders up a flight of

I call over to him …

"Hey Jesse, what were you guys up to

He says …

"Man Daegan, we just finished watching
some pretty heavy stuff on DVD. I can't
even really get into now, but you should
check out this movie called Black Whole"

Next thing I do is I pull out my trusty
iPhone, click the Amazon App button, and
within in minute "Black Whole" is on
it's way to my home in DC.

Fast forward a few days later …

The mail man knocks on the door and
delivers a box, and I get excited
because I know what's in it.

I rip it open, pull out the "Black
Whole" dvd and put it on the schedule
for viewing that night.

That night …

Work completed.

I settled into the couch and pop in my
new DVD.

I have no idea what to expect.

What I'm met with is a mathematician
sharing his insights on the nature of

It's compelling stuff, but what's most
important to our discussion, is that in
physics, as discussed on the DVD, there
are two worlds.

1. The very large

2. The very small

And to describe each mathematically so
we can understand them, there are two
different types of math that we use.

For the very large, we use an equation
made famous by Einstein called "General
Relativity" and for the very small we
use a probabilistic theory called
"Quantum Mechanics", and well …

The biggest enigma in the scientific
community for the last 40 years or more
has be uniting the two and finding the
"biggest" and "smallest" structures in

No one, yet, has been able to do this.

And well, the mathematician narrating
the documentary shared that the reason
this isn't possible is because there is
NO biggest or smallest, and before I get
to deep on you, let's apply why all this
matters to us in our online world.

5 years ago I gave a man named Carlos
$25,000 to teach me how he made
$5,000,000 per month online.

You know what happened after I learned
his secret?

Within 8 months, I had broken through to
have my first million dollar plus year.

Money well spent right?

BTW – I'll be showing you exactly WHAT I
did to create that level of accelerated
growth in my business live tomorrow

For it to be MOST useable for you
though, today, I'll be sharing with you
principle behind what I paid $25,000 to
earn millions from what Carlos taught me.

Physics and marketing aren't all that

In physics by understanding how to unify
the small and large we ultimate may find
our way to a deeper understanding of
existence, in marketing …

By finding the "tie" between influencing
our individual prospects and large
numbers of people, we unlock the secret
code do generating unlimited traffic and
insane levels of profit.

I paid $25,000 for two words.

Micro – Macro.

Here's the secret to unlimited traffic.

1. Focus on ONE key leverage point on
the microscopic scale in your business.
– The front end offer.

Get everything to convert like crazy.

I mean, you test, every email subject
line, every background color, ever price
point, etc, until …

What you sell converts on an insane

2. Roll out.

Start buying traffic everywhere.

3. Extreme growth and profitability.

This is where you dominate your
marketplace because you out convert
everything else, and what happens when
you have a funnel that earns more per
click than anything else?

Well …

Lets go back and apply lesson #1:

You get to spend more on traffic than
anyone else, so … you create a strong

Let's apply lesson #2:

You create an extremely stable business
because you CAN buy traffic everywhere
and your competitors can't.

So this lesson ….

Micro – Macro

Is the "key" to unlocking the true power
and potential of lessons #1 and #2.

As long as you can get these concepts,
when you meet live tomorrow night you'll
understand how to apply them to your
business in the real world.

That's why you've got to be there:

Register Here

Bluntly, those who are there with me
tomorrow night, will become the "King's
(and Queens) of their Industry."

The other side of the coin that I
haven't shared and will share with you
in tomorrow's email lesson, is, and …

Let me be 100% clear about this.

Tomorrow's lesson is the MOST important
lesson of our entire series.

For some, tomorrow's lesson will shock

For others, it will piss you off.

For those in the "know" that have been
trying to keep what I share tomorrow
secret, tomorrow's lesson will certainly
create a great deal of fear and anxiety.

And …

For me, I'll probably create a few
enemies by letting this dark "secret"

The gist of it is, recently …

There's been a HUGE marketplace shift
specifically in the home business and
online marketing worlds that, unless you
understand how traffic is changing in
2012 and beyond, will doom your business
to unavoidable failure.

Tomorrow you will understand why, but …

For now, as a bonus, I want to ask you a
question that will take today's lesson
priceless to you.

You'll understand this whole "Micro -
Macro" deal at level very few enjoy.

The question is simple.

"What's the connection between the micro
sales world of one to one selling and
the macro world of controlling

What's the constant in both the
infinitely tiny and infinitely large?

There may not be a unifying theory of
everything for physics, but there IS
one for marketing.

And knowing it unlocks the ability for
you to understand the TRUE nature wealth
creation and harness it's power to
generate revenue on call.

Remember in our last series where I
shared that in the entrepreneurial world
that the reason most new marketers fail
is because they strive for certainty in
results where there is none, where …

The pros understand that the ONLY
certainty in marketing is in the
principles through which your results
are derived?

Well this …

The answer to this question I just posed
to you IS the foundational principle of
marketing, and hence of wealth creation.

I want you to think about this question:

"What remains constant in both the micro
and macro worlds of marketing?"

Deeply because, if you get the answer
right you begin to understand it all.

Your business changes from trying to
just "recruit some people" or "find a
way to make a $200 as an affiliate per
month" to a world filled with infinity
curiosities and income as you please.

And in tomorrows final lesson I'll
reveal the answer …

See you then.

To the top,




[OTR] Lesson #2:

"The One Stream Of Traffic To Rule Them All" [2 of 5]


Online Traffic Revolution is LIVE

Register Here


Have you ever seen the movie the "Lord Of The Rings"?

If you haven't …

As you'd probably guess, it's about a
ring, but specifically "One Ring To Rule
Them ALL."

A ring so powerful is was both coveted
and feared.

A ring so powerful the world's fate
itself was dictated by it's destiny.

When I stepped int the JW Marriott down
on 14th street here in DC for that first
seminar, and I heard John talk about how …

He had taken one little idea and turned
it into a million dollar plus business
in 18 months, do you wanna to know the
first question that popped into my head?

"I wonder where he's getting all that

If I could just get that same traffic,
boy … I'd have it made."

It was a point of ultimate curiosity and
a tipping point reason I decided to pay
John $10,000 for a one day consultation.

I had to see.

I needed to know where the …

"The One Stream Of Traffic To Rule Them

Was hidden.

Before I share what I found out sitting
in the lobby of that LaQuinta on the
outskirts of Austin Texas looking into
the backend of John's business with
x-ray like precision ….

Let me share something that just
popped into my head.

Ever time I "found" a new multi
millionaire mentor along my path, my
primary question was always the same.

"Where's he getting all that traffic? I
gotta figure it out."

So …

Right now you might be wondering the
same thing about me …

"Where does this guy Daegan, who gets
(and has been getting) 100s to 1000s of
leads per day get all his traffic."

Today, I share that answer with you.

Abiding by this rule will set you free
for life.

Ignoring it could bankrupt you. (it
almost did me).

In fact, you know we've got this event
called the "Online Traffic Revolution"
coming up on Monday at 8pm EST and you
might be wondering why I'm calling it a

Is it hype?


It's NOT.

There's something brewing at the core
our industry that, if we don't man up
and fix, our industry won't exist

No more dreams of working from home.

No more dreams of making it big online.

No more goals like financial freed0m.

The possibility will NOT exist, if …

We don't fix this core problem, and to
be honest …

Just thinking about what's going on
pisses me of. (I know you don't get it
yet, but you will fully with Monday's
email lesson.)

If you want to witness the beginning of
something that going to change, for the
better, the very world within which we
live, be there Monday.

But I digress …

What I'll share this Monday night all
started in that LaQuinta Lobby in Austin.

I couldn't wait to see where John's
million dollar business traffic was
coming from, but I definitely didn't
expect what I saw.

It shocked me.

It was the EXACT opposite of what my
mind had anticipated.

I thought I was going to see a tsunami
sized wave of traffic and leads coming
from a source of traffic that I didn't
know about.

What I saw was …

100s of different sources of traffic,
all with a trickle of leads.

It didn't make any sense.

I asked John … "Why?"

And I specifically asked him, and I
remember this one vividly …

"Why not just use Google Adwords?"

John replied …

"Because I like to sleep good at night
Daegan, and no one sleeps well in one
dimensional business.

All these fake experts talking about how
their making so much moolah online and
how they're so smart are actually pretty

They have no perspective.

They think what is – is, and …

Will always be.

Me, having been in this game for about
15 years, I know all media changes, and
unless I diversify, my business dies."

Just like the lesson Randy had gave me …

"The most successful businesses are the
ones who spend the most on lead
generation advertising."

Has become a business discipline …

This new rule that John shared with me
has become a life lesson, and a life

Diversify or die.

Remember it.

Where do all my leads come from?

At any one time I've got leads
coming from 30 to 50 different sources.

(and I'll walk you through 30 or more of
them live, just as John did for me, but
without the $10k price tag, Monday


I like to sleep like a baby when I lay
my head to pillow at night.

Don't you?

My fear, and I'll share more of this
with you Monday, when I share my biggest
mistake, is no one gets this.

Everyone's looking for a traffic santa.

Everyone thinks about traffic like Frodo
and the rest think about the ring of power
in "The Lord Of The Rings"

There might be ONE ring of power, but
they're ain't no ONE stream of traffic
to rule them.

Keep searching for that Trojan Horse,
if you want, but …

If you're smart take this lesson that
cost me $10,000 that I share with you
freely, and make it a core business

Diversify or Die.

So, I'm curious, where are you getting
your traffic and are you diversified?

Stay tuned …

Tomorrow, I'm going to build from here
and show you a magic trick that turns
traffic into millions a month.

Lookout for this subject line in your
inbox "The Black Whole Of Traffic"

To the top,


P.S. Did you see this video yet?

Epic right.

daegan smith


[OTR] Lesson #1:

"The CORE Secret To Unlimited Traffic" [1 of 5]


There is one universal truth to traffic
that supersedes ALL else.

I'm fortunate that I learned it early in
the game.

I remember …

I had driven to Rock Creek Park one

I was contemplating "if" I'd keep doing
this crazy internet marketing thing, NOT
because I wasn't making any money, but …

Because I was SO stressed out.

As I listened to the sounds of that
summer day, and the slow trickle of
creek I prepped myself.

I was about to make a call that was
going to change my "little" hobby into a
REAL bonafide business.

I had put it off for months, but I
couldn't take it anymore.

Either I was going to make the call or I
was going to quit.

I clinched my teeth, picked up my phone,
and dialed the number …

The number itself was given to me by my
original traffic generation mentor, and
I'll share his lesson with you tomorrow.

Failing to abide by tomorrow's rule almost
destroyed my business.

Tomorrow's lesson is like the three
rules that the old store keeper in
"Gremlins" gave to the father who bought

Don't feed Gizmo after midnight.

Don't get Gizmo wet.

Don't expose Gizmo to the sun.

If you do …

Bad things happen.

Tomorrow lesson works the same way.

Standing there at the creek, smacking
the back my legs to kill the misquotes
eating me …

Somewhere between the second and third
ring a voice answered on the other end
and said …

"Hello, this is Randy."

I said …

"I need your help. Can you handle my
customer support?"

That exchange was the exact moment two
things happened …

1. My hobby turned into a true business.

2. I made a valuable new best friend.

Randy ran customer service and still
does to this day (just do a search for
Shieff Services) for many of the worlds
best direct response marketers.

A perk that I would come to love.

A perk that would ultimately teach me the
MOST valuable lesson about traffic I can
pass on to you.

Randy took over my customer service and
we became friends that first year.

Somewhere towards the end of that year I
decided to fly out to San Marcos Texas
and visit his home base and my support

I should have made that trip FAR

Not for the reason you think.

But, because …

His office was a goldmine.

Filled with the best offline direct mail
pieces in the world.

You better believe I studied them.

Randy would give me few "nixies" here
and there.

I'd take them home, and add the best of
it to my own marketing.

To this day ….

I still have a special place in my heart
for direct mail.

And it was on that first time out to San
Marcos that Randy shared something that
I will remember for the rest of my life.

He said …

"Daegan, you know I see the back end of
many of the best direct response
businesses on the planet and do you want
to know the ONE ultimate truth I see?"

I said …


He replied …

"The best, most profitable business,
are the ones that spend the most on
their lead generation advertising."

So simple.

So true.

I've lived by phrase and always will.

If there's one ultimate truth to
traffic, it's …

"He or she who can spend the most wins"

Which I want you to remember and ponder
as this question:

"How can I afford to spend more money on
my advertising than anyone?"

Will make the magnitude of the tomorrows
lesson felt fully.

Tomorrow, we build a foundation of long
term stress free traffic with lesson #2.

I almost bankrupted myself for NOT
abiding by it at one point in my

It's that important.

To the top,


P.S. Seats the the business altering
"Online Traffic Revolution" web meeting
we're holding this Monday at 8pm EST are
going fast.

Don't forget to register yours here:

Share this message with anyone you know who needs it.

daegan smith


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