Creating a Strong Call To Action In Your Marketing

It's no secret, people like being told what to do. 


Am I crazy!?

No silly, not like being bossed around, but rather given a series of action steps to accomplish a goal in your marketing.  You want people to take action, do you not?

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You are the "DIRECTOR" of your marketing. 

  • You control the content.
  • You control who it's going to.
  • You also want to control what your visitor to your marketing does after they're finished.

You already know your marketing should be targeted to people who have a problem to solve and you have a solution.

For example…

If you are offering a home based business, your target audience will be people who need to find a solution to making money from home.

If you're offering weight loss products, your target audience will be people looking to lose weight and feel better.

If you're offering lawn care services, your target audience will be those who have lawns and wish to outsource.

If you're offering a real estate services, your target audience will be buyers and sellers of real estate.

When you create any of your marketing content, it will be to provide value to demonstrate that you're the expert they are looking for and then a call to action.  Their next steps.

What is a call to action?

A call to action gives your reader or listener the "what to do next."

And that will be determined by what you want them to do. 

Do you want them to …..

  • Register for a webinar?
  • Subscribe to your list?
  • Buy your product or service?
  • Watch a video?
  • Read an article or blog?
  • Pick up the phone and call you?

Whatever it is, you want to be very clear, give precise instructions and go so far as to give them a 3 step process.


A 3 Step Process With "Next Steps"

For example, let's say you want them to watch a video.  Your 3 step process will look something like this:

Here's what you want to do NEXT.

Step 1:  Click on the big red button below that says "Watch Video Now"

Step 2:  Put in your name and best email in the form you'll see.

Step 3:  Click the submit button.

This will take you to the 29 minute video that can change your life.

I'll see you on the other side.



Did you see how complete and easy to understand what it was you wanted your visitor to do?  It's not that we're treating adults like children.  It's the way our brains are wired.  All our lives we've been told what to do…

  • Get up, brush your teeth and take a shower. 
  • Get dressed, make your bed and come down for breakfast.
  • Go to school, study hard and get a good job.
  • Do the dishes, wipe off the table and sweep the floor.
  • Rent a DVD, grab the popcorn and watch the movie.
  • Seal the envelope,  address it and put it in the mailbox.

We understand "what to do next" in all areas of our lives. 

So while your ad may be very good or your blog content is very good or your video is very good, if you leave it at just "good" with no 'call to action', it will just be good and people will click off your marketing, your website, your video and move on. 

Take your readers by the hand and tell them what to next!

call to action in blogging


This is very important in marketing because you're marketing to what?… make money.  

And before you can make money, you need to take your prospect by the hand and lead them down a path for them to get all the information and make a decision.    That's all your doing here with your Call To Action.  Giving action steps that lead to the result you are seeking.

Studies have shown that when you give a Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 "what to do next", the response is significantly higher and therefore, more results are produced.


Blogging and Video Examples -

Let's look at blogging and video for examples and I'll show you two different calls to action.

The "Just for Fun" Blogger and Video Maker

There are many bloggers and video makers out there who just love to write, make videos, share their life and ideas and they have no intention of making money.  In fact, the word 'blog' is short for Web Log where in originally people kept a log of what they were doing… very much like a diary.  And people love to get on YouTube and do the same thing.

Someone who is blogging and making videos just for fun and has no interest or expectation of making money through their production efforts may end their blog post or video by saying something like this:

I'd really like to hear what you think.  Please leave me a comment and let's start a conversation… Looking forward to mixing it up and hearing your take on (whatever the subject matter is).

This person is only seeking interaction and community.  They are there for engagement and relationships.

On your Make Money Blog or video channel, you can ask your visitors to leave a comment and interact but you want to be careful how many directions you give them.  If you're purpose is to make money, let's make money.

The "Make Money" Blogger and Video Maker

If you have a money blog or video channel, meaning, your purpose for blogging and making videos are to make money, a better call to action might be something like this:

Here's what I want you to do next.

Step 1:  Click on the big button below.

Step 2:  Fill out the form (you'll put your name and best email in)

Step 3:  Click on the SUBMIT button.



Which Call to Action Is Stronger?

When you give a call to action and you tell someone what to do when your end result is to build your business and you want your visitor to take action?


"Hey, click this link and I'll see you on the other side


Step 1:  Click on the big button below.

Step 2:  Fill out the form (you'll put your name and best email in)

Step 3:  Click on the SUBMIT button.

If you tell people what to do, it will get absorbed a lot better and repeat the command of what you what you want them  to do  AND3 times AND give people 3 steps in the command to do something.

Notice I gave Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3.   This takes your reader through the process and guides them step by step.  That's what your readers need from you to help them make a decision.

So call to action #2 is the best way to give a call to action if you're blogging for money.


Would You Like To Make Money Blogging?

Maybe you have an interest and wouId just like to make some extra money on the side while talking about things you're passionate about. 

Or maybe you want to kick up your business and get more leads and sales from that?

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I know it can be hard to believe that you can make money without having a product you own and you're blogging about things like sports, cooking, childcare, scrapbooking, hiking or outdoor adventures.. stuff like that.

But people do it everyday…. EVERYDAY. 

make money bloggingSo, think about this.

Let's say for example, you love football.  How would it feel to be able to make money while you share your love of football on your blog?

Yes, get paid to talk about football!

That would be totally cool, right?

I mean, you are already talking about the coaches you love and hate, the teams you cheer for, the teams you think should close up shop and who you think will win the next game and get to the Super Bowl. 

You know players, stats and football history.  You just love it.  It's what you to do relax, to make your life more enjoyable and gives you some fun entertainment. 

Well, blog about all these things on a sports blog, or football themed blog and if your blog is configured to make money (meaning you have banner ads on them), you'll make money while you just focus on blogging about football.

Sports not your thing but cooking is?

Maybe your one of these people who can get in the kitchen and whip up a dish to die for just using leftovers in the frig.  You have family recipes and ones you've created that the world should know about.  Or you're experimenting and keeping a blog diary. 

You love to cook and while you blog about recipes and tips and tricks to serving up kick butt eats, you get paid.

That's just fun!  (and cool)

Get Paid Talking About What You're Up To

No reason you can't blog about what you love to do and talk about it AND get PAID for it.

So here's what you need to do now to see how we make money blogging.

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After you watch it the video, you'll be ready to join and your blog will be instantly created and set up for you.  Login and just start blogging about whatever you're passionate about. 

I have lots of ideas we can kick around so be sure and hit me up after you get started.  I'm happy to help you discover what you want to blog about.

Looking forward to hearing from you and having you a part of our blogging team!


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