Corporate Responsibility Jobs vs. Network Marketing

corporate responsibility jobsAre corporate responsibility jobs really the solution for long term security?

I'm actually wondering if not only the corporate responsibility jobs but ANY and ALL positions inside this arena are secure in these days and times. 

While I've never worked inside corporate, I believe I've seen and heard enough through various media sources and in talking with friends who are, that I'm pretty darn sure it's not the golden ticket for long term security. 

Let me put it this way.  There's nothing I see or hear that makes me say, "gosh, I wish I'd have pursued the corporate responsibility job route."

If you're reading this, it's likely you are in a corporate responsibility job or are heading there so feel free to leave me a comment below to enlighten and educate me in terms of what it's really like. I'm always up for a good discussion.

Corporate Responsibility Jobs: Being Paid For What?

In doing my research to learn more about various corporate responsibility jobs, I came across several articles and it seems like in order to function well in that industry, one needs to be prepared to tackle stress, daily problems, and attempt to manage a life-work balance. 

Sounds like fun?   I understand that the position one undertakes in this role is critical to the overall success of the company and someone's got to do it. 

But in reflecting on your life, do you truly enjoy waking up each morning with life's challenges being what they are to deliberately head into that for another 10-12 hour day of solving problems?  Maybe you do.  Maybe that's your calling and your destiny.  And if so, good for you.  I applaud you.

If not, have you thought about doing something different?  Just tossing it out there.

I was also looking at the pay scales which seemed to range anywhere from $70K – $140K.  In reality, that's not a lot of money.  Meaning, $140K -$160K doesn't go far these days, especially with a family of teenagers and for the work and time that's required. (Comparing to the 6 figure income I earn from home through entrepreneurship).

As for myself, I come from a background of being a legal assistant followed by 13 years of real estate so the income, responsibility and stress I can totally relate to.  I also understand overtime, canceling family plans, being overtired and going through burnout. 

But here's what really threw me for a loop…. 

I thought I was 'safe' in the real estate field. 

I answered to myself, kept my own hours, and life was grand. corporate responsibility jobs

That was until the market crashed and the economy handed me a pink slip. 

I would be curious to know your situation. 

As a corporate person,  are you sensing and feeling 'safe?'

Or, are you a bit anxious about seeing unexpected pink slips being handed out in the office and walking on egg shells wondering if circumstances will dictate that you're next to go?

I do know for me that when I found myself scratching my head as to what to do next, I was in dire straights. 

You know what they say…. make lemonade from lemons, and that was exactly what I did.  

I had to change careers completely. 

I didn't want the stress or be put in a position that this would ever happen to me again.  One go-around is enough.

I turned to the internet to find ways to make money using my laptop, which I did, and later got into network marketing.  The learning curve wasn't so fun at first, but I discovered when you align yourself with team of entrepreneurs, it's simple.

Life-Work Balance? 

Looking at my life today and comparing that to when I was running around town showing properties and trying to keep deals together, I see now how stressful and problematic my career was.  I also understand life-work balance.  So while I didn't work for corporate, I understand some of the same challenges.

Having said that, however, I learned that those seeking corporate responsibility jobs have it worse. 

I discovered through this video by Eric Worre, that when working inside of corporate you either "hide" so you don't rock the boat or you go after your career aggressively and risk it all. 

You tell me, is Eric right?

Here's what Eric Worre says regarding corporate responsibility jobs….



Is pursuing a corporate responsibility job your heart passion?

If so, of course go after it with all you've got.  You only get one chance to live your dreams.

On the other hand, if it's not your heart passion, I challenge you to follow your heart.

And, I have to ask… do you have an ounce of entrepreneurship in any fiber of your being? 

If so, you may want to consider network marketing where you are in control of your future and destiny.

You decide when and where you work and how much you make.

You're a free spirit and being a free spirit feels good, I have to say.

Network marketing can provide the time and financial freedom as well as long term security. 

So, am I planting a seed for you to think about it?  Yes.  Here's why.  I challenge people to get out of their own way, out of their comfort zone and into dream space where they can create the life they truly want.

Here's the reality…

If you're qualified for a corporate responsibility job, you are more than qualified to work for yourself from home in the network marketing industry.  You already enjoy dealing with people, you're a leader, you're not afraid to take on a challenge, put in the work and hours and have proven you're dependable and committed to see projects through.

You're performing these skillsets building someone else's dreams.  You're a player being outsourced to make your boss richer.  Why not build your own empire?

Just food for thought.  

Going Full Time In Network Marketing

corporate responsibility jobs

If you have a job right now, I sure wouldn't quit and go into network marketing full time.  However, you can get started on the side and within a 6 months or so, depending on how aggressive you are, it's possible for you to be in a position to have replaced your corporate responsibility job income.  Keeping your job until you are at replacement income levels will allow you to make the transition smoothly and keep the anxiousness away.

Here's my network marketing business if you're at all curious.  It's light and fun with 3 young men as owners who bring innovation and marketing genius by understanding how people behave to the business.  The product  caters to the health and wellness industry.  If you're interested, give me a call and I'll get you on a three way with an engineer who went full time in about 5 months.

If it doesn't resonate with you, then that's fine too.  I'm really a pusher of people following their dreams and going after everything they deserve and letting go of the red tape and politics of their jobs.  Whatever you go after in life, I'd be happy to be your biggest cheerleader.

Leave me a comment and let's talk about this.  I'm very interested to hear from those of you holding down corporate responsibility jobs letting me know how stable it is these days.  Maybe I have the wrong perception and I'm certainly willing to change my views based on conversations you and I may have.

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  1. says

    I am currently working in the corporate world as a student loan debt counselor, AND I work part time on my Internet Network Marketing business, so I know exactly what you are talking about when it comes to the difficult learning curve when just getting started online as a business owner. I also know that Network Marketing is the BETTER way to go. (I will be so glad when I earn enough in this industry to quit my J.O.B. (Just Over Broke)!)
    Thank you for sharing this post! Eric Worre's video is spot on. The politics played in the corporate world can get ugly. Just sayin'.
    Let's hope that everyone reading this post will be enlightened to the way to true wealth. No one is "safe" in the corporate world. No one. Network Marketing is the way to go. And the company you have aligned with is changing A LOT of people's lives!
    Much continued success to you,

  2. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Juli…

    So glad to hear from you… someone who is involved with corporate. I so appreciate you sharing your experience and confirmation that what I was hearing and seeing is spot on. Do you see others in your industry following the network marketing alternative? Or, are you seeing that they keeping the status quo?

    Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing.


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