Complaining, Comparing and Competing: Good or Bad?

For the sake of this blog post…let's say things aren't going so well….people are moving ahead of you… and you're working around the clock to 'keep up with the Jones'" so to speak.

When managing and growing your home based business, is there ever a good or bad time to complain, compare yourself to others and compete against others? 

No… Let's look real quick at why.  And then at the end of this post I've listed 5 things you can do to help yourself stop doing these things that are hurting yourself and your business.


The act of complaining embeds the problem deeper in your subconscious where it sets root and escalates it to a greater problem in your reality.    It does absolutely no good to complain.  Of course we should expect situations and problems to arise, but just like anything else we encounter in our lives, we want to respond with positive action, not negative energy.

As an entrepreneur, you want to immediately go into "solution" mode.

So you encounter a problem.. "BAM!"…. immediately go into solution mode.  Start making a list of all the ways to solve the problem. 

In this way, you focus on the solution and not the problem.  Keep your end result in front of you at all times. 

Complaining only keeps you focused on the problem and you won't get anywhere.

Being in control of your responses and behaviors to problems and negative situations is a habit of the successful people. 

Comparing Yourself To Others

It's almost a given that every new home business owner start immediately to compare themselves to others who are having success.

Not only is this not practical to do at all but makes absolutely no sense. 

How on earth can a brand new person to the home entrepreneurship industry compare themselves to someone who's been involved and working their business and already 'paid their dues' with struggles and head banging before they achieved what they have?

On the other flip of the coin, perhaps 2 individuals start around the same time and one stays in struggle mode while the other seems to take off.  Why is that?

No two people are the same.  They come to the table with past experiences, skillsets, budgets, beliefs about their success and money.  They will each operate from those life experiences.  No two lives and experiences are the same and so it's natural that there will be different results at different speeds. 

What you want to do is stay focused on what you need to do to move yourself forward and be happy for the those who are already on the path ahead of you. 

Always stay grounded in yourself, your goals, your journey.  We are each responsible for our own thoughts and actions which lead to the end results. 

Competing Against Others Outside of a Friendly Affiliate Competition

There's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.  Oftentimes you'll see this with various product launches and affiliate programs.  I'm not talking about that.  When you compete in a friendly manner for the purpose of having fun, it's okay.

However, if you constantly are completing with others who seem to do better than you,  you are taking your focus off of you and your business and personal development growth and putting it on someone else.  You will have what you focus on, that being the feelings of "Not being good enough."  This leads you frustration, defeat and you never gave yourself a chance to flourish.

To stay healthy in business, don't complete.  Don't compare yourself to others and don't complain.

If you stay away from these three things, you will find yourself more at peace with yourself, accepting your journey and move forward at your pace.

Focus on your own goals and personal growth.

5 Tips To Help You Overcome These Bad Habits

1)  Have clearly defined goals for yourself and break those down into daily action steps.

2)  Work your daily action plan and know that consistency will get you to where you want to be.

3)  Remove any distractions and bright shiny objects that will come and bit you in the butt, namely the person/people you are comparing yourself to.  If you can't help yourself but to read or watch them and you find yourself getting in a bad mood about it and you can't handle it, unsubscribe. 

4)  Bathe yourself in personal development.  Your business is your MINDSET.  Focus and work on yourself harder than anything you've ever done before.

5)  Be very aware of your thoughts and words.  The moment you find yourself comparing, competing or complaining… stop.  Regroup, refocus and move on.  It's a habit you'll need to break.  Be committed to being a better you through the practice of this personal development technique.

You are good enough right now where you're at.  Start from that point.  Set your goals where you to be and create your gameplan for getting there.  Work your plan and celebrate the little steps all the way. 

I'm cheering for ya!


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