Change for a Dollar

change for a dollar

Have you seen Change for a Dollar?

This is a perfect time of year to remind ourselves what a few coins (change for a dollar), and a lending hand can mean to so many people.  The "ripple" effect of doing something nice for someone which may seem insignificance to us… can mean the most to others.

Sometimes we think the little things in life don't matter.   In fact, oftentimes we believe that our spare change can't mean anything of any significance to anyone.

What if all of us decided to gather our spare change together …. just think what we could do!   What if started a movement and everyone just gave a few coins to the cause.  Oh, the lives we could impact!

Enjoy this video and ponder about what we all can do to enrich the lives of so many.


Please leave your thoughts and comments… I love hearing from you!

And Merry Christmas!


  1. Anna Maria Alongi says

    OMGoodness…I had to grab a tissue…so moving… loved how that penny came such a full circle and how the main theme is GIVING. you were right…perfect message for this time of year.

  2. Debbie Turner says

    Anna Marie… Right? I had to pull out a tissue too. It shows that even those who really don’t have anything to give can be blessed and receive so much by doing so little…. by doing what we can. Very humbling and inspiring. Thanks for your comment!

  3. says

    Great video illustration of what is possible. We have soooo much to be thankful for.  We should all find a way this holiday season to commit a random act of kindness for someone less fortunate…so many people are hurting and in need.

  4. Debbie Turner says

    Hey Larry… you have such a big heart…one of the biggest I know. Random acts of kindness…. yes. We do have much to be thankful for. Let’s carry the spirit all year long. ~ Debbie

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