Is Your Inspiration Keeping You Too Busy To Work? Sounds Weird, I know.

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Is Your Inspiration Keeping You Too Busy To Work? Sounds like a weird sentence doesn’t it? But here’s what I’m talking about. You’re working from home and nobody’s telling you to have XYZ done before 5 pm when the doors close or else. Because of the freedom you have as a home based, stay in […]

When You Want It Bad Enough You’ll Do It

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    When You Want It Bad Enough You’ll Do It I was in middle school.  My youth pastor and his wife both had such beautiful eye colors and when I asked about them, they told me they wore contacts. My response was, “I would NEVER put anything in my eyes!  Doesn’t that hurt?“ I could not […]

Powerful Gratitude Practice You’re Not Doing

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How are you doing on your grateful state? Are you taking time everyday to be grateful for everything in your life? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for us here in the United States and for many, it’s a time to give thanks for what they have that oftentimes goes unrecognized the rest of the year. You’ve heard that being […]

What Moves You To Tears And Passion And Purpose?

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Hello my friends and readers and visitors… If nobody has told you today that you are awesome, you are beautiful, you are powerful and you are loved… I will tell you. YOU ARE! So whats inside of you that moves you to tears… feeling your passion and understanding your purpose and destiny? Tears are often […]

7 Tips To Help You Believe In Yourself


  You truly are more powerful…. … can do more things…. ….can impact more lives, including your own… … than you believe you can. I've spoken publicly and privately to more people than I can count and what I encounter through words, body language and sometimes tears, are sad.  We live in a world where […]