Government Shutdown. You Have Choices.

government shutdown

Government Shutdown.  You Have Choices. Hey friends, just a few thoughts on the news. Today is Tuesday, October 1, 2013 and for 800,000 employees, they are wondering ‘now what’?  Hopefully this will be resolved quickly and they’ll be back to work in a flash, but what would happen to these families if something didn’t go […]

Jim Cramer’s Mad Money Two Thumbs Up for Network Marketing


I'm always amazed at the ignorance of so many people when they cry pryamid scheme the moment they become aware of anyone marketing anything through a home based business model.  The direct sales and network marketing industry has always gotten a bad rap mostly because those who have attempted to make money, have failed. But that […]

6 Tips Network Marketers Can Learn From Frugal Billionaires


I ran across this article today posted by Yahoo Finance and written by Jean Folger and found it quite interesting. There's quite a bit of hype in the network marketing industry in terms of advertising.  You see images of hot red sports cars, mansions, yachts, diamonds and stacks of money piled high.  I wonder what […]

Recession Proofing your Family Starts with a Home Based Business Idea


  Friends…. Recession proofing your family is not in relying on the job.  Hopefully you have seen enough in your life to know that that’s the truth. So the question you may want to ask yourself is what to do about it so that your family comes up smelling like roses no matter what the […]