I Rebelled Against The Corporate System And Found Lifestyle

2012-10-05 06.35.26

  From corporate to lifestyle…. (See My Video Below) Seems like years ago… yet also seems like yesterday… I was sitting in a cubicle where I prepared briefs and documents for the attorney’s I worked for. I was meeting with clients, taking affidavits, receiving evidence and monitoring a very tight calendar of deadlines. I loved my […]

There’s No Recession Online

Online Shopping. Couple Using Credit Card to Internet Shop

THERE’S NO RECESSION ONLINE.   IF YOU THINK THAT PEOPLE ARE NOT SPENDING MONEY, THINK AGAIN! There has NEVER been a more exciting or better time in history than right now to start creating the e-lifestyle you want and doing it by using your laptop and phone! The opportunities set before you are tremendous and […]

Government Shutdown. You Have Choices.

government shutdown

  Today is Tuesday, October 1, 2013 and for 800,000 employees, they are wondering 'now what'?  Hopefully this will be resolved quickly and they'll be back to work in a flash… but what would happen to these families if something didn't go right? And in the meantime, their family bills still need to be paid, […]