Government Shutdown. You Have Choices.

government shutdown

  Today is Tuesday, October 1, 2013 and for 800,000 employees, they are wondering 'now what'?  Hopefully this will be resolved quickly and they'll be back to work in a flash… but what would happen to these families if something didn't go right? And in the meantime, their family bills still need to be paid, […]

Pounding the Phone or Having an e-Lifestyle


If you are looking for way to make money using the internet, do you really want to hear about pounding the phone and prospecting all day?  If you're anything like me, no. Let me say upfront, there's two ways to approach your business.  Prospecting and phone pounding OR automation and answering final questions. I've done […]

Are You Slave To The Dream You’re Selling?

empower network

The title says it all… Are You Slave to The Dream You're Selling?  WATCH THE VIDEO/AUDIO BELOW…. SCROLL DOWN…BUT READ AS YOU GO Money makes things easier but it takes something much bigger to be fulfilled.  Things worth getting out of bed in the morning for: Purpose in life Meaning in life Family and Friends […]