Experience God’s Faithfulness In Receiving Your Dreams


God Is Faithful To Our Dreams Lifestyle and faith go hand in hand. How can we get to the lifestyle we truly want, develop our entrepreneurial venture and share our passions in a meaningful way IF we don’t have faith to see it through? We all have goals and dreams in our hearts.  And yet […]

Does God Give Permission For Financial Success?


  Does God Like You Better…. BROKE? This is the question on the back of one of my favorite books, "Pray and Grow Rich" by Richard Gaylord Briley.  He finishes this sentence by saying… Or might God really want you to be a success?  BETTER PUT THIS BOOK DOWN NOW — if you really think […]

How To Not Live A Default Life

default life

I remember as a little girl, I used to lay on the front lawn of the house and look up into the sky on a cloudy day. I’d use my imagination and find things in the clouds by the way they were formed.  Remember doing that? I’d see clouds in the forms of an elephant, […]

6 Spiritual Principles For Manifesting Your Best Life

spiritual principles

Whether you are seeking spiritual principles for manifesting your best life, or whether you believe you’re not being spiritual about it… you are implementing God’s creation in your life whether you know it or not. We’ve all heard about and/or read The Secret, where we are taught that if we can only visualize what we […]

Wisdom For Success- Your Product is a Portal by Mark Hoverson

global resorts network

Wisdom Of Solomon Are You Blessing Your Customers? Mark Hoverson has been a mentor and dear friend of mine for years.   Here's we are pictured above hanging out by the pool and fireside at his house in Arizona.  His wife Shannon in the middle.  Mark and I met at an internet marketing conference in Minnesota the […]