Business Automation Through Autoresponder Leverage


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Business Automation Through Autoresponder Leverage

If you’re anything like me when I was first introduced to online marketing, I could not, for the life of me, figure out how people were able to generate income around the clock.

I’d hear people say, “I made money while I slept“.

I’d just scratch my head because I couldn’t figure it out.

Don’t get me wrong.  I wasn’t gullible.  I mean, I totally understood the whole “make money while you sleep” for big stores like Amazon™ or an online shopping store.  I knew people made purchases using the internet all the time and because of all time zones, heck yeah… I get that.  I shopped online all the time.

That’s not where my confusion was.

My confusion was how an average, everyday Mom and Pop with a home based business selling health products, or a travel membership, or their crafts, were making money while they slept.

See the difference?

Big box store vs. the grandma next door.

Anyway, what I did know for darn sure, was that I was going to figure it out!

As it turned out it was so simple, it’s laughable.

And that’s what I want to share with you today.

It’s not magic and it IS real.

In fact, if you’re reading this right now, it’s highly possible I sent you an email, you clicked on the link and here you.

Maybe not.  Maybe you were surfing my blog or you Googled “how to automate my business”.  Nonetheless, you’re here and I’m going to introduce you to a critical component to ANY business.

It’s all about a simple, super inexpensive tool that allows this make money while you sleep thing to happen.


Email Automation in Business

The tool is called an autoresponder.  It’s about $20 a month and automates how you stay in touch with everyone who has taken an interest in what you offer as a business.

It’s this autoresponder that works around the clock on behalf, not only when you sleep, but 24/7/365.

It doesn’t complain.

It’s always on time.

It never takes a sick day.

Really…, it’s what will free you up to live your life and manage your business.

It’s how you can create what the industry calls a ‘marketing sales funnel’ or  a ‘sales process’ that ALL of your prospects get moved through so you’re making cash while you’re eating dinner, watching a movie, hanging out with your kids, kicking back on the beach and yes, while you sleep.

When I learned about this automation for my business, it was one of the biggest light bulb moments, it all made sense, I was excited about it and it changed everything for me.

I know it will for you too.

As I’ve coached teams for industry leaders, as well as my own new business partners, I’m always surprised at how many network marketers and home based business owners still do not use this tool.

It’s not from disinterest however, rather it’s from just not understanding and grasping this critical component to their business.

So critical in fact, without it, you’re really don’t have an online business.

So critical in fact, that when you retire and sell your ‘online business’, it’s based on this ONE factor.  Your list.  You only have a list if you build one over time using your autoresponder.

Even offline brick and mortar businesses needs it.

Every home based business needs it.

Everyone who has a coaching or professional services business needs it.

It’s how our businesses stay in contact with our customers.

Automation for the Brick And Mortar Businesses

how to start a list for my business

Let’s say you have a brick and mortar store.

You’re having a sale coming up and you have about 2,600 people in your data base on an excel spreadsheet who have signed up with pen and paper to be on your physical mailing list.

2,600 pieces of mail, the print, the postage… how much are you spending just to inform your customer base of your sale?

It’s not feasible.

It’s old school, yet I know stores who still do that today!

Now, take that same list and let’s say you have entered the names and emails into your autoresponder.  You create one email or brochure that tells your subscribers all about the sale coming up and you can even include a coupon.

You then press a button that says “send” and every one of your 2,600 customers receives the notice of your store sale into their inbox.



And the cost?


Other than your small $20 monthly fee for the use of the tool.

Automation in your Home Based Business

automation in your home based business

Your online network marketing / MLM / direct sales business works the same way that the brick and mortar does in terms of building and maintaining a list of people interested in their products and services.

The only difference is people are joining your email list through a capture page online.

People are joining the big box stores’ email list at a cash register at checkout when the clerk asks them for their email and permission to add them to receive store specials.

Automation Builds the “Know, Like And Trust” Factor

People choose to be on your customer list to learn about ways to market, to learn about your business opportunity, to be inspired and motivated, to learn more about you, to be invited to live events and to learn about your tools and resources.

If you don’t have an automation tool where you can continually be present with your customers, and continually provide them with this information, you can’t grow your business.  It just won’t happen.

I’m not saying you won’t make a few sales, but you’re not going to see the growth and consistent income you’re seeking.

Just like when you receive and read emails from the individual who’s list you are on…

and as you hear their voice…

and see their face in videos…

and as you discover more about their values …

which determines to what extent you feel you know, like and trust them…

…the same will be true of those who join your email list.

When your customers need a solution to a problem you want them to think of you.

When they need a tool or resource, you want them to come to your blog and get it.

When they desire to change their network marketing product, you want them to join you.

Be On Their Mind!

In order for that to happen, you must be in touch frequently with them.

Give them the gift of YOU.

Go make a difference and share your value, your experiences in business, and the tools you use that make building your business easier.

Sending A Broadcast Email

email marketing in business

You want to be able to create an email and hit a button to “send” and have it go to everyone on your subscriber list.  How awesome is that?  It beats sending 2,600 separate emails which truthfully, is not doable.

So how this works is you literally log into your Aweber autoresponder account.  Pull up the list you want to send your message to and create a message.

  • Maybe it’s a new blog post you wrote.
  • Maybe it’s a new training you put together.
  • Maybe it’s announcing a webinar.
  • Maybe it’s a new tool that helps them in their business that you just found out about and it’s on sale for 80% off.
  • Maybe it’s a sale you’re having.
  • Maybe you’re traveling in a city and you want to get together with anyone from your list for networking.

Whatever your message is, that you want to send out immediately, it’s called a broadcast message.  It’s different than a pre-programmed email which I talk about below.

Automatic Pre-Written Follow Up Emails

How to automate my business

Your autoresponder is a business lifestyle tool my friends.  Here’s how it works.

When someone subscribes to your email list, you want to be able to share the value you promised them and continue to share value day after day, week after week, year after year.

To do this, refer to my image above and read the following:

1)  Pre-write emails and enter them into your autoresponder.

2)  Schedule your emails to be sent at whatever interval you want. So, if you want one email a day to go out for 7 days, then you create 7 value based emails and schedule them to go out every 24 hours.

3)  When someone opts-in and joins your email list, you schedule the first one to go out immediately.

I know you’ve seen this in your experience of opting in and joining lists.  You get an immediate email and then several that follow day after day, week after week, year after year until you unsubscribe.

Autoresponder Automation While You’re On Vacation

automation in your business

As part of your vacation planning, you may want to write a few value based emails that you can schedule a few broadcasts to go out to your list while you’re away.

You can also send a broadcast while you’re on vacation if you want,  letting them know of something that came up while you were away that pertains to them or just to say hello from wherever you’re at.

But this way, you can take your vacation and know that your list of subscribers are still hearing from you so you can relax and not worry about it.


Autoresponder Automation While You’re Living Life

Group Of Friends Having Outdoor Barbeque At Home

I mentioned automation while you’re on vacation, but what about as you’re out just living your life.

Your business cannot run you.

You have to take control.

You must have your business presentation, your promotions, your value being shared, your sales being made, without you having to deal with that 24/7/365.  That’s not possible.

Your autoresponder will do all that while you’re out living life.

Think of all things you do; having fun with your family, going to the gym, playing golf, attending your daughter’s dance recital, kayaking with friends, grocery shopping, doing yard work, being at your day job if you still work the 9-5, and having this automation working around the clock, even as you sleep, promoting you, your business and your value.

It’s the most simple time leverage tool and again, it’s a must have.

Have I made my point?

Every business of every kind needs an autoresponder to follow up with, and stay in touch with, people who visit their store, visit their website and it doesn’t matter if it’s a brick and mortar or a home based business.

Your leads, your prospects, your customers IS your business.

It’s how you stay in touch with your prospects 24/7/365 and will help brand YOU as the leader you need to become if you ever want to make serious money in this industry.

And you can literally promote absolutely anything you want, as long as it is of value to your subscriber list.

And it is CRITICAL to your success.

This critical automation tool is your email autoresponder.

I’m going to talk to my fellow network marketing / MLM / direct sales friends here.

  • This is how myself and all top producers do business.
  • It’s how we generate multiple streams of income.
  • It’s how we leverage our time.
  • It’s how we build relationships with people around the world while we sleep.

I personally have many sources of income that ALL of my prospects get exposed to at some point through my ongoing communication with them which like any store, pays me every month regardless of whether or not they join my primary business.

I’m going to teach you how to monetize that list in another blog, but for now, you shouldn’t do anything more until you secure your autoresponder and get familiar with it.

what to do now

Now that you know how important your autoresponder is and how it benefits you in your business, here’s your next steps.

If you do not yet have an autoresponder, sign up for yours now.

Again, you will need this tool regardless of what business you’re building. You’ve got to have a way to build a list and stay in communication with your subscribers.

1)  Get your Aweber autoresponder here.

2)  Get Familiar with your Autoresponder.

When you log in, I want you to do this:

  • Go to the video tutorials and watch the ALL of them.  Seriously.  Grab a cup of coffee and discover this amazing tool that’s going to work on your behalf for years to come.  It’s your friend!
  • Create a campaign list and play around with writing an email and send yourself a test email.  Call your list, “learning” as you won’t be sending these emails out to anyone but yourself.  It’s really to give you hands on experience to learn and see what all you can do.

3)  Call Aweber or use their live chat feature and ask a question.

Figure out a question to ask about something you don’t understand and call or chat with Aweber for help.  You will find that the support staff is outstanding and the reason I’m asking you to do this is two fold.

  • To give you a first hand experience with the friendly support staff.
  • To give you power of being resourceful when you don’t know the answer to something pertaining to your autoresponder.

Automation In Your Home Based Business Summary

I hope I’ve been able to shed some good light on the following about your automation and using Aweber:

1)  What is an autoresponder.

2)  Why you need one.

3)  How to get one.  CLICK HERE

4)  What to do after you get it.

Leave me a comment below if you have any questions and let’s talk about it.  I appreciate you!

To Your Automated Lifestyle!

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