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Blogging Example With Julie And Julia


Blogging is fun! (and profitable!)

Blogging can open doors and create opportunity for you.

Blogging can get what's on your heart and mind shared with the world.  Your thoughts and ideas matter and others will want to interact with you on those topics.

A blog is a "web log".  Kind of like an online diary.   Of course you're not going to share personal things you don't want anyone to know about, but you can share your passions and interests.

I'm going to be talking a lot about blogging over the next couple of weeks and giving you examples of how I've created extra income doing just this.


What Is Blogging is About Anyway?

It's taking what you're passionate about…

or what you do for a living and want to be positioned as an expert…

or want to sell products and services…

and you go from scratch to building a huge following by those who are interested in what you're talking about.

Still No Clue?


You can look at a couple of my blogs here:

Passion blog:

Product Specific blog:

Home Based Business blog:

My Main Home Online blog:

OR you can SEE a storyline unfold through blogging

If you want to see a blog in action in story form from start to finish….

— Had an idea

— Started a blog

— Created success

… from start to finish, here's a fun thing to help you see exactly what a blog is and how it's being used: 

Rent the Sony Pictures movie Julie and Julia and be completely entertained while:

  • Understanding what a blog is
  • Hear the heart and passion behind Julie's blogging about what she's doing
  • See how fun blogging turns out to be because 'it works'
  • Discover how a blog is used to share Julie's ideas, experiences and outcomes

Here's the trailer of Julie and Julia


After you watch the movie, let me know what you took away from it in terms of Julie using a blog to share what she was up to.

Did it turn out to be absolutely awesome?

Did opporutnities open up for her?

Was there people who was in fact interested in what she had to say?

Was blogging easy and simple?

I can't wait to hear from you!  

To Your Best Life!

Debbie Turner


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