Blogging About Your Passion For Income


Blogging About Your Passions For Income

Blogging About Your Passions For Income

Blogging about your passions and interests is one way that you can create an income from your home part time.  If you do it long enough, and weave valued based products into your blog based on your recommendations and solutions for your readers, you can increase that income to just about whatever you want.

Having said that, I never guarantee bloggers will make money.  That would be irresponsible of me to make guarantees.  I have no idea of your work ethic, your commitment to creating the life you want, etc.  There’s too many variables surrounding your mindset, your actions and your products and commitment.

I’ve been blogging since 2007 and it’s been my primary way to build relationships with those in my niche and as a result, they are introduced to products I offer, thus it creates income.

Blogging is fun when you can talk about things you’re passionate about, interested in and knowledgeable about.

People have been cashing in on their passions for years now.

Just this week in fact, I’ve seen two commercials inviting people to get a website to share their passions, stories and pictures with the world.

This tells me that more and more people are moving toward a blog to document their life, passions and pictures. (blogs are easier to use than websites)

My 2 examples of how blogging about your passions and making money doing it works.

Below are my two blogs.  Each blog serves a purpose and attracts a specific person seeking a solution to their problem.

I have 2 niche blogs catering to

  • timeshare alternative solutions
  • home business entrepreneurship

Here’s each one broken down a little bit so you can get a clearer picture.

As you look through these, think about things you’re interested in and what your blog may be about.


 Blog Example #1:  I have a blog about travel.  I love to travel.  It’s a passion of mine.website_cover

Niche:  There are three main groups of people that are interested in this particular blog.

1)  People who are looking for a timeshare alternative.  They love the idea of timeshares but hate the idea of spending money for them. I provide the solution.  I sell a travel club membership that features 3-4 star timeshare resorts at over 5,000 locations worldwide that they can stay at for as little as $398 for the week.  No timeshare purchase.  No horrific sales presentations, No restrictions.  No maintenance fees.  No special assessment fees, and No blackout dates. All the things my niche group hates about timeshares, I can remove.  I completely solve their problem.

2)  Families that can’t afford to take vacations.  Once a member, families can book 7 night resorts stays and their weekly cost will be between $398 and $799.  Most of the resorts have so much to do right on site, they have no reason to have to spend extra money for excursions.  Because the condos have full kitchens, they bring the groceries they were going to eat anyway, and it helps cut costs.   Owning this travel club will allow them to not only take vacations, but take more of them.  All the financial reasons families don’t take vacations, I can remove.  I completely solve their problems.

3)  Families who hate to be cramped. Families hate to step over each other and suitcases, line up to use the bathroom, eat on the beds and feel cramped in hotel and motel rooms on vacation.  That’s no vacation!  The travel club membership offers studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom with 1, 2 and 3 baths, fully furnished condos.  They are truly a home away from home and everyone has room to romp, privacy, and space, just ike home.  All the reasons parents dread packing up the family and head out for cramped vacation, I can remove.  I completely solve their problems.

Product:  Travel Club Membership

Commissions:  $1,080, $1,800 and $3,000 commissions.

I provide the solution.  I sell a travel club membership that features timeshare resorts at over 5000 locations worldwide that they can stay in for as little as $398 for the week.  No timeshare purchase.  No restrictions.  No maintenance fees.  No blackout dates.  All the problems my niche groups are looking to solve, I provide the solution.

Link To Blog:  You can see my blog here:



Example #2:  Home Based Entrepreneurship. I’m passionate about home business freedom


This is the blog you are on right now.  It’s my main piece of real estate on the internet.

Niche:  Any group of people who just want to know more about how to have a home based business business.  My focus here is to inspire and give people some things to think about when it comes to starting their home business and to share the message that they can take what they love to do, their hobbies, their interests, their charities, their causes, their expertise, and turn it into an entrepreneurial endeavor. I have products and resources I use and recommend.  Price ranges for products through vary.

Note:  Why personal development if I’m talking about home based business?  Because without that, no entrepreneurial endeavor will succeed and people have a hard time excepting and understanding that.  They think they can be successful with the mindset that’s always kept them broke.

Syndicating Your Blog Content

It’s not enough to just write a blog post.  You want to take time and syndicate.  In other words, share your blog post with those who’s niche it would be relevant to.

Here’s places you can share your content:

Create a pin on Pinterest
Post on your Facebook Wall or Page
Post in Facebook Groups
Post in LinkedIn
Post on Twitter
Email it to your list
Create a video about it and post on YouTube with a link back to your specific article.

 And any number of other platforms where you are.

Is Blogging For You?

I don’t know whether or not generating income from home while sharing about your passions and interest is something you want to do or not.  If you would like to start your blog, I recommend hosting your own through GoDaddy and then put a Studio Press theme on it or other paid theme.  This way you can customize them exactly how you want them.

If you are already a brick and mortar business and don’t have an online presence yet, I also recommend you start your blog.  Use it to share your knowledge, your value and about what you have to offer.  This establishes a good relationship with your readers and will be more likely to buy from you or retain your services.

I also wrote an article about being a blogger entrepreneur if you’re interested in that.

Happy Blogging!


Debbie Turner
Lifestyle Entrepreneur




  1. Bruce Grecke says

    Debbie, .

    Hello, been awhile, been reading, and rereading your blogs. Lost my way, lost a lot of money, and now essentially find myself back at ground zero.

    I still have the fire, albeit just a smoldering remnant of what once was. Events in my life are changing so quickly it’s enough to cause whiplash (divorce, financial downturn). The desire to succeed still is within me. The will, to overcome, learn, grow, start over again, is still firmly in my possession.


    I want to start over, not exactly sure how, but I’m overcoming the fear of failure. I was simply overwhelmed by M L M. My bad, didn’t give it all I had.

    Just wanted to say hello, and Thank You, to the one who introduced me to the possibilities, of a future of freedom.

    The only failure is in not trying (See? I haven’t forgotten)


  2. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Bruce… my sweet friend! Great to hear from you. I’m glad you have the fire still. I’ve been through fires so I understand. The best place to start Bruce is where I started, in personal growth, reflection, more personal growth. Read books, listen to audios and follow coaches to teach mindset and personal development. Heal yourself, get your mindset right and the world will open up to you.

    I love that you haven’t forgotten that failure is in not trying. All the best, always… Debbie

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