Birke Baehr on TED Talk- 11 Year Old Entrepreneur

birke baehrI was scanning through my feed on Facebook last night and a video about an 11 year old kid by the name of Birke Baehr being on TED Talk caught my eye.

I had to see what Birke was about, what was on his mind, and how it came to be that he was giving such a talk.

As you watch the video below, you will witness the passion and determination of what he wants to do in life.  I won't give it away by talking about it here.  I'll let you watch the video.

But before I turn you lose to you watch it, I have a couple thoughts.

1)  Here's a kid who's 14 now and already knows what he wants to do with his life.  He's well on his way following his purpose, is an author and speaker and to listen to him talk, you'd think he has a college degree.

What I especially appreciate about Birke is he's living his life with joy, being his true authentic self, with a big heart to serve humanity, to make a difference in the world and advocate for what's right.  It's refreshing and inspiring!

2)  Be inspired by Birke Baher.   I believe we can take what we're passionate about and turn it into the work we love.   And we when are doing what we love, it doesn't even feel like work.  It feels like purpose and it's changing lives… "one at a time" as Birke says.

3)  You're never too young… or old… to stir things up, to start a journey, to follow your dreams, to make a difference.

4)  Birke is home schooled where possibilities are endless.  Public schools teach kids how to be good employees.  Home schoolers are taught to dream big and go after them with purpose and passion.  They are able to explore their dreams, travel, participate in lectures… all for class credits. 

If you have kids and are not able to home school, just be aware that YOU as your child's parent can help birth dreams in your kids.  I wanted to just make you aware, they will get that in public school.  Be an advocate, a mediator between the public school and your child to help bring about the dream inside their heart.  Kudo's to Birke's parents!

5)  Birke is now 14 and is an author and speaker too!

Watch Birke below.. and connect with him on Facebook if you share his passion.  I bet he'd appreciate it!

Meet Birke Baehr – TED Talks



Turn Your Passion Into Profits


I wanted to write a blog post about Birke Baehr because my blog is about taking what your passionate about, putting a purpose behind it and creating your work… your entrepreneurial journey, your lifestyle, your income. 

I can see clearly that Birke, even at the current age of 14 is following that path.  He is an entrepreneur.  I stopped by his Facebook wall today and shared how inspiring he was to myself and other grown ups to follow their dreams.  I'm so proud of him… I can't imagine how proud his parents must be to his life already take such dynamic shape.   

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Passion and Entrepreneurial Example


2013-01-23_11-24-22_334For example….

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"How To" Become An Online Entrepreneur

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Whatever you decide to do in life, I wish you all the very best it has to offer! 





  1. says

    Great post, Debbie! This kid is truly inspirational. I love seeing people having a vision for helping other people and watching them make it happen.

  2. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Steve…I do too. And, it makes me aware of how passionate and purposeful our kids can can be given proper awareness and real life educations rather than just classroom public school stuff. But don’t get me going on that. Hey… I appreciate you coming by for sure and leaving your thoughts.

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