Best Network Marketing Strategies: The Psychology of Magnetic Marketing


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Best Network Marketing Strategies:

The Psychology of Magnetic Marketing


Through the Best Network Marketing Strategies series I'm writing, you already know that the concept of attraction marketing is based on teaching. 

It's sharing the "how to" with others that will attract people to you. 

In this post, I'll share with you the psychology behind why it works. 

When you understand how people think, what they want and how they react, you'll discover WHY attraction marketing strategies are, in fact, THE best network marketing strategies for building your network marketing business.

Without going into detail on each one  here's a list of a few characteristics about people.

1)  People would rather learn how to do something than actually doing it. 

This is why you see people attend seminars, events, webinars, etc. and never implement.  And they spend thousands of dollars on these great educational opportunities!  Sound familiar? 

2)  People will do almost anything to avoid pain. 

If you show people a solution to avoid the pain, they usually take it.  This is just our human nature to survive.  It's instinct.  Did you know that the desire to avoid pain is greater than the desire to attain pleasure?   It's why people give into their fears and never do what it takes to make it big.

3)  People want what they don't/can't have

People will gravitate to those who have what they want.  The alpha networker who is using and implementing attraction marketing, will always have people gravitate to them, like a magnet.

4)  Most people are lazy. 

They want better, easier, faster and cheaper.  When Mike Dillard made a comment in his course, I had to smile and agree…. he said this:

Heck, wealthy people are usually the laziest of all!  It is my laziness and dislike of work that has driven me to strive insatiably for faster, easier, and more efficient ways to create wealth!  Ha!  What irony!

They aren't lazy in a sense that they won't do anything.  What he's saying here is simpy why do something that takes longer and is harder when you can do something short and easy.

Here's another reason magnetic marketing is the best network marketing strategies….

Magnet attracting peoplePeople are starving for leadership. 

They will do anything to fulfill that hunger. 

Will you be that leader for them? 

Will you promote yourself to being an alpha networker? 

Will you share what you know to help others?

Will you be a servant leader?

When you do, people will flock to you like a magnet.

If you've been in the business for any length of time, you've already heard this….

"Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill.  They wanted a hole.  Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes.  – NOT information about drills! – Perry Marshall."

You will notice that leaders do three things….

1)  Sell generic 'how to' information.

2) Advertise those products instead of their business.

3) Hold generic training sessions.


Because they're there just to help anyone and everyone who asks for it.  You will attract your competition/future business partners to you without offense or being perceived as a 'competitor' if you do this.

And this is what most network marketers are not doing in their marketing.  Rather, they continue to lead with their network marketing business.

Does this mean you never host a webinar or talk about your primary business? 

No.  I believe there's a need, a time and place for that, however, it's not all the time.  If it's all the time, then it's in people's face and very annoying.  There has to be more than your primary business that you're offering people.  Much more.

There's an entire industry of people who can't sell who are being told to go out and sell the wrong product to people who hate being sold in the first place. 

This is why the network marketing industry has such a bad rap.  It's terrible.  There needs to be an awaking and a movement out there to turn this around. 

Read Perry Marshall's quote again…

"Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill.  They wanted a hole.  Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes.  – NOT information about drills! – Perry Marshall."

best network marketing strategies

So what this means, is you want to sell inexpensive instructions on how to drill a hole and inside those instructions is your recommended drill. 

Translated…. sell inexpensive instructions on how to build a network marketing business and inside those instructions is your recommended opportunity.

Can you see now why teaching and leading with these best network marketing strategies, your generic marketing training, will put you in the market as an alpha leader, a magnet if you will, that causes people to hunt you down?

Can you see why all the leaders in the industry claim that attraction marketing principles are the best network marketing strategies ever?

Here's where rookies get 'goofed up in their thinking'. 

  • They think they can't do that.  
  • While it's true they don't know much yet, they do know some things.
  • It's those things that they do know that they should be teaching others. 
  • What they don't know they can get the education on. 
  • They must increase their value to the world which will help them change their beliefs about themselves. 

So the focus of their business should be this:

1)  What DO I know that I can teach now?

2)  What DON'T I know that I can learn?

3)  What would hold me back from teaching?  Whatever it is, dive deep to resolve it and fix it.

Think about something you're already really good at; could be parenting, collecting something, a sport, a hobby, etc.  You are confident in talking and teaching about those things.  If you were to teach those topics, because you are confident, it attracts others that want to learn about those things to you as their teacher. 

Same principle holds true in your home based business. 

When you grasp this, running your business and learning become fun.  

Implement these principles because they truly are THE best network marketing strategies on the planet.  It's what will get your business off the ground and keep it growing.  

Always has been the way. 

Always will be the way.

To Your Success!

Debbie Turner (Pictured with Mike Dillard, author of Magnetic Sponsoring)

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