Best Network Marketing Strategies: People Join You, Not Your Business.

best network marketing strategies

Best Network Marketing Strategies Series

People Join YOU, Not Your Business

In the first article of the Best Network Marketing Strategies series I wrote, I shared that understanding personal attraction was key to the whole enchilada in terms of enjoying success as a network marketer.  

In this article, you'll discover why people don't join your business, they join YOU.  

Until anyone desiring to be successful in network marketing or MLM has this critical understanding down pat, the rest doesn't matter.  They have little chance of creating the growth they need to see the success they want. 

Here it is simply put my friends.

YOU are your product. 

YOU are your business. 

YOU are what people will join.

Most network marketers are just talking about their business.  They talk about…

  • how great their company is
  • how great the compensation plan is
  • how great the products are
  • how big the warehouses are
  • who the CEO is
  • how many millions of dollars the company makes every year

 blah, blah, blah.

They then wonder why people are not lined up to buy their product and join their company. I mean, who wants to receive another email with this kind of stuff:

"ground floor, sign up now!" 

"Best pay plan in the history of MLM!" 

"My product is better than your product!" 

 The truth?  


Having said that, sure, you want to have a good company and one that pays in such a way that you can achieve your financial goals, but this is by far, NOT what draws people to join you. 

Mike magnetic sponsoring bookDillard explains early on in his Magnetic Sponsoring book that the core of human to human attraction is not a choice. 

It's a biological/instinctual trigger that God created in each of us for survival. 

Those with a PHD in psychology will tell you that people thrive and live in social groups by nature. 

They follow a leader until they have enough experience and confidence to challenge for leadership or start their own group.

So what does that mean in network marketing and MLM industry and to YOUR business specifically? 

It means people who are looking for a home based business are going to be attracted to those who they feel can lead them and gain something from them by associating with them. 

They want to join a leader and the inherent value of a leader is expressed through different abilities such as business savvy, sociability, monetary means, and education.

It's "cool" to hang out with top leaders in any company. 

People want to be associated with that. 

When you can position yourself to not only lead with value but to hang out with top leaders, it's very attractive to others looking to get started and trying to figure out which way to go. 

Make it easy for them.  Be the leader they are looking for!

Understanding this is the best network marketing strategy to recruit people into your organization, you want to become a leader as quickly as possible. 

It won't happen overnight, but it can happen quickly as you begin to implement the "how to" and action steps of becoming that leader.  I'll be covering this topic in another blog post.


Best Network Marketing Strategy

  Learn, Do, Teach

best network marketing strategies


A magnetic leader in the making will absolutely do a handful of things without quiver.

1)  They will buy whatever courses they need to understand a concept.

2)  They will get whatever coaching they need to grasph that concept if they don't understand.

3)  They will get to any seminar, training, event, etc. where they can network with like minded people.

4)  They will do the things they've just learned.

5)  They will teach what they've just learned to others who are seeking the information.

This is how they increase their personal value. 

You see, it's the personal value a leader can offer that's extraordinarily attractive to others. 

Outside of this and implementing these best network marketing strategies, one will find themselves in a permanent state of struggle which is why so many give up.  

In their defense, it's not their fault. 

Most just don't know. 

They just didn't get the basic foundational piece of entrepreneurship. 

In most cases, they are still being told by their upline to make a list of 100 family members and friends and chase them down.  Geeze… I'd quit too if that's as good as it got!




Best Network Marketing Strategy

 A Little Experiment

Let's do a little experiment to understand personal attraction. 

Think about your own life circumstances outside the network marketing industry. 

Was their a time in your life that you needed a solution to something and just couldn't find one? 

You went on the search for the answer. 

And during that time was there someone who stepped up and said, "yeah, I can help you, no problem." 

Then that person delivered on what they said they could do and didn't even charge you for it. 

Next time you had a question in that same area of interest, you went back to that person. 


Because they held the answers and you were gratefully drawn to them.


Best Network Marketing Strategies

Example Offline With Brick And Mortar Businesses

While a brick and mortar is not network marketing, the strategies taught in Magnetic Sponsoring work just the same.

magnetic sponsoring exampleCar Repair Service:  It's why I use a "hole in the wall" car repair shop rather than the name brand one 2 miles away.  

I always get great service, great information and advise and I can swing in any time I want and they'll check my fluids and belts with an amazing spirit of gratitude and enthusiasm.  

When I need a car repair, who do you think I'm going to? I bought the hearts of service. I bought THEM.



best network marketing strategiesScrapbook Store:  It's why people come from 4 states to shop for scrapbook supplies at my mom's scrapbook store rather than Michael's Crafts and a bunch of other big box names.  They actually pass those traveling to Mom's store. 

You see at Mom's store, they get free and no cost information, help, training on tools and a friendly and special relationship where they know they matter. 

They buy Mom. She is the essence of attraction marketing and personal attraction.


It's no different in your network marketing business. 

As you become more valuable with the knowledge you have and share, the more people are going to want to hang out with you. 

They want to be part of you and the best way for them to do that is to join you in your business. 

That allows them better access to you. 

It happens naturally without you chasing anyone which is exactly why it's attraction marketing is deemed one of THE BEST network marketing strategies ever.

You may be wondering how you become that leader and present yourself as a leader as you're just getting started.  Read about it here 

You must know or you'll self-sabotage. 

The answer may surprise you.


To Your Success!

Debbie Turner (Pictured with Mike Dillard, author of Magnetic Sponsoring)

elevation group

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  1. says

    Hi Debbie.  I enjoyed reading this post because it explains the TRUTH about how to be successful.  I too am a fan of Dillard.  Becoming a leader does take time, but it is worth it.  I love social networking and through that my business has grown.  The Go-Giver mentality where you are constantly giving good content – like you are – is the most important way to put oneself on the map.  That's my view of being in this business for the past two years.  In essence, all we have to do is be ourselves.  The truth prevails!  We offer whatever knowledge we have and that is the "magnet." 
    I hope tons of people read this post Debbie because it takes all the headaches out of marketing leading with an MLM product or a squeeze page.  Once I see that on a blog, I'm gone.  Thanks again,
    Donna Merrill

  2. Debbie Turner says

    Hey Donna… Yes, you are definitely an attraction marketer using Dillard’s principles and a great role model for those who are looking for solutions. Thank you for contributing here. I appreciate you. Debbie

  3. says

    I help clients with their social media and internet marketing strategies.  I have 2 network marketers each asking for my advice on getting leads for their business.  I've tried to explain they need to think like their potential customer or recruit in order to create relevant content.  I also explained they need to communicate the benefits of why someone should buy from them or be a recruit.  It is so true that people like to lead.  The one client does not come across as a leader in her business and is struggling.  The other man is a speaker at events and has really put himself out there as a leader in that business.  He's doing very well.  I agree with being a leader because people want to follow someone who they feel will get them to the top quickly.

  4. Debbie Turner says

    Great comment Kim…. I tell my new partners all the time that leadership is key and we set then up to start that path. Thanks for your fabulous contribution. Debbie

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