Best Network Marketing Strategies: Get Paid When People Do Not Join Your Business

best network marketing strategies

Best Network Marketing Strategies


Get Paid When People Don’t

Join Your Home Business


This is the last in the series I’m doing on the topic of Best Network Marketing Strategies.

At this point, it’s time to get to work, put fears and inhibitions aside, and start implementing what you know you need to do to be successful online.

If you missed the other articles, I’ve listed them at the bottom of this blog for convenience so you can catch them all and I recommend you do!

magnetic sponsoring bookApplying the best network marketing strategies will put you in the black.  Don’t have the mentality that “I’m giving away my knowledge and not being paid” and have an attitude about it.

There’s a great benefit fo value based attraction marketing

Network marketers for the most part only want to talk about their product or service.

But did you know that only about 1-3% of the people who join your list are ever going to be interested in that? 

The bottom line is this.

You’ve expended time and maybe money to generate leads for your network marketing business.

Leads are the lifeblood of your business.

But if you’re counting on those leads to join your primary business, you’re going to starve if your niche market are those who are interested in network marketing and MLM.


Because they already have a network marketing business.

They just need the “how to” and they are not getting it from their company.

Best Network Marketing Strategies Payoff!

Offer a menu of services that caters to everyone.  This will give you a much more complete business model.

Your menu will cater to those who need help…such as:

  • Coaching services
  • Blog Platforms
  • Attraction Marketing Systems
  • Autoresponder Services
  • Personal develoment programs
  • Lead Capture Page Creator
  • Prospecting Courses
  • Educations
  • Seminars, Events, Conferences

Here’s what happens when you do this.

best newtork marketing strategiesYou may be giving of your value for free, but you’re like the guy who sold the picks and shovels to the gold diggers during the gold rush.

The guys selling the picks and shovels made a lot of money from sales when the miners made nothing!

In the same way, when you are sharing valuable information on how to build a network marketing business, people will buy your recommended tools, resources and programs.

And when they do, you make a commission.

Some of these commissions are monthly recurring for as long as they use those tools and resources.  Others are one-time commissions.

Remember, you only have a 1%-3% chance of someone joining your network marketing business. 

All the OTHER services (your picks and shovels) you offer will offset your marketing, time and energy and provide you with a great collection of income streams.

Not only that, but there are tools and resources that can provide you with full time income all on their own.

best network marketing steps

Best Network Marketing Strategies Next Steps

1) Take an inventory of the tools and resources you use.

2)  Sign up to be an affiliate for those products.

3)  Blog about why you like each one and what it’s purpose serves.

4)  Create a resource page on your blog that lists them out.

5)  Incorporate them into your marketing as you give value.

You’ll make money in your network marketing business through the above affiliate products but also, when they join your opportunity.

Here’s the flow of how best network marketing strategies work

1) You lead with attraction marketing… the “how to”.

2) This generates leads for you.

3) You help those people.

4) You make money on the tools and resources you recommend.

5) These same people see you as helpful and as a leader.

6) They are looking for a NEW network marketing business to join.  Who do you think they will call to join with?


When you lead with your business opportunity, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.  But ultimately the choice is yours to decide how you’re going to run your business.

Recommended Reading For Attraction Marketing

I strongly recommend you implement the best network marketing strategies taught in Mike Dillard’s book, Magnetic Sponsoring which you can pick up at Amazon.

Ann Sieg also has a book on how to lead with value through attraction marketing called The Renegade Network Marketer.  You can check that out here.

I’ve used these strategies to build teams of hundreds and have made a full time income since 2007 doing those things.

To Your Success!

Debbie Turner (Pictured with Mike Dillard to my left, author of Magnetic Sponsoring, Ann Sieg, creator of Renegade Network Marketer, and her son)


PS:  Learn how to generate FREE leads for any network marketing business with this attraction marketing system.  CLICK HERE.


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    Ahhh…you are speaking my language of the bigger picture! So true how most people come to the internet with the thoughts of just promoting their business. However once they realize that you are able to make more money by recomending tools and services, they see the light.
    This income from the sale of these tools is great seed money for advertising their business. When I see this information I'm often reminded that most people who made money during the gold rush were the ones selling out the picks and shovels.
    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad


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