Benefits of Know, Like and Trust


Benefits of Know, Like and Trust

Let’s face it.  We all like to buy stuff.

And more importantly, don’t we like to buy stuff from stores and brands that we know, like and trust?

I know I do.  And I’d wager a bet you do too.

QVC™ has a brand and a trust factor.

Macy’s™ has a brand and trust factor.

John Deere™ has a brand and trust factor.

Nike™ has a brand and trust factor.

If what you’re shopping for is available in a variety of stores and manufacturers, one of your buying decisions will be based on past experiences and quality of product, right?


So how does that relate to people buying from you as an online marketer? 

It comes down to others feeling like they know, like and trust YOU.

So the question then becomes, how can people get to know, like and trust you when you’re on the internet?

 The Responsibility with ‘know, like and trust

When people are looking to you for guidance and recommendations, the best thing is to never recommend a product or service you yourself don’t own or believe in simply to make a buck.

In fact, if a product is launched and you know it’s not good, let your list know about the product and if they are on other people’s list who are recommending it, you can share why you don’t.

Because we are at the mercy of promises of companies and not acting as a CEO, we don’t have inside information.  It’s hard to know if there’s trouble in paradise inside the companies of the products we own and recommend.

We make decisions based on information we have.

If things go great on one of your recommendations.. that’s great.  Share what went right.

If things go bad on one of your recommendations, talk about it.  Share what went wrong.  What are lessons learned?

It would be great to have a crystal ball and know that every decision you make where others can be influenced to go the same path would always be a smash hit.  But we all know there’s limitations and that’s not possible.

So do your best.  Always stay in communication with your list and followers.

 Online Shopping. Couple Using Credit Card to Internet Shop

Here are 3 Steps to Create the “Know, Like and Trust” Factor

1)  Start a blog.

A great blog platform is the Kalatu blog from Empower Network for $25 a month.  On your blog, have an “about me or us” page, a “contact me or us” page, and start sharing who you are and what you’re up to.  Share about your business interests, values and concepts.  Have an offer for people to join your list.

On your blog you want to create value based content.  The best way to do that is..

  • Learn something, Do the thing you learned, Teach it
  • Share inspiration
  • Share your own experiences about a tool, resource, or product.  Do reviews.
  • Review personal development books
  • Your personal stories
  • Things you’re passionate about

2)  Start a list and follow up with them.

Get an autoresponder with Aweber, it’s $20/month and plan to have this for as long as you’re in business.  Keep your subscribers up to date on your specials, your training, your inspiration, your business offerings and recommendations and your life to some extent.

  • Let them get to know you through you value and business principles.
  • Send them your blog posts
  • Send them videos you make
  • Be personable and reachable

You want them to remember you when they are in the market to buy what you have to offer and they want to buy from someone they feel they know.

3)  Care about your customers, clients and followers.

Return your calls.  Respond to emails.  Development a good relationship.

I equate it to our family brick and mortar store.  We own a 5,000 SF scrapbook store.  When people come in, we smile and greet them and let them know we appreciate them shopping with us.  They have choices and they choose us.  You have to respect that and don’t take it for granted.

When people know you care, they’ll stay with you forever.  You know, as busy as we can get, we’re never too busy for a hug, a little conversation, a cup of coffee and a servant spirit.

And guess what?

Our customers come back over and over and over, driving from miles and miles away and all the surrounding States… year after year after year, passing other stores they can buy at, to spend their money with us.

Yes we live in an “online world” and absolutely you can make money passively and mostly on autopilot, but… with any kind of a network marketing or MLM type product, you can’t totally remove the human touch.

When you add WHO YOU ARE to your marketing, that’s where the magic happens.

Go put yourself out there, be genuine, be excited about what you’re doing, build a following and treat people the way you want to be treated.




  1. Jen says

    Hi Deb!!
    Your site is very interesting, and I like the content in your blogs!!  I just signed up for the Global One opportunity – and I wanted to know if you are available for your "downline" to talk to…….I am a newbie to network marketing.  I believe in it, but am overwhelmed by all of the possibilities……would you be able to help?  I am 1000000% committed to creating financial freedom in my life, NOW.  :)
    Thank you!!

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