Believing You Are Not Good Enough to Lead Is Setting Yourself Up To Fail

coachingIf you have a seed of entrepreneurship, leadership is calling you. 

Lending a hand, teaching something new, serving and leading by example…. 

New entrepreneurs most often feel like they are not good enough to step out and become a leader in their network marketing business, after all, they just got started.  But that’s not what’s required.  Fear and insecurities that cause you to freeze and not move forward cannot enter into your new business.  Until you can move past that my friend, you’re results will be self-sabotage and failure, I’ll tell you that straight up, because you deserve to know the truth. 

Whether you are just starting a home based business or a brick and mortar business, whether you are online or offline or both, you must step into entrepreneurship wholeheartedly with passion, purpose, drive, commitment and confidence and understand that YOU ARE the person people are waiting for and desire to do business with.

There are masses of people searching online to for someone like them.   They are looking for someone they can resonate with… someone they can relate to and connect with but they have not found that person.  That person is YOU.  And until YOU put yourself out there and share your life and value with others, they will not connect with the right person.  They deserve to know you and connect with you. 

Business ventures are absolutely not for the faint of heart, the skeptic, a person filled with insecurities and belief systems that they are not good enough to lead (or be a business owner), or the tire kicker.

 A brand new entrepreneur doesn’t know everything, but the good news is, knowing everything is not required.  Leading by example is.  What do I mean?

It means when you learn something, implement what you learned, then turn right around and teach it. 

It means getting to events and seminars and getting to know others in your industry to learn from them.  Find out who the movers and shakers are and begin a relationship with them. 

It means staying in personal development for critical mindset maintenance and sharing what you learned. 

It means sharing your story, your journey so that people can see you’re just like them. 

These are things leaders do.  The best thing new entrepreneurs can do is have the mindset of leaders and do the action steps that leaders do and when you do that on a consistent basis, you transform and become the leader you desired to be.

Remember that old “Secret” deodorant commercial…. “Don’t let ‘em see you sweat?”  Well, don’t let ‘em see you sweat.  Nobody said you wouldn’t be nervous, anxious, afraid to risk something or do something or try something to move your business forward.   Entrepreneurs often are out of their comfort zone but they act in spite of being uncomfortable, in spite of fear.   

So as you step into your business, step into the spotlight and let people see you shine.  Be yourself.  Be authentic, share your message, your ideas, your knowledge, yourself and have fun. 

You are good enough.  You have value.  You are accepted by enough people.  Not everyone accepts everyone, but enough will accept you to create wild success for yourself.  You don’t need everyone, you just need a little bit. 

I’ll look for you to rise to the top my friend and cheer you on all the way!

Please leave me your thoughts and comments about your own inspiring story to stepping out of the comfort zone and acting in spite of your fear.  I’d love to hear from you!  If you found value in this post, please retweet and FB… thanks so much.



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    Great thoughts here Debbie!

    I recently did a Facebook training for the Unified Tribe and I was talking about the same thing when it comes to creating Facebook fanpages. Many people feel out of place or undeserving of a “fanpage” but really, if you are a dedicated student of your passions and committed to creating a life-long business, you will always be learning. You can then turn around and teach others what you are learning. As you do this you set yourself up as a leader and attract people to you.

    Great post about entrepreneurship! Suck it up and step outside your comfort zone! :)
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Katie Freiling’s Unified Tribe – The “New Age” Of Social Media Marketing Revealed =-.

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    Every single word of this is superb Debbie. Some phrases are truisms on their own like, “You are good enough” and “You have value” but for me the pinnacle inspiration from your post is the simple phrase, “Be Yourself”. Life need not be as difficult for so many if they just could accept and celebrate that. I also applaud your loving support that lies between the lines here. Made me feel good reading it. Thank you Debbie.
    .-= John Sherry´s last blog ..4 Benefits of being an Early Bird Riser =-.

  3. says

    Aloha Debbie, awesome post and enjoyed the overall website. Viewed a few other spots here and I really like your set-up. Thanks for sharing! Lani

    Ps..viewed your photo icon on, Lawrence Tam, blog so here I am. cool stuff! You’re welcome to come by and drop me a note if you want to. Mahalo! :)
    .-= Lani Kee´s last blog ..Popular Hosting First Month One Cent =-.

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    Hi Debbie,

    I am new to blogging, so this information gave me inspiration to break down my wall and write a comment here.

    I have always been the type of person to keep to myself, but you helped me realize that I need to get out and be noticed in order to be a successful business person.

    Thank You for your Inspiration

    John Engle
    .-= John Engle´s last blog ..10 Indispensible SEO Content Writing Tips- =-.

  5. Debbie Turner says

    Hey my friend,

    I’m so glad there’s something here that inspires you. I visited your blog and it’s coming along great! You’re a superstar John :)

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