Being A Solutions Provider In Your Home Based Business

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Being A Solutions Provider In Your Home Based Business

There’s so many opportunities for you to succeed in whatever type of entrepreneurial business that best suits your personality and style.

As I look around in the job market, I’m still seeing people get laid off and other who remain unemployed.  I also witness individuals who are settling in life in a job they hate for fear there’s nothing else out there with opportunity for advancement and raises.  I’m also talk to people who say they would give anything to be their own boss and create time and financial freedom in their lives.

People are seeking solutions.

They lay awake at night wondering what to do and how to do it.  Their mind races with ideas and the pros and cons of options they come up with.

Most of these individuals don’t have a lot of money to invest so what happens is they start a home based business in network marketing or MLM.

But with that are these problems…

1) They don’t want to hound their family and friends to buy their product or join their biz op.

2) They don’t want to walk the malls and hand out flyers or do hotel meetings.

3) They don’t want to ask everyone within 3’of them if they want to buy their products or join their business.

4) They need leads for their business.

5) They need cashflow.

This is key my friends. You need to be able to cashflow with residual income each and every month and make money regardless of whether someone joins your network marketing business.

How would it feel to generate income every month by being a solutions provider (solving the 5 items above) before anyone joined your business opportunity?

When you offer valuable tools and resources to those in the network marketing and MLM industry and to those in a brick and mortar endeavor who want to learn how to market to bring people to their store… you position yourself to generate a nice residual income, each and every month.

THEN, on the backend of your tools and resources, your customers will be exposed to your primary home based business and some of them will be interested in that as well.  They may or may not be interested in that.  But regardless, you’ve made money on the front end and that income can generate even so much more than building your primary business.  It can be amazing.

Here’s the thing. Most people who are looking for help in their home based business, really love the products they are selling. Your job is not to convince them join your business opportunity.  That’s not what they want.  No Pitching!

Your job as a solutions provider is to support them in the home based business they have chosen by offering what they need to be successful through tools and resources.

What are the tools and resources they need?

First and foremost, they need to solve their “no leads” problem. This is done by using the MLSP system. It’s an attraction marketing system that will attract their perfect customer to them by offering free training.

Then they need other tools like an autoresponder and a blog.

Why not be the ‘store’ for them to get those from also?

In this way, you are solving problems, generating income from those sales and all your customers are being introduced to what your primary business is. It’s very non-invasive. It’s fabulous!

Don’t Have A Primary Network Marketing Business?

Maybe you don’t have a primary network marketing business and you just want to be a solutions provider by offering the tools and resources for those who do.  You can do that.  Some home based business owners do just that.  They offer the tools and resources for those who do have a primary business.

Others want to build their network marketing business and lead with the tools and resources that gives them the cashflow with MLSP and then exposes their customers to their primary network marketing or MLM business.

What a fun way to build your network marketing business!

Here’s what to do next…

Click here to learn more about MLSP and add it to your tools and resources.  You will use that to give away free training and help and introduce your prospects to THE solution they seek.

If you are struggling in your network marketing business, you will most surely want to join MLSP and start generating free leads for your business as well.  I’ll pop you into our team group for fun and sharing and training.

To Your Success,

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