Be Willing To Be Open To Whatever Comes Next

Be Willing To Be Open to Whatever Comes NEXT

Be Willing To Be Open To Whatever Comes Next

One of my ongoing mentors T. Harv Eker (author of New York Times best seller “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” among many others) made a comment during a current coaching session then expounded on it for a few.

I wanted to share it with you as it totally makes sense and it’s helped me to “see the future” in not such an “permanent” way.  You see, while I had my end goals down, I was trying to match a lifetime vehicle to that.  i.e. a specific product/service/company to be an affiliate for.

By the way, I love what I do and the products I offer and in fact, one of them I’ve had in my portfolio since 2007, but we were talking in add-ons and such.

He said (as we all know) that years ago, you could plan your life out. You knew you’d work at the same company for 40 years, retire and that’s that.

In more recent years however, times have changed. It’s not like that on any level.

Today we train for a job and 5-7-10 years we completely change jobs/careers and it may not even be related to the first for which we trained for.

It’s not unusual for an individual these days to change careers 4-5 times or more in their lifetime.

Having said that, he said this:

“Be willing to be open to whatever comes NEXT”.

So if you’re a home based entrepreneur, you don’t have to feel the pressure of planning out the next 30 years. If you feel you have to do that, regardless of how great you think the company is that you rep for currently, it can be stressful.

If you know your end goal is, for example, financial freedom, you may use many vehicles over a course of time to achieve that. It may or may not be what’s feeling good and presented to you right at this moment.

Just get started toward the end goal. Get going along a path and plan more for 3-5 year time frames, rather then 20-30 years.

Then, as you go along, if what you’re doing in 3-5 years is still jiving and you feel purposeful and you’re making a difference, carry on. If not, you can go another path.

I loved what I heard, it validated what I’m doing and I think it can freeing for someone who maybe stuck because they think whatever home based business decision they make today has to stick with them for the rest of their lives.



Just get started.

Re-adjust along the way.

Be willing to be open to what’s next.

Much love!

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  1. Debbie Turner says

    Hey James, I think that’s the hardest part for people is grasping that 90% of their success will come from their mindset, openness to opportunities, to believe in themselves and the fact they deserve to have their best life. Your words are truth here. Thank you James, I appreciate you. ~ Debbie

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