Baby Boomer Blues and Bonanzas

mature_couple_walking_pierXSmallThis is a featured article from one of my business partners, Mary Anne Nagy, and I wanted to share it with you.

Well here we are, some thirty or forty years after we thought you couldn’t trust anyone over 30. Many of our kids and some of our grandkids are now 30-somethings. And when we look in the mirror, we often wonder – how did this happen to me? Never before in the history of our country did a generation so fervently believe it would remain forever young. If not left to escapes of fantasy – that’s a good thing. Thanks to advances we’ve made in medicine and technology, we can anticipate longer lifespans than our parents and grandparents and better health in our older years.

But hold on a minute……weren’t we going to be spending those years learning to ballroom dance, jet skiing, traveling the world, giving something back to others from the wealth of money, education, information and experience we had lived? There were no rocking chairs on the porch and complaints about uncooperative digestive systems in our daily futures. Healthy, active and independent retirements jam packed with experiences and adventures, long-postponed while raising children and succeeding in our careers, were right around the corner. Act II of our lives was a heady and exhilarating as Act 1, when we first set foot upon a college campus and knew the world was our oyster. Act II promised nothing less and it was finally within our sight and grasp. A year or two or three, and we were as free as the day we said goodbye to our parents and stretched our wings at 18.

SCREECH — HALT —- REALITY check time. What happened?

Well, I’m no socio-economist, but I’ll try to explain it in advanced and technical language – the economy went BUST!

So now we are faced with a challenge: adapt and change……….or die. It really is as simple as that. For some – there is no adaptation; there is denial and whining and we know how far that will get us. For others, the adaptation they have chosen looks more like a living death to me – working til they drop dead at the same or different (if they can find one) job that they’ve be at for over 30 or 40 years.

But, wait! Where’s that “can do” attitude our generation is known for? There is a Plan B. The Internet. It is not just for shopping and sending emails any longer. It is where business is moving. Have you noticed TV ads are down? It’s obvious just watching a TV show that you are seeing the same advertisement over and over again at every break. Where are the rest of the advertisers — they are moving to the ‘Net.

Where millionaires are made and it is our bonanza. Not only does it give us the chance to earn significant incomes online, it allows us to have the lifestyle we thought we were going to have and gives us the chance to keep on moving, even as our bodies at some point decide that a trip to the grocery store is like a day at Disney World. We can earn these phenomenal incomes from home.

Learn more about MaryAnne Nagy and read the full article.


  1. Ginny says

    Thank you Debbie for sharing Maryanne Nagy’s post. Your blog is filled with solid gold content. It speaks to those of us who are wondering when we can retire- if ever- and how to continue earning a substantial income from home and enjoy our later years. The Internet and Social Media have opened up unlimited opportunities for anyone willing to dig in and learn. What amazes me every day is how many successful young entrepeneurs like you are sharing their knowledge online with all of us Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, and Millenials. Network Marketing has gone global and it’s awesome!


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