Best Autoresponders Review

I’ve have both Get Response and Aweber autoresponders.  They are both widely used and recognized as the best autoresponders on the market.

The cost of Aweber is a few dollars more, however, GetResponse pays twice the affiliate commissions.

What I really appreciate about the Aweber service, is that I can create multiple web forms and the system stores them for quick reference as I’m designing my websites.  Get Response doesn’t offer this service, but rather you have to go in a create a new one each time you need one.

Aweber’s customer service is really over the top.  Not only are there are great video tutorials, super easy to understand, but they are very supportive, patient and “on the ball” every time I call.  Their customer service begins with a welcome letter and sticker to put by your phone with their support line and shortly after that, a phone call.

Having said that, I’ve had great help from the GetResponse customer service as well. I suppose it’s really what you’re looking for. If you don’t care to spend the extra 1 minute it takes to create your web form if you need it again, then go with GetResponse, it’s less expensive and it pays higher affiliate commissions. If on the other hand you will be in and out of your website software with this webform and that webform and doing lots of testing, you may want to go with Aweber.

Take them both for a test drive, read about them and call their respective customer service departments to get your final questions answered and then make a decision.



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