Automated Marketing System vs. Automated Marketing System. Don’t be Gullible.

What’s the Difference between an Automated Marketing System and an Automated Marketing┬áSystem?

HUH? Doesn’t that sound like double talk? Well, yeah it does, but people hear the term “automated marketing system” all the time and in actuality they can be very different one from the other. On the one hand, people are hearing that automated marketing systems are absolutely critical to run a well oiled internet marketing business and on the other hand, they hear leaders in the industry say to beware of automated marketing systems and not be gullible to buy in. So what’s the deal?

Well, that’s because there are several types of scenarios where automated marketing systems come into play. Let’s define them and see if we can help with understanding the differences.

Automated Marketing System Scenario #1

As people surf the net, they come across websites where an automated system is being promoted as the solution to their lack of making money online. Or, they’ve never looked into making money online and there are thousands of websites promoting how they can be in cash flow within 24 hours if they just plugged in today. They are like a kid in a candy store. Gullibility sets in. Greed set in.

The ad will promote the features of the automated system as a “plug and play” and you’ll find stacks of dollar bills rubber banded next to a computer or better yet, they are falling from the sky above the computer. There’s no telling what the product or services may be that they are promoting, could even be some kind of cash gifting program or who knows what.

These individuals have no idea who’s behind the website but the advertising is so compelling and the graphics are so beautiful that they pay the required membership fee to acquire this magnificent ATM machine. They have no skills to market it, they don’t know who their niche market is and they be somewhat confused about what it is they are exactly marketing. However, they log in to their back office of their money making machine and are told to place ads. So they place a $10 ad with the expectation that money will be cash flowing within moments. Hummm, nothing. It doesn’t work. There’s no action going on. They quit and feel scammed.

There are scammy programs out there and unless someone has done the due diligence behind the website, they should stay away. The problem is that there are thousands of people coming online for the first time and searching for a way to make money and they simply don’t know any better. They get so caught up in the pie in the sky and because they have never been burned before and lack the sense to know what to look for and what to stay away from, they are scammed.

Automated Marketing System Scenario #2

You join a home based business opportunity and the company offers a replicated website to you, sometimes for free, sometimes for a monthly or yearly fee. These replicated websites are often very colorful and pretty with all the information about the company, the products and services they offer, the pay plan, how to get started in business and/or how to purchase their products.

In their features, they say that the system is automated, just start marketing it. This means that when someone lands on your website, there is a place for them to “opt in”, or, enter their name and email to receive access to the information about the product or service. The system will automatically begin to send them a series of pre-written emails to the email address they provided. The emails continue to promote the product and/or service and invites the customer back to the website in hopes that they will buy.

These are generally very ineffective because they are cold, no personal touch, no human relationship and therefore lack of trust. Again, this system is designed to sell the product or business opportunity. What the inexperienced home business owner doesn’t know yet is that people will buy them, not their biz op, and because they are nowhere to be seen or presented to the lead, they will find very little, if any, success using this system.

The second problem with company replicated websites and systems is that there are thousands and thousands of company representatives or distributors who are all using the same cookie cutter website and follow up messages. People who are searching for their company often land on the same site over and over and have seen it.

There’s nothing in place branding YOU and allowing you to sent yourself aside from everyone else.

Automated Marketing System Scenario #3

You join a home based business and you’re smart enough to know that the company replicated website doesn’t do a good job of really selling the features and benefits of what you have to offer so you look outside to third party vendors who develop systems that promise better results. You are hoping to find one that is powerful enough that would cause people to join without having to talk to you first.

Usually you have many selections to choose from and they can range in price from $40/month to $300/mo. They are definitely more compelling than company replicates sites and there’s even someone doing videos and audios selling the benefits and features. You pick one and go with it. You’re hopes and dreams skyrocket. You begin to follow the directions on how to advertise your system and implement. But once again, nothing is happening. You continue to market your system, you spend a couple hundred dollars but get minimal or no results.

This is again because the person who opted into your website, doesn’t know who’s behind it. They are skeptical. These people have seen this very same website over and over. They’ve been down that road before and are not interested in a review. They leave your website. The ones that do opt-in to receive information are generally gullible and clueless about the company that they will be asked to join later on. Again, we’re talking about automated systems that are attempting to sell your home based business opportunity.

Automated Marketing System Scenario #4

You develop your own system. No cookie cutter here. Here’s what it looks like.

You create your own personally branded website so immediately the individual landing on your website meets you. They see you, they hear your message and know exactly who’s behind the website. You are branding YOU, Inc. This is their first impression and they appreciate you coming out and welcoming them and letting them know what they can expect by spending some time on your site. They comfortably enter their name and email and look forward to your information.

You yourself have written a series of emails that will be automatically sent to them over the course of a couple weeks. You are giving them value and business building tips. You introduce your business to them and what do you know, you’re getting people responding. People are joining with you in business and your organization begins to grow.

Why is this?

Simple. Two reasons.

First, you have allowed them see you upfront where they have been able now to determine a level of knowing you, liking you and trusting you.

Second, they know it’s you who’s behind the third party automated system and are comfortable taking action while going through the system.

Let me ask you a question. Did they buy your business opportunity and your product? OR, did they buy YOU? I hope you recognize that they bought you. People want to do business with those they know, like and trust and are leaders. There’s no two ways around this.

They’ve been exposed to the high value you’ve given them in the tips and coaching you’ve provided through your emails and perhaps you’ve even done a webinar and invited them offline to learn more about you and your business which creates a leadership posture and further trust.

How to incorporate a third party automated system into your own to make it all work

If you decide to use a third party automated system, it’s important to brand it around you and your personally created and branded website. Remember, YOU, Inc. is your business. There’s nothing wrong with using automated systems but you need to develop the trust factor before they enter the unknown system.

For example, when they land on your personally branded website where you are welcoming them, you can tell them you have a system they can test drive to show them how to harness the power of the internet and to experience how they can utilize the system to generate leads and sales for their business. Now, when you invite them to opt in to that system, they know you’re behind it. They are now comfortable knowing that you have their contact information and not some creep. They are not afraid to move forward.


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