You Are Not Your MLM. You Are Your Own Brand.

You Are Not Your MLM (1)

You Are Not Your MLM.  You Are Your Own Brand. I see it all the time.  People join a home based business and they starting branding that company. Now, I understand why they do that and truthfully, it’s not their fault for doing so because they just don’t know.  They’re following directions.  The company they […]

Why Would Someone Join You Rather Than Joe Guru?

Ambitous Mind (2)

Why Would Someone Join You Rather Than Joe Guru? I was chatting with a ‘now friend’, the other day who joined under me in my primary business opportunity years ago, like… 8 or so.  He JUST told me during that conversation that he was considering joining Joe Guru but then he came across me and […]

Ambitious Mind

Ambitous Mind

Ambitious Mind Let Mel Robbins, Terrell Owens, Lisa Nichols, Derren Hardy and Joe Rogan give you some things to think about.  Best 5 minutes you’ll spend today. If you know someone who needs to hear this and you found value, please share and comment. Much love! Debbie Turner Lifestyle Entrepreneur Follow me on Facebook HERE Follow […]