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Attraction Marketing System

Network Marketing And MLM Lead Generation Solution

Starting a network marketing or MLM business can be a challenge to get off the ground. This is where your attraction marketing system can come along side of you and help tremendously.


How would you like to put into place, an attraction marketing system so powerful, that if you had to draw it on paper, it would look like the picture above?

A big magnet with people stuck to it magnetically.

The magnet represents YOU.

The people stuck to you are LEADS.

Leads that want to know more about what you have to offer.

What if you could present your marketing in a way that attracts people to you like that? If you’re marketing correctly, that’s what will happen. People will reach out to you and ask to partner with you, to buy your product, to join your team.

Are You Clear on What Attraction Marketing Is?

If you need a refresher, it’s simply this.

  • Find a niche.
  • Discover their problems.
  • Solve their problems.

When I share with network marketing and MLM home based business owners about attraction marketing systems, they sometimes have a hard time understanding how and why they work.  So here’s the simple explanation. attraction marketing system

What Makes a System an Attraction Marketing System?

There’s lots of systems out there claiming to help people build their network marketing and MLM businesses.  But what really separates one from another and from true attraction marketing systems?

  • An attraction marketing system identifies a niche market.
  • An attraction marketing system identifies their specific problems.
  • An attraction marketing system solves their specific problems.

Sound familiar?

Let’s break it down.

Identifying the niche:  Network Marketing and MLM

Now that we’ve identified the niche, what’s our next step?

Identifying their biggest problems.

So let’s start a list:

Network Marketing / MLM Niche Problems

  1. No traffic to their blog
  2. No leads opting into their list
  3. No idea how to market
  4. Upline left the industry
  5. No direction or help
  6. No idea how to create capture, thank you, sales, giveaway and delivery pages
  7. A contact manager so you know where your leads are inside the system in terms of their progress.

Okay, you can finish the list. I want you to think of your own situation for a minute.  If you’re in network marketing or MLM, how many of these directly describe your problem?

Maybe a few, yes?   Possibly all, right?

So, thus far, we’ve identified a niche and some of their problems.

Next step is what?


Solving Home Business Owners’ Problems

Looking at the list of problems above, here’s how the attraction marketing system solves their problems.

How Attraction Marketing Systems Solve Problems

  1. System provides training on how to get traffic to your website/blog
  2. System provides free valuable “how to” training to entice visitors to join your lead list.
  3. System provide training on what and how to use various strategies for marketing:  Solo Ads, Banner Ads, Social Media like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the list goes on.
  4. Company of the system includes live events, an active community and support that breeds friendships and partnerships so it doesn’t matter what your upline does.  You can still succeed.
  5. System has built-in capture, thank you, sales, giveaway and delivery pages
  6. System provides a contact management control center

 Video – How The MLSP Attraction Marketing System Works

Here’s a 17 minute video where I show you some examples of the type of value you can give away and other problems the attraction marketing system solves.  I think you’re going to appreciate it.

 Links I mention in the video

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Attraction Marketing System and Branding YOU

Inside MLMLeadSystemPro, you are branded as a leader.  When your new MLSP members log into their attraction marketing system, they are greeted with a video from you welcoming them (optional) and your contact information.

You can create additional training videos on any subject matter and host them in your video hosting component where they are archived for your system members.

The way to brand yourself while using an attraction marketing system is to continue to provide value weekly.  What I recommend is you use a blog to share your knowledge, marketing tips, inspiration, personal development and entrepreneurship.

Then take your blog content and syndicate it through various mediums…

  • Send it to your leads on your email list
  • Post it on Facebook
  • Pin it on Pinterest
  • Share it on Instagram
  • Tweet it out

This shows you’re active in your business, serious about your business, yet using simple systems that other can see themselves use.

Summary:  How Attraction Marketing System Works

1)  You attract people to you by giving away free training on how to market and build a network marketing / MLM home based business.  People opt into your list to learn more and get the training.  It’s great training.  High value.

2)  You follow up via email where you continue to send valuable help and training all while branding YOU.

3)  They learn about YOUR primary business opportunity.  When they join MLSP, they now are exposed to your network marketing / MLM business opportunity on the backend.

THEN…One of three things happen shortly thereafter:

    1)  If they are happy with their current network marketing company / MLM business, the MSLP attraction marketing system will tremendously help them build their business. It’s generic in nature and at no time will your team members be exposed to opportunities other than your own.  It’s a safe place to bring your team.  You make money from commissions you receive by referring MLSP.

     2)  If they are not happy with their current network marketing company / MLM business they are exposed to yours.  Since you are the one who has been helping them and giving them free training, guess who will be on their mind and in front of them?  YOU!  They will probably join your business and MLSP.  Those are nice commissions.

     3)  If they do not have a network marketing company / MLM business yet and wanted to learn HOW to market before selecting one, again, your opportunity is presented to them and there’s a good chance they’ll join you.  They may join your home business opportunity and MLSP.  Those are nice commissions.

I hope I was able to shed some light on how attraction marketing systems work in conjunction with your own brand.  Let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to answer.

Join MLSP here and be generating leads for your network marketing / MLM business in the next hour.

To Your Success,


Debbie Turner
Lifestyle Entrepreneur



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