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Attraction Marketing is a simple concept and if you play by the rules, you have the potential to have a thriving network marketing business with people calling you.

I’ve just completed a series on the best network marketing strategies and of course.   If you haven’t read those, you may want to.  The articles I wrote are posted below.

What typically happens to a brand new home business entrepreneur when it comes to attraction marketing is they feel they have nothing to offer others because they haven’t achieved a level of success yet.

The believe they are not qualified to teach, share or otherwise bring to the table any value for their prospects.

So they go into a “learning and discovery” mode and stay there.

They hear about attraction marketing, sure.  It’s all over the place.  They learn some stuff. But for the most part, they still don’t do anything.

Why is that?

It’s fear.  It’s self-doubt.  It’s insecurities and probably a whole bunch more stuff.

Here’s what’s on the agenda for the attraction marketing webinar….

  • What is Attraction Marketing
  • Why is Attraction Marketing Effective
  • How Attraction Marketing Works
  • How to Prepare for Attraction Marketing
  • Creating Your Attraction Marketing Content
  • Excuses and Fears
  • Getting Started with your Attraction Marketing
  • Resources for More Attraction Marketing Self-Education
  • Call to Action and Challenge


1.  Ann Sieg’s attraction marketing training:  Here’s the updated LINK to get her free report “7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

2.  Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring is only offered on Amazon now.  His affiliate back office is closed down.

3)  The best attraction marketing system is MLMLeadsystemPro, not mentioned  in the video.  You can learn more here.

I’m putting out a challenge to anyone who wants to begin this journey. 

I challenge you to create 2 pieces of attraction marketing content with no sell links.  Just give great value.  Be a teacher.  At the end of your content, link to another piece of value and to your blog so people can find you and learn more about you.

Here’s some ideas about what type of media to create…

-Screen Capture
-Head Shot
Blog Posts
Squidoo Lenses
Pinterest Images
Instagram Images
Whatever you want!

Here’s some ideas about what to write content about …..

Ask yourself what you know about.  Don’t assume it’s not important enough.

Just by being here and listening to the webinar, you know more than a lot of people who are behind you their “just looking for a business” stage.

Some topics can be:

  • Mindset & Personal Development
  • Book reviews that are relevant to business and mindset
  • Time Management
  • Running a business and the Family successfully
  • Automation
  • Attraction Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Why video is important
  • List building
  • Personal Branding
  • and there’s a zillion other topics

Other attraction marketing styles are to lead with value regarding your primary business if your ads are targeting the niche for it. 

Examples of how you can do this: 

Example 1)  If you are in the weight loss industry and you’re targeting overweight individuals who are seeking a solution to lose weight, you may produce content about losing weight through delicious shakes and how convenient they are to whip up without mentioning your company name.

Example 2)  If you’re in the travel business that markets resort stays, you may create content about the benefits of staying at resorts without buying a timeshare and don’t mention your company name.

Example 3)  If you’re in the video tech business, you may create content about the benefits of using video in your marketing and to stay in touch with family and friends and how easy it is to do that using systems already done for you and don’t mention your company name.

JUST GIVE PURE VALUE.  Give it away without thinking “what’s in it for me”.

Take out a pen and paper and write down some thoughts about what you’d like to give away.  What are all the things you know that the next person behind you may not know yet..

Then, after you do create your content. I want you to do two things:

1)  Post your content here on my blog in the comment box.  My blog is a page rank 3 so it’s a great backlink to your content.

2) Go to my Facebook Fan Page and post it again.  In your memo to me on my wall, put in this content is for my attraction marketing Challenge.  I will make sure I see it and comment.

Okay… I’ll see you there.  Here’s my Facebook Fan Page.

Recommended Reading For Attraction Marketing

I strongly recommend you implement the best network marketing strategies taught in Mike Dillard’s book, Magnetic Sponsoring which you can pick up at Amazon.

Ann Sieg also has a book on how to lead with value through attraction marketing called The Renegade Network Marketer.  You can check that out here.

I’ve used these strategies to build teams of hundreds and have made a full time income since 2007 doing those things.

To Your Success!

Debbie Turner (Pictured with Mike Dillard to my left, author of Magnetic Sponsoring, Ann Sieg, creator of Renegade Network Marketer, and her son)


PS:  Learn how to generate FREE leads for any network marketing business with this attraction marketing system.  CLICK HERE.



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  1. says

    Hi Debbie!

    Thank you for this post. It couldn't have come at a better time than now. I've bookmarked this page to refer back to it when I'm having a hard time deciding on what to write about next on my blog (which is like always :-D). There's just so many juicy topics out there and the fact that I don't have a game plan in place for what to write about next doesn't help me. Now I can just come back here to get my ideas more organized! :-)

    I appreciate you for putting on the webinar about Attraction Marketing. Don't believe I ever attended a webinar on that topic. It's one of those pieces that are not being brought up as often as it is a must to take that direction if we wanna maximize our potential of how you put it, "have a thriving business with people calling you."

    Why would anyone wanna buy from me if I don't ever provide value but always talk about my opportunity instead. I'm sooo glad those days are over!

    And I meant what I typed into the chatbox on your webinar, that doing offline marketing and talking about my opportunity to others the way I was taught by my previous sponsor "makes me wanna puke!"

    Again, thank you for this series you've put together for us. This gives me another idea to post about. Always wanted to do a series on my blog and you inspire me to take action on that.

    Hugs and smiles!!

  2. Debbie Turner says

    Jaclyn… you’re a super star girl… you have so much value and energy. Choose what you want to be known for and start writing. Awesome blog post by the way. I left a comment over there for ya. :) Debbie

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