Attitude of Gratitude to Start Your day

The sound of thunder woke me sometime around 6 am which is early for me. I go to bed when I'm tired and get up when I'm done sleeping so I usually don't surface until around 8:30 – 9ish.

But this morning, the thunder and pouring down rain woke me and it was music to my ears actually after all the heat and lack of rain we've had.

The moment I woke and realized what the sound was, my thoughts were, " How fabulous….I'm so grateful for this much needed rain and what it means to the local farmers especially." 

As I dozed in and out from the thundering noises over the next hour, I remained in an attitude of gratitude.  I was not in a hurry to jump out of bed, had no place to go and planned on enjoying a relaxed Monday morning, so why not linger in bed and enjoy the sounds and darkness of clouds.  

Other grateful thoughts raced….

…  grateful that I didn't have to get up and shower, shave and shine for work…

grateful for my 600 thread count sheets and down comforter that felt so great wrapping around me when others slept under bridges and in shelters…

grateful for the english breakfast tea and healthy foods I would soon be having when others would go hungry…

grateful for my family whom I can pick up the phone and talk to today when others can't….

grateful for my health when others are in the hospital or have disabilities that I was blessed to not have.

You know, when we look at even our worse days, we are better off than so many others.


You Get More of What You Focus On

Did you know, when you focus on what you are grateful for and the good things in life, life serves up MORE of the good stuff? 

And just the opposite is true.  If you focus on what's wrong and the negatives, you get more of it. 

This applies to your business as well. 

  • What are you grateful for in your entrepreneurial endeavors? 
  • What are the skillsets you've learned? 
  • Who are the great people you've met? 
  • What success have you had that others haven't had yet? 
  • What are some business lessons learned? 

Don't take for granted the small steps along the way.  Be grateful for the small things, not just the big things. 

This is the premises of the law of attraction.  You get more of what you focus on.  So be careful where your thoughts go for sure!


Start your day with the attitude of gratitude.

Setting the stage for your day with grateful thoughts will also set the state for your attitude.

Life tends to toss things at us when we least expect them and practicing mental positive states of mind and being can take what may have otherwise been a mountain and keep it mole hill. 

I've gotten into a habit to go down my grateful list before my feet hit the floor in the morning.  It took discipline at first because my mind wanted to wander to my "to do" list and even still, I sometimes need to reign my thoughts back to my gratefulness.

If all this sounds hokey, you may want to try it and see if you don't start your day a little smoother and with a brighter outlook.  I found that my being in a state of gratefulness brings me peace and calmness and sets the table for a great attitude toward whatever I have to do that day. 

As you know, attitude is everything.  How you approach your life's circumstances is the difference between win or lose.


So here's a challenge for you this week. 

The moment you awake and you're conscious, before you get out of bed, lie there for 2 minutes and go down your grateful list. 

Mine sounds something like this:

I'm grateful for…

Mom and Dad who shaped my life and love me unconditionally.  I'm grateful they are still with me here on earth.

My children… and I state why and call them each by name.

My brothers and sisters… I call them by name and bring to mind the blessings of family they bring to my life.

The friends I have and the friends I'll meet.

The bed I have and the comfort of a perfect mattress for me and the warmth of clean, soft bedding.

The tea I'll be enjoying in a few minutes, the food I'll have today and the cover of a roof.

The car I drive.

The opportunity I have to learn and grow both in skillsets and personal development.

The opportunity I have to create a living for myself outside of a boss and traditional job or career.

The creative side of me that loves scrapbooking.

The opportunity I have to teach in my hobby industry.

The opportunity to work with foster children.

That I am in good health.

That I always have a vacation on calendar.

My faith and salvation through Jesus Christ and the forgiveness of sins.

Today, I added that I was grateful for the sounds of thunder and crashing rain that we needed to badly.

And on, and on, and on.


What are YOU grateful for?

Start your list and write it down if you need to.  It's fine to repeat it every day.  Add new things as you are reminded of what you're grateful for.  Maybe right now you're grateful for your job, your marriage, the opportunity to play ball with the guys, or whatever.  Say it.  Think it.  Feel it.


It's hard to complain when we are in an attitude of gratitude.

When you are focused on the good and grateful things in your life, it's more difficult to complain and whine about things.  You'll seek to find the good in all circumstances. 


I've to hear from you in the comments below what you're grateful for  :)




  1. says

    Hi Debbie,
    I am grateful for a lot of things in life, especially my children. I used to do the same thing you do, every day I went through my list and for some reason stopped doing it. Thanks for the reminder and I will definitely update my gratitude list and start my mornings with it. That was always good practice.
    Also, I am very grateful to be on your EN team… Thank you for your guidance, leadership and friendship. It's always greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
    Bart Obrochta

  2. Debbie Turner says

    I’m grateful for you too Bart :) Thanks for sharing your ‘most grateful for’. ~ Debbie

  3. Ray S says

    Hi Debbie, I loved your message today about starting our morning with a grateful heart. It's a wonderful habit to get into doing each day and can make a huge difference in one's life by not only appreciating all the blessings we have but also I believe it attracts even more good things to us! I like all the things you listed and I'd like to add something every one is thinking about I hope. And that's the precious freedom we all enjoy in this amazing country… and all the opportunity that's all around us to make our lives whatever we want it to be. Happy Fourth Of July everyone!

  4. Debbie Turner says

    Oh yes for sure… Our freedom… absolutely! Thanks for coming by and leaving your footprint. Precious freedom… super grateful for that. ~ Debbie

  5. Toni Mckeown says

    Hey Debbie,
    Your post really got me thinking again of the things I have to be grateful for in this life; cause every now and then I feel ungrateful/depressed for whatever reason. Always appreciate such rich posts of the things most important in our lives. Have a splendid dat.

  6. says

    Hello Debbie,
    I have followed your emails and blogs and I love them . Thank you for sharing with us your vision and your gratitude for this amazing life we ALL have. 
    I am grateful for everything I see and perceive that likes me or I am expecting for,  because that shows me that Life is GOoD to me. I am grateful for everything I see and  perceive that I do not like or I am not expecting for, because that shows me that I need to expand my mind and learn more about the GOoDness of Life.
    Thank  you for your message It is refreshing and show us that when in gratitude we Always live our Ideal Life.
    Happy Fourth of July :-)

  7. Debbie Turner says

    Hey Toni,

    You bring up a good point when you said “cause every now and then I feel ungrateful/depressed for whatever reason.” When we feel low, if we begin to think of how much we have, and how good we have it, and all the good things we are grateful for, it’s amazing how it can help us with the funk. For example, if someone has a job they hate and are grumpy about it, they can rather take the position of being grateful for the job in light of the fact that many people are out of work and can’t find anything. And, that they have the opportunity to start a home business on the side and pursue that path.

    Thanks for sharing.

    ~ Debbie

  8. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Elkin,

    Your reply and thoughts on how you are grateful for what you do perceive and like and do not perceive is good wisdom. I may have to write another blog about that! :) Thank you for your kind words and stopping by with your value. Sure appreciate it.

    Happy Fourth of of July also! ~ Debbie

  9. Dave Page says

    Debbie: Your message on gratitude is inspiring. After I streach in the morning I listen to my own gratitude tape and end it by bathing all of my loved ones in the white light of God. This 15 minuet action brings love and focus to my whole day. Last year during my one and only depression so far in my life; I could not connect. It was a scary time. Thank you for your leadership.

  10. Debbie Turner says

    Dave.. thanks for sharing. Great plan of action. I always like to hear how people press through difficult times. ~ Debbie

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