Are Your Words Keeping You A Rut?

how to succeedIf you want to know how to transform your destiny…you'll appreciate this. 

I'm always fascinated by how the mind works and the more I study it, the more I understand why some people fail and others succeed.

In the old days, I used to hear people tell me how important personal development was in business… that it was most important.  Yet, what I wanted was the technical help.  My mentors ALL brought me back to the personal development and I didn't understand why.  In fact, it frustrated me!

Well, I finally figured it out around 2008 and my business and my success changed. 

I'm excited to share any personal development nuggets I get with you as I know it will help you get what you want in life.

This article is about the words you are using to give you exactly what you have.

My friend and co-founder of Empower Network, Dave Wood received  from Bill Britt years ago about truths on why and how to achieve success in your life.  Wood made a 14 minute video sharing this information and I want to pass it along to you.  It's below, don't miss it.

In a nutshell, here's what you will take away from the video.

People Want To Succeed But…

They tell themselves they want to succeed, however their unconscious mind leads them in another direction.  Time after time someone trys to succeed, but are always met with failure. 

So why is that?  It's their unconscious mind that won't allow them to succeed.

Here's the problem.

Most people just try to change their actions.  Well, just changing their actions can be compared to that of a computer when they want it to do something different yet they haven't programmed it to do what they wanted it to do.  Right?  Your computer will only do what it can do based on the software you install on it.

Your mind is like that computer.  It's had years and years of programming which has delivered the life results you have now.   If you want a different result, you have to reprogram your mind, your computer, to produce different results. 

And the good news, is there is a process by which you can do this. 

There are three components to this reprogramming and change journey

1)  Intake (what you put into your mind)

2)  The thoughts and words you use

3)  The action you take

Wood said Britt told him the way you completely reprogram your unconscious mind is this.

Your 'intake' mechanisms are both done consciously and unconsciously.   Therefore being aware of what you're doing will take you a long way.

How do we input information? 

The things we listen to, the things we read, and the people we are around.

If we want to be successful, we need to input the right things because THAT'S what writing our software that's running the computer that running the entire background of our life, all the time.

This is why, if you want to be successful, you must do these things:

- Listen to Personal Development and success audio daily

- Read personal development books daily

- Get to live events to network and hangout with successful people several times a year

What Do Most People Associate With For Their Intake?

- They watch T.V.

- They listen to their negative relatives and friends.

- They associate with people who are around the same income as them.  And, studies have shown and proved that your income will the same average (within 10%) of  the 5 people you associate with regularly. 

How can anyone expect to achieve success in their life when their only intake is garbage from the tv, negative affirmations being fed into them by family and friends, and those who are not earning any more income than they are.  Make sense? Boy… I hope so!

The next key element after your "intake" and before "action" is "Your Words"

The words you say will always give you exactly what you say!

For example… the word "try".  The word try in the American culture has a hard wire association to it and it's this…. 'FAILURE'.  Therefore, if someone says they will 'try' this business, in essence they are already saying they will fail. 

And their thoughts and words will give them exactly that.. failure.

Your Words and a Ship's Rudder

in a rutDave Wood quotes some sayings from a few books and illustrates that a huge ship is controlled by a very small rudder in comparison.  This sets the direction that the ship sails. 

In the same sense, so are the words you speak.  Your words are that of a rudder… they control the direction of your life.

I personally thought this was a great analogy and if you stop and think about how small a rudder yet it's everything when it comes to what direction a ship sales… and think about how powerful your words are …. being of the same importance of steering the direction of your life… it's pretty awesome.  I liked it.








You want to learn, do and teach at the same time.  Take what you learn and teach it immediately.  so take this information and teach it to others. 

There's also teachings like this one in the training center inside Empower Network that you will want to listen to and again, learn, do teach.





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