Are You Slave To The Dream You’re Selling?

The title says it all…

Are You Slave to The Dream You're Selling? 


Money makes things easier but it takes something much bigger to be fulfilled. 

Things worth getting out of bed in the morning for:

  • Purpose in life
  • Meaning in life
  • Family and Friends

empower network



This blog post is about how Empower Network provides anyone who wants to make money online the ability to do and still  put Family First. 

Empower Networks' whole mantra is this:

Have a Business AND a Life


On our Monday night Empower Network call, we talked about the TABU stuff. 

Stuff that nobody wants to talk about or acknowledge that exists.

Stuff like how some network marketer leaders and home business entrepreneurs are working so hard they are miserable, depressed, and on the verge of burnout and quitting.

All of them?  NO.   Some.   I would never put all in the same box.   Some love working 12-15 hours a day on 3 way calls, traveling for meeting, being on the phone training their newbies, hosting webinars to train their newbies, etc.    It's what they do.  They love it.   And some business models require it.

I'm talking about the fact that if given a choice, MOST people want the income, they love people, they love empowering people, they want to make sure their newbies have community and support and training but they don't necessarily want to be tied up all day on the phone and all night doing it.  They want a lifestyle.

A Home Base Business is Suppose to Provide A Lifestyle and Freedom for the Entrepreneur.   BUT….

…. that's not what's happening in reality for the majority.  SOME home based business owners are doing stuff  they don't want to do to be able to make money.

I'm not talking about marketing.  Of course we have to market.

I'm not talking about talking to people.  Of course we talk to people.

I'm not talking about getting to events.  Of course we get to events.

I'm talking about spending hours and hours and hours

  • cold calling
  • training
  • traveling to support teams
  • traveling to meet prospects
  • hosting home meetings
  • hosting hotel meetings
  • doing 3 way calls
  • fielding calls from downline members who want to complain and want hand holding.
  • set up blogs
  • learn ad copy and sales copy
  • and on and on and on

It's enough to build a business for yourself.  It's another to feel like you have to be responsible for the success of others and build their businesses for them too.

Is this really what a home business is about?


These kinds of activities eat up your time, drain your energy and take you away from the very lifestyle you are striving to build.

There are leaders who put everything into their teams.  If that's what they truly want to do, kudos to them.   

For the majority however, people start a home based business so they can enjoy a quiet life, a private life, a fulfilled life with family, friends, hobbies, community, charities, travel, etc.

In the audio replay below, there's discussion about leaders who end up putting family and friends to the side, not because they want to, but because they have to.

Let me ask you this: 

Do people join a home based business because they want to be away from their family and friends? 

Do they WANT to spend time AWAY from their hobbies and community work? 

Do they WANT to say "no" to things they really want to do because they are so busy building businesses for their team? 

Is that what YOU want to do? 

No.  Of course not. 

You want a life.

You want family.

You want to time to enjoy your hobbies.

You want to take vacations.

You want time to read, relax.

You want to time to spend with the kids.

But the truth is… many home business entrepreneurs are trading one slave master for another.  Trading the Job for the Bigger Job in Developing a Team

Is that REALLY the answer to what you're looking for? 

Maybe.  Only YOU can answer that. 

I'm not.  The people I hang out with are not.

We want a business but we also want a life.

Empower Network gives YOU the opportunity to have a business AND a life.  It's WHY we have over 44,000 Affiliates and growing.



Your success does not have to be some big triumphant event.  In fact, it probably should not be triumphant. 

And, this nonsense about having to pay your dues or pound it out for 10 years, then supposedly in the next 3-5 years you can go to the beach is a lie.  That's OLD SCHOOL style building.



This audio, if you listen to the end, quite possible will change your perspective about the home business industry and what you think you have to do and who you have to be.

It's refreshing. 

People DON'T say NO to earning extra income.

People DON'T say NO to having tax write offs.

People DON'T say NO to starting a home business.

People DON'T say NO to wanting a better lifestyle.

People say NO to you because they can't see themselves doing what you're doing in the business. 

If they see you doing a bunch of activities that they know… and you know …you really are not having fun doing it but HAVE to do to chase commissions, they say NO.

Empower Network offers it's affiliates time freedom through having a business and enjoying a life all at the same time.

The selling is done.

The training is done.

The 100% commissions are yours.

The leveraged passups are yours.

The community and events are yours.

You're accepted as you are and for who you are.

You're welcome in Empower Network.

Pass the word… make money.

And Join Empower Network….

And Get ALL In.

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