Are You Literally Eating and Drinking Your Home Based Business Start Up Costs?

Are You Literally Eating and Drinking Your Home Business Start Up Costs-

 Are You Literally Eating and Drinking Your Business Start Up Costs?

Do you seriously want to start a home based business BUT the thing holding you back is a small start up to get started and a couple hundred a month for ongoing maintenance and advertising costs?

If you will take what I recommend here, I promise it will change your life.

It will give you options.

It will fund your dreams.

As I’m out and about in my daily life, I see people that spend crazy amounts of money on food and drink without giving it another thought.

There’s a bazillion ways to cut expenses in a family household but the first place I look to free up money is in the food, beverage and unhealthy habit spending.

So a couple of things about someone telling me they don’t have enough money to get started in their business or have money for a small monthly advertising budget, tools or resources.

They really do, but it’s their perfect excuse for not getting started or not taking action.  I’d much rather someone tell me, “Hey Debbie, I’m just not interested”, than to use the “I don’t have the money” line.  I respect tremendously authenticity and honesty.

They really just haven’t thought about looking at where all their money each month goes and where some can be shifted from one category to another.

To be fair, on occasion, there have been a few who have gone through the process of looking at their spending and they truly don’t have it.

But the majority of people I talk to haven’t diligently done that, but rather it’s an “off the cuff” easy excuse based on lack of desire.

This is what I enjoy talking about when helping individuals find money for their home based business start up and ongoing maintenance costs.

Here’s a example that just happened to me a couple weeks ago where the individual uses the excuse “I don’t have the money” rather than being authentic and just saying she’s not interested.

At a recent trip to the beauty shop, one of the salon workers was asking the other workers what they wanted for lunch and would do the “lunch run”.

The ladies put in their orders and the runner left to get the food.

The conversation among the hair dressers then went to how much they would each owe for their portion of the bill.

The average was $7.50.

Out of curiosity, I asked my hair dresser if they order out every day and she said, “Yeah” (5 days a week).

I made a mental note on the math of $150 a month on just lunch.  ($7.50 x 20 lunches)

I thought to myself, $150 a month… that’s the total cost of my

  • monthly education
  • free giveaways to attract people to me
  • blog
  • capture page, delivery page, sales page creator
  • contact manager system
  • supportive online community
  • and so much more

… basically everything I need to be up and running in business.

I pondered under the hair dryer about the possibility of someones life completely changing because of lunch money.

I owed her the opportunity of an option for her.

As she combed out my hair, I asked her if she loved what she does to which she replied, “yes and no“.

Yes, because she likes to do hair.

No, because she’s on her feet 8 hours a day and she’s got health problems from inhaling chemicals for years, and her back and feet hurt.

I asked her if she considered starting an online home based business to which she said,

“oh I wish but I have no idea about that and I don’t do anything with computers.  I also don’t have any money for that.”

I mentioned that she could use her lunch money to get the education on how to market anything online and get started as well as make money from referring the same educational platform to others who also want to get started.

She quickly dismissed it and wrinkled her nose.

I said, “Okay” and let it go.

I never convince anyone who has already made up their mind.  It’s wasted energy.

There are lots and lots and LOTS of people who WISH for a different life but wrinkle their noses up and shrug their shoulders to new ideas about how to do that.

The truth always manifests itself in decisions we make.

I don’t believe for a minute that she had ANY interest in changing her life. She liked the status quo and it’s her life, she can do what she wants and that’s good for her.

I also don’t believe for a nano second that she actually EVER gave an online home based business a thought, researched how to do or had any idea of costs. None whatsoever.

Take The Challenge

Challenge To Find Your Home Based Business Start
and/or Monthly Maintenance Costs

Let’s say you’re serious and need to find extra money in the following amounts every month for business.

I love doing this kind of math!  It’s truly panning for gold!

The first example is going to be what I recommended to the hair stylist.

$149 all the tools and resources mentioned in the system  recommend.
$  20 for your autoresponder
$169 a month

You can do free advertising which requires more sweat equity but still works.

I’m going to go a step further…

Let’s also say you want $4 a day for paid advertising on Facebook to get quicker results.
$4 x 30 days = $120

So, we have your tools, resources, blog, free giveaways, advertising budget, autoresponder, education, funnel creator, contact manager and community for support plus more.

Total looks like about $289.

Where can we free up money for this?

Let’s do a couple basic rearranging of household money.  This does require a temporary concession but again, how bad do you want it?

People always find a way to pay for things they really, really want.

Heck, I’ve seen financially struggling people buy a big screen TV, a new iphone and the lastest and greatest laptop.

It all comes down to priorities.

Here’s a few tips to find your business gold

1)  Stop buying lunch.  Pack your lunch and shop for breads, cheese, lunch meat, etc on sale.  Or make a casserole and bring in a serving for lunch.  Casseroles, soups, etc go a LONG way. I believe you can get your lunch cost easily down to $2.50 rather than $7.50.

Now you’re saving $100 a month on lunch alone!

2)  Scale down your venti.  The next time you go to get your venti latte, I want you to look at that and say;

“For the same money, I could do paid Facebook advertising and for about $1 a lead, I could have 5 people who have raised their hand asking for more information about that I have to offer.”

Here’s your visual.


How many times do you get your favorite coffee/drink at your favorite coffee house?  I know a lot of people who make it part of their daily ritual on their way to work and another mid day.

Just using Monday through Friday, that’s 40 coffees a month at (let’s just use $4 as an average, some days you get $3 items, some days you get $5 items), that 40 x 4 = $160.

What if you cut back on that and treated yourself once a week and made your own coffee at home?  This would give you an extra $144 just in coffee/tea/latte kind of drinks.

We haven’t looked any further than lunch and coffee habits and have found $244.  You can be well on your way for $244 a month.

3)  Snacks and Pop during the day.  What about snack and pop machines during the day.  How much are you spending on that?  Get your snacks at the grocery for a week (and watch for sales) and bring them in.

4)  Weekly eating out.  How many times do you eat out for dinner and on the weekends?  Do the math on that based on you honestly spend.  Can you scale down on that?

5) What is in your grocery cart at checkout?  What can you take out and put in your business fund?  Are their recipes for casseroles and soups where you can add a little more of this or that and it goes further?  Lasts longer?

5) Coupon.  And don’t be ashamed to use coupons.  I’m love coupons.  I see it as spare change.  Nothing wrong when the bill rings up for $128 and you pay $113 after coupons.  Why not?  You can even join store clubs and earn points for free merchandise.  Check out Walgreens and CVS.  You may find you save a lot on toiletries and earn a bunch of stuff free.

My friends, this is JUST food items! I promise if you pay attention and really keep track of what you’re spending, you’ll discover that the $2 here, $4 there, $7 there, really adds up!

Imagine expanding that to social drinking and eating.  When a cocktail is $15 and you have a few of those over the weekend, that could easily be another $100 after tips.  And that’s a weekend.  Or 1 or 2 drinks after work each night.

I didn’t talk about bad habits like smoking.  What do you spend each month that things you put into you body you know should be there?  I won’t say any more on this, but my friend… this is your dream your smoking away.  Just saying.

I’m not judging anyone.

I’m saying if you really want a home based business and use the reason that you can’t because of lack of funds, you’ve got funds.  It’s just a matter of reallocating them.

Do what others are not willing to do to be able to do the things they are not able to do

Is it a compromise?

Yes, it’s a compromise.

But if you will compromise now, you can do things later that others can’t do.

It’s temporary.

Once your business is up and running, you can add those back into your budget or you may find you’ve changed your habits and want to use those funds for other investments or pay off old debt, etc.

It’s really fun if you look at what you are gaining, not losing!

If you’re still reading this, you either want to have a home based business and need the education on “how to market” or you’re just a curious lookie loo.  I like lookie loos, that’s awesome, but I’m not talking to you here in the summary.

If you’re serious about the things you dream about you have to get the “know how” for your home based business.

It’s not an option.

There’s no free ride.

You’ve got to put in the time to learn and then have the guts to implement.

The good news is you simply pick one or two strategies and focus on those because they ALL work.  Just get good at one or two and off you go.  It doesn’t have to take a long time and there doesn’t have to be drama involved.

With the platform I recommend (as I shared with the hair dresser) and use, it’s $149/mo and has everything you need to get started.

It’s not a home based business opportunity.

It”s a tool and resource that hundreds of home based business owners use to get their education on all things home based business and use it to market whatever business they are in.

The only other thing you gotta have is your autoresponder for $19/mo.  With these two things, you’re on your way.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the system I recommend.

Go keep track of your food and beverage spending and you’ll find business gold there!

All the best,

internet marketing home based business


Debbie Turner
Lifestyle Entrepreneur

If you got an “ah ha” moment about how you find money in your food and drink spending, leave me a comment and tell me about it.


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